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Sunday, October 02, 2022, 04:46

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Welcome to the Anime Brigade!

You walk outside to a bright sunny day.  A gentle, warm breeze caresses you with the warmth of the Springtime sun.  You see lots of familiar faces.  Girls and boys dressed in uniform.  You could be at school.  A special occasion -- But what could it be?  The ground trembles, followed by a loud *boom*.  You turn around to see Godzilla himself blowing fire right at you, but, there's a blue bubble surrounding you, protecting you from all harm.  You hear her scream:  "Run, you BAKA!"...

If you've stumbled onto this site, and the above sounds interesting to you, then that means at least one of the following is true:

  • You love anime and like talking about it.
  • You love to role play.
  • You want to make friends who have similar interests.
  • You're a very creative person.
  • You're secretly a Magical Girl / Guy, mad scientist, junior-high Mecha pilot, or undercover alien princess / prince here to marry the dorkiest person on the planet to prevent an inter-galactic war... or, you're just a geek / nerd / dork / etc, like the rest of us! 8)

Whatever the case may be, I welcome you here to this most awesome place to have fun!  The primary focus here is to play role playing games as anime characters, either within the anime worlds of those characters, or as anime characters in worlds we create.  We use classic Table Top role playing gaming systems, popular, and some not so popular -- especially if it's a system that's inspired by an anime or set in an anime type environment.  If you've never Played By Post, I will say that it is a fun, and convenient mode of role playing.  For one, you don't have to commit to a routine time to play.  You can add as many posts as you have free time to donate to the game as you'd like.  Feel free to read more about how to Play By Post in the Operations Manual.

It doesn't matter if your a seasoned role player, or if you're totally new to the concept.  It doesn't matter if you're a hard core Otaku or if you recently discovered a joy with anime.  All are welcome here.  All anime and all role playing gaming systems are welcome here.  All people are welcome here.

I have begun the Site with a number of anime and gaming systems that I'm familiar with, however, if you're into a show or game that isn't specifically listed, feel free to start a topic about it!  I am also working on a few other areas for the Site, such as a personal space for Fan Fictions and Blogs and areas for tutorials for people who enjoy creative writing.  I'm also a game developer hobbyist, and I'm working on my dream video game AniMyth.   Anyway, here's some things that I've written to  help you navigate the Anime Brigade:

I hope that you have a wonderfully fun time here and that we may become great friends!

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