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Official Features List

Started by Kokoro, Thursday, October 06, 2022, 17:17

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Here is the list of expected features that will be present in the game AniMyth!

  • Choose from an extensive list of anime characters from at least 20 different anime series!
  • Massive open world explorative setting.  Over 500 square miles of land to explore!
  • Characters have automated assisted combat maneuvers that can be overridden with user-defined macros.
  • Ability to level-up each character.
  • Form teams of up to five characters that can be hot-swapped during game play (Real-time).
  • No Skill Trees.  Level-up any skill you know at any time.
  • Solo Play or Multiplayer modes.
  • Save Game and Pause feature (even in Multiplayer mode!
  • Hundreds of quests based on real Mythological events.
  • Crafting of custom made items.
  • Randomized weather events.
  • Comprehensive multiple magical systems.
  • Modular game-play regarding Anime titles.  Engage with only the characters you choose.
  • NPC sociability.  The way you behave toward the NPCs can affect how welcomed you are within the world.
  • Truly randomized spawning points for NPCs, loot, quest points, and Foes.

More features will be listed as I dream them up or receive your ideas!

p.s.  Any ideas submitted here, members will be given proper credit for.