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General Discussion / SkyNet?
Last post by Kokoro - Thursday, September 29, 2022, 20:30
AniMyth Project Updates / Re: AniMyth Visual Updates
Last post by Kokoro - Tuesday, September 27, 2022, 19:00
I finally got the basic terrain imported now!  Check it out!

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General Discussion / Credit Card APR
Last post by Kokoro - Tuesday, September 27, 2022, 09:14
I thought this was like illegal??  Look at that APR!!!
AniMyth Project Updates / Re: AniMyth Visual Updates
Last post by Kokoro - Saturday, September 24, 2022, 20:31
Hi all!

Tonight I put in a real day/night/temperature-weather system!  Here's the results! Keep in mind that I purposely set the start time to 05:00 (am).  And that's the moon in the background.  I decided to "dim down" the moon, as I felt it was too bright.

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General AniMyth Discussion / Do you wanna contribute?
Last post by Kokoro - Friday, September 23, 2022, 06:20
Hi all!
Today I will discuss the various tools available to all Indie Developers, like myself, to build entire games!  While we may or may not be able to achieve a triple-A "AAA" rated game in terms of artwork and sheer content, it is possible to create a decent game with only a few people.

First, let's begin with the game development engine:  Unreal Engine 5.  I chose Unreal simply because, in my opinion, the graphics seem to be much better.  That and Unreal was designed with a "development pipeline" in mind, meaning that multiple people can collaborate and work on the same project together.  Another feature about Unreal Engine is that it's multi-player ready right out of the box, meaning that the engine has been optimized to make games for multiple players right out of the box.  Lastly, but probably most importantly, Unreal uses C++ as the backbone programming language.  Most Computer Science programs have at least some exposure to C++ during the course work, and many developers are already familiar with it.  Lastly, even for those of us without formal C++ knowledge, there are the Blueprints, which is a type of visual "connect the dots" kind of programming language.  Both Blueprints and C++ play nicely together in Unreal Engine 5.  One other thing to mention, I chose version 5 instead of version 4 because of the updated structure of the engine.  First, it can handle project management better, it can also handle an infinite number of objects. Meaning that  I can have a character inside of a library, and that character can not only pick up each book, but also use it as a makeshift weapon!

I'm using Vroid Studio Stable as of right now for the character modeling program.  This is a neat little free program that allows you to create anime-like characters with TONS of adjustment sliders.  Probably the most powerful feature this program has is the ability to custom create any hairstyle, which as we know, is one of the three most important features of any anime character's identity.  There are a ton of assets available on that can be purchased inexpensively as well, ranging from clothing to props, and more!

I will also probably begin to explore using Blender 3D for making various customized assets such as specific clothing articles (one of the three most important features of an anime character's identity), and probably specific weapons or personal items that belong to the characters.  This is a free 3D sculpting program that allows  you to make probably any digital 3D object you can think of!

I will eventually find some free program to create music and sound effects (SFX) to be added to the game as well, however, right now, this is a low priority for me, because there is so many other things that have to be built first!

Now that I've listed all of the utilities that I plan to use, I want to share my development system and setup with you.  The fact that I'm using a lot of 3D applications means that I'm using a fairly decent computer system, right?  Probably not, in reality.  Here is my system:

Dell OptiPlex 5040
Intel i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz
1 TB SSD Hard Drive
4 TB External Hard Drive
24-inch LED monitor.
Xencelabs Medium Pen Tablet*

* I haven't received this item just yet, but I will be providing a nice review of it's performance in the near future.
Note that I didn't list a dedicated video card.  That's right, Unreal Engine works just fine with the Integrated stock graphics card in the OptiPlex 5040!  Now, I do plan on upgrading eventually, hopefully to an Intel i9 with a nice nVidia 3080 Ti or something, but first I have to save my pennies.
AniMyth Project Updates / AniMyth Visual Updates
Last post by Kokoro - Thursday, September 22, 2022, 11:37
I figured that I'd post a visual archive of what the game is looking like.  Please note that this is my second building of the game, because I have switched over to Unreal Engine 5.  Check out all of it's cool features that I hope to use in the game!

This first image is the empty Open World level.

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AniMyth Project Updates / General Setting and Game Descr...
Last post by Kokoro - Friday, September 16, 2022, 06:29
The game of AniMyth will be set in a near-futuristic / modern era world.  This allows for the maximum of opportunities of growth into various technology, vehicles, and possible expansion worlds as the game grows and becomes more complex.  When you arrive, you'll be greeted by the great Calypso, the daughter nymph of the Greek Titan Atlas, who has been banished to the mystical island of Ogygia.  This will be a massive landscape full of exploration opportunities, and unlike most games of the current day, I don't plan on adding in any "hand holding" guides that direct you to your next quest.  I want this game to be as free-form and exploratory as Asheron's Call was back in 1999.

I haven't quite decided on Calypso's role in the game, or any plot points that may involve her.  Should you try to free her, and will that free you from the island as well?  Or is she more malevolent, and has some twisted plot of harvesting anime characters for some foul purpose?  And I'm not sure of what role the various gods and goddesses will play just yet, beyond being quest pieces.

