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Special Abilities

Started by Kokoro, Sunday, June 19, 2022, 17:36

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So, I'm just curious, out of all the anime characters that are out there, and what special thingy's they possess, what is/are some of the special abilities that you would like to have and why?

For me, I think Teleportation would be cool!  I don't mean just from point A to B either.  I mean to not only cross space, but time as well.  So I want to go to where Big Ben is, but I want to goto that spot say 3,000 years ago.  Oh, well, I guess I'd also need some kind of safety thingy too, so that I don't end up inside of a structure, underwater, or anything else that might interfere with actually living!  But think how cool it would be to be able to go anywhere, at any time.  To really live history, or the scary that could be!  But then the real question is, what would I do with any of the information I gained?

There comes the problem with time travel.  Temporal mechanics (yeah, I probably just invented that...  8) ) states that you can not alter the events of any given time-line.  Thus you end up either, A.  Creating a new time-line, or B. Fate just finds a different way for the event(s) that you're trying to change to still happen.  Therefore, any information gleaned from the future, would be ineffective, because Fate would probably end up changing what happens...even if it's only when something happens.

Wow, what a can of worms I just opened up.

Anyway, about teleportation in general, that would be cool, simply because then I wouldn't have to fight with traffic, and I wouldn't be least, I don't think I would... if I could travel through space AND time, then no, I guess I wouldn't be late, but then maybe I would end up in some dammed time-loop or something.  Talk about hell.

I need more thought on this!