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Morning Beverages

Started by Kokoro, Tuesday, May 24, 2022, 05:28

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Good morning!

So, I think everybody probably has a morning beverage, you know, the one you drink to start your day, to wake up, to ... prepare to deal with today's crap?

Mine is usually a hot cup of flavored-bean coffee with a little sugar and heavy whipping cream.

The perfect cup of coffee:

1.  16 oz Mighty Mug
2.  3 or 4 Tbsp sugar  (Do NOT use honey!)
3.  13 oz or so of hot coffee (but not too hot.  I want to taste my beverage...and food for the next two weeks!)
4.  1 or 2 oz of heavy whipping cream.  (Make it a light tan color.)
5.  Stir.  I would suggest shaken, but, as I found out... that tends to explode.   ;)
6.  Enjoy.

What's your?


Here's a great brew:

Take one scoop of Hazelnut coffee,
One scoop of Cinnamon Dulce,
and one scoop of Starbuck's House Blend with 10 - 12 cups of water.

Add a little cream / sugar, and enjoy!