I do know that I want character development to be a main focus, and more specifically, team development.  I want a Final Fantasy style custom team that you as a player can assemble (of course, you have to go find and convince the various characters you want on your team to join you) ;)  But unlike Final Fantasy that was Turn-Based Strategy, your team mates will be assigned A.I. (artificial intelligence) roles (macros that you can define and customize) to play in real-time.  I want you to have the flexibility to try out playing with different anime characters, each one with a custom set of skills and attributes, but also have the ability to expand and grow the characters beyond their initial definition.  This is what will set various copies of anime characters apart in a multiplayer mode of the game.  Each character will have their skill set tweaked, and have unique macros to define their individual missions.  I also want the player to be able to freely explore the vast options of anime characters in the world, without having to start from scratch with each exploration.  So for example, you're playing as Inuyasha, and decide that you want to play as Ranma Saotome, or Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) you will have the ability to convert the experience that Inuyasha had in say Sword and put it in the primary compartment of Martial Arts for Ranma or Magic for Sailor Moon.

I haven't quite figured out how this skill system will work, but I'm thinking that there will be a standard set of skills that every character will have access to by default, a group of custom (bought) skills that a player can choose to add on to a character [template], and a primary/secondary skill set definition for each character.  What I mean by this is, by exploring the above example, Inuyasha would have Sword as a Primary skill, and therefore, the points in that skill would transfer into Martial Arts for Ranma or Magic for Usagi.  Each skill in the system would have a ranking, therefore each character would have each of their skills ranked in order of importance for that character.  This would allow a player to swap out characters without looking any of their experience progress within the game.  Any extra skills that a player has purchased through the use of experience points will simply transfer over to a new character.  I have more thinking that I need to do for this mechanic, and I have high hopes that I can implement this plan with ease.

I'll be adding more onto this post as I think of more mechanics.  Have fun!
AniMyth Project Updates / Conflict
Last post by Kokoro - Tuesday, August 30, 2022, 05:29
It's been nearly a year since I've really played around in Unreal Engine.  The truth is that I got frustrated and discouraged with just how much work is involved, and the fact that it seemed that I wasn't making any progress. But  now, I'm attending college, finally!  And, I've renewed my interest in this project.  I don't think it will ever die so long as I'm around! ;)

Anyway, I'm thinking about how this game will work.  There are a few things that I know that I want the game to have.  Like, it will be in a mythical world setting, modern day, and be anime-centric.  It will be an open, exploratory world, without hand holding directing you how to complete each quest in a specific order, nor will it have "levels" to complete.  And that brings me to the question:  What is the conflict of the game?

There are a number of conflict-types that a game can use.  For example, there's the contest, where you battle each character foe to become the best, most powerful, and you can choose a different character whenever you begin a game session.  There's also PvP, or Player vs, Player, where you battle each other and acquire trophies or another person's loot.  Another method is PvM, or Player vs Monster, where you have various critters to fight.  There are other too, but right now, I can't think of them.

Putting this idea of conflict into a mythical setting is daunting.  You, as a character, what are you doing in the world?  Are you fighting for a particular god or goddess? A nation? Or are you just needing to complete quests?  I recently realized that I haven't a clue about the goal of the game, other than to play as an anime character in an open world setting featuring anime mechanics.  So, I think I need to take a step back and really think about, why will somebody want to play this game?  What's the point of the game?  After all, you can't simply just run around doing quests, if there's no real challenge.

Do you have any ideas?  Please?
General Discussion / Where are you?
Last post by Kokoro - Thursday, August 25, 2022, 18:43
So, I'm just curious.  Where are all my fellow Otaku's Weebs, Geeks, and role playing anime writing lovers at???

Has the evil empire of Facebook gotten to you all??!
Tenchi Universe / Tenchi Unierse: Synopsys
Last post by Kokoro - Thursday, August 25, 2022, 16:38
Long ago, a legendary warrior and crown prince of the Juraian Empire, Yosho, disappeared and never to be heard again. Unknown to the Juraian Empire, Yosho never wanted to become a ruler and only wanted a quiet peaceful life; he settled on Earth. He discovered the Misaki Shrine and married the daughter of the Misaki priest, Itsuki Masaki; he would rename himself as Katsuhito Masaki. The two later had a daughter, Lady Achika Masaki, princess of Jurai. She would later marry her high school love, Nobuyuki, and the two had Tenchi. Unfortunately, Achika died from illness one snowy winter; Nobuyuki and Katsuhito helped raise Tenchi in the country side, near the Misaki Family Shrine. Tenchi's life was at first normal, but things quickly changed when intergalactic alien girls started coming into his life.

The 26 episodes of Tenchi Universe are split into three major plot arcs:  Earth Adventures (1 - 10), Time and Space Adventures (11 - 13), and  Space Adventures 14 - 26).

01. "No Need for Discussions!" 
Pursued by Galaxy Police Detective Mihoshi, Ryoko crash lands on Earth and interjects herself into the lives of the Masaki family, particularly the teenage son Tenchi. 

02.  "No Need for a Princess!"
Mihoshi activates a distress signal, to which Princess Ayeka responds. Rivalries between Ryoko and Ayeka ignite and all wind up stuck on Earth. 

