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Reopened (Under New Management)

Started by Senkusha, Friday, June 21, 2024, 17:07

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Welcome to Urd's (New and Improved) Sake House!  I really hope that you enjoy your stay here!  I know it's been a while, we had some issues with permits and supply-chain breakdown, something in China?  Anyway, I'm Urd, and I will be your (new and improved) hostess this evening!  I hope to get some music added, just as soon as I can find somebody who can play an saxophone decently.

And with our reopening, I'm proud to announce that the first round of drinks is on the House!

Senkusha looks around and spots a cozy looking bar stool in the middle of the bar.  She climbs up on it and tests it to ensure that it is indeed sturdy.  She tugs her long pony tail out from under her shirt collar for the thirteenth time today.


A young girl with long raven hair slowly approached where Senkusha was sitting, although, behind the bar.

Senkusha quirked an eye brow.

"Aren't you a little... young to be behind the bar, sweetheart?"

"No.  What can I get you." the young girl replied quietly.

Senkusha decided to play it safe, since there are laws...

"Just a Ginger Ale, please."

"Coming right up."  She replied quietly

"Make that two, please." Senkusha replied, sensing a familiar vibe in the air.


A few moments later, two young girls entered the establishment.  One, a brunette with pink ribbons in her hair, the other a slightly taller blond with black ribbons in her hair.  The blonde took a quick glance and started heading over towards a square table not too far from the bar, but a few yards away from the windows, more toward the center of the room.

"I heard this place has the most delicious parfaits." The brunette said.

"Nanoha, this place just opened, how could you have heard that?", the blonde replied.

"Oh, it was opened a while back, and Suzuka raved about the parfaits." Nanoha said with glee."

"Okay, we'll give it a try, but just keep in mind that if a new owner has taken over, the recipes may not be the same."  The blonde said with a hint of caution.

"Trust me, Fate-chan, I just know it'll be great."  Nanoha beamed optimistically.