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Nested Mess

Started by Senkusha, Thursday, June 06, 2024, 21:50

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I've been following a tutorial pretty straight forward.  And sometimes I run into blocks of code that are just monstrosities.  They bug me.  Specifically, nested IF statements (called Branches in Unreal Engine Blueprints).  For example:

2024-06-06 21_42_05-AnimeRTS - Unreal Editor.png

I replaced with this:
2024-06-02 19_41_00-AnimeRTS - Unreal Editor.png

And earlier today, I replaced this:

With this:

And finally, replaced this:

With this:

I must say that I'm quite impressed with myself for figuring these out.  The new code is much easier to follow and understand, and it's also much more compact.  Oh, I almost forgot the critical component to the final two upgrades, the Speed Multiplier Array:

I made another change just before I posted this (and didn't feel like re-screen-shotting my modifications.  I tripped into figuring out how to implement my own Interface (which I still don't quite understand what I did, but I'll figure that out over the next week.  Now, I can modify this single array in one location!  (I'll be posting a tutorial on how to create and implement Blueprint Interfaces probably tomorrow.)