03.  "No Need for Worries!" 
Sasami goes in search of her older sister Ayeka and is caught up in the growing and conflicting household. 

04.  "No Need for Monsters!" 
During local festivities, Ryoko becomes fascinated with the legend about a monster entombed in a cave shrine. Conflicts with Ayeka ensue and the monster is revealed to be Washu, a mad scientist. 

05.  "No Need for Partners!" 
Kiyone gleefully celebrates the "passing" of her mismatched partner Mihoshi until superiors ask her to investigate the possibility that Mihoshi might be alive on the isolated planet Earth. 

06.  "No Need for Resident Officers!" 
Mihoshi and Kiyone are reassigned to Earth, much to Kiyone's chagrin. Having to adjust to the high cost of living, both take a series of part-time jobs while still being on-call for galaxy police emergencies. 

07.  "No Need for a Carnival!" 
The extraterrestrial group participates at all levels when festivities are held at the Masaki Shrine.

08.  "No Need for a Genius!" 
Washu is determined to get back in the game with a series of inventions, starting with a mecha clone of herself; plans go awry when Mihoshi gets involved. 

09.  "No Need for Memories!" 
A winter snowfall elicits various responses from the household, culminating in the annual observation of the death of Tenchi's mother. 

10.  "No Need for an Arch Rival!" 
Bounty hunter Nagi catches up with Ryoko and kidnaps Tenchi to lure her away from the safety of the group. 

11.  "Time and Space Adventures: Part I" 
Washu invents a machine capable of generating alternative realities to the specifics of the user. Curious and competing members of the extraterrestrial group overwhelm the machine and disappear into the new realities.
In the First Part, the group participates in Ayeka's world in Heian period Japan where she and Tenchi are arranged to be married only after he defeats the Rashomon who is Ryoko.

12.  "Time and Space Adventures: Part II" 
Washu continues repairs and attempts to bring them back by eliminating worlds one at a time. In the second part, Kiyone imagines life as a drifter in a local inn after an abrupt career change. In Sasami's world, she becomes a magical girl heroine who interjects herself in the high school love triangle of Ayeka, Tenchi, and Ryoko.

13.  "Time and Space Adventures: Part III" 
Repairs and rescue by Washu are almost complete. In Mihoshi's world, she is a housewife married to Tenchi, while Ayeka and Ryoko are her critical sister-in-law and flirting neighbor, respectively. In Ryoko's world, Tenchi and she are Bonnie and Clyde characters on the run from FBI Agents Kiyone and Mihoshi. 

14.  "No Need for a Rebellion!" 
Incredible events within the Jurai monarchy result in the arrest of Princess Ayeka, Sasami, and Ryoko by royal guards and Kiyone and Mihoshi are recalled to Galaxy Police headquarters. The Masaki family, Washu, and Ryo-ohki launch a rescue mission. 

15.  "No Need for an Escape!" 
The Masaki family, Washu, and now Mihoshi and Kiyone help the captives escape from Galaxy Police Headquarters. 

16.  "No Need for Hiding!" 
Determined to get to Jurai and low on resources, the group opens a bar with themselves as bartenders and hostesses. Nagi drops in determined to capture Ryoko. 

17.  "No Need for Hunger!" 
A combination of engine troubles and low supplies strands the group without any food. Ryoko takes last of the cash on hand and vows to return with food. 

18.  "No Need for a Ghost!" 
The group's space ship inexplicably breaks down in an unusual area of space. After encountering an abandoned passenger ship, Sasami disappears following an ethereal young girl. 

19.  "No Need for Runaways!" 
The group's space ship is hijacked by juvenile delinquents during a rest stop. 

20.  "No Need for Swimsuits!" 
Again low on cash, the group sets up a snack shop and takes part-time jobs on a beach resort. Rivalries ignite again during a swimsuit competition and are further exacerbated by Nagi's participation. 

21.  "No Need for a Checkpoint!" 
To get to Jurai, the group attempt to cross a necessary checkpoint disguised as members of a school field trip. 

22.  "No Need for Knights!" 
The group inadvertently crash lands on a mysterious property within the Jurai galaxy at Grandfather Katsuhito's request. Such esoteric knowledge becomes a revelation about the Masaki family and grandfather enlists the help of fabled knights to restore the monarchy. 

23.  "No Need for Karma!" 
Katsuhito recounts the enmity between himself and Kagato, who is trying to usurp Katsuhito's legitimate position within the Jurai monarchy. They confront one another and Ayeka is kidnapped. 

24.  "No Need for Ryoko!" 
Motivated to rescue Ayeka and stop Kagato, the group initiates an assault on the Jurai Palace. Ryoko takes the lead in a diversionary plan against Jurai forces. 

25.  "No Need for a Showdown!" 
Tenchi and the fabled knights battle their way to the throne room, culminating in a face-off between Kagato and himself. 

26.  "No Need for a Conclusion!" 
In an epilogue, Tenchi discusses the fate of most of the group, all of whom have their reputations restored or rewarded. Despite such acknowledgements, all become fond of their experience on Earth and return to the Masaki household.