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Friday, March 01, 2024, 15:17

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The Rules and Introduction

Started by Senkusha,

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The Basic Setting and Junk:

Welcome to the A* Team!  You and your comrades will embark on grand missions to save the world-- the Galaxy from certain doom by bravely exploring new worlds, saving people from heartless evil doers and occasionally running errands for the Admiral.  In this adventure, you will start by designing your character based on a canon character design from an already existing anime/manga, or you may choose to design an original concept.  You may have multiple characters active during game play, in fact, it's encouraged!  We will be using the Big Eyes Small Mouth 4e (BESM) system.  Please note, that I am not an expert, however I have quite a few adventures using the BESM 3e system under my belt.  I anticipate this to be a fun filled adventure with lots of science fiction, magic, and ample amounts of comedy -- let's keep it fun y'all!

The game will be run based on randomly generated missions.  Think of playing a character from the famous 80's show The A Team, but anime styled!  I will be using concepts from the role playing game, Shadow Run, but set in a Galactic setting, so I'm also mixing in elements from Star Wars, Star Trek, StarGate SG-1, but also I'll be incorporating inspiration from anime such as Sailor Moon, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (my fav!), Tenchi Universe/Muyo!, Negima, even Ranma 1/2 (why not?!), just to name a few anime titles that I'm familiar with, as well as anything else that we find along the way.  I'm looking for each mission to be fairly short, so one adventure doesn't necessarily have to run into the next, but the character plots may be linked into a full-on campaign.

Each mission may begin by starting off in a particular fictional show/movie setting (to at least get the adventure started), and to make it easier for game play to progress since we'll have some familiarity.

Mechanics and Junk:

Since probably most people playing this game will be using the BESM 4e system for the first time, I think it's best if we start the game using a modest number of character points, say 125.  Advancement Points (AP) will be awarded based on the quality of actions that are completed during game play.  For example, killing any tentacle monsters we come across will be awarded appropriately based on teamwork and the actions of the characters involved.  I'm also going to be awarding AP based on player participation and courtesy.

All character templates and races are available in this game.  When building your characters, please include from what inspiration you're drawing from.  You may design a character from any fictional environment, but it will be anime-ized!  Keeping in mind that we are beginning character designs at only 125 Character Points, you may not be able to cram everything your character can do at the beginning of the game.  You may  want to start your character off with a Discussion so that the other players can assist you in building your character, or at the very least, we may help to provide a road map for character development.

This site does have a Dice MOD, and we can use it to make rolls for our characters, however, there is an optional rule that says we can just "take 7" for our rolls on page 182 under Hedging Rolls.  If you choose to Hedge your roll, just state that in either the post, or if you wish to complete Hedge all of your rolls, you may state that in your Character Sheet.  Otherwise, if you do choose to roll, please note that you can not edit your post if you have dice rolls (your post will be flagged by the system as being tampered with).  I would ask you to not to try cheating.  We're all just trying to have fun, so let's have fun!  Role with your Roll!  If you fumble, make it funny, things will usually work out -- somehow.

Because this game is using a (modified) Shadow Run Mission Generator, if you (as a player) are feeling froggy, and want to generate a Mission for us to play in, please feel free to post a discussion in the WhiteBoard Discussion area.  I'll be posting the modified generator shortly.

Introduction of the Story:

coming very soon... (I gotta create a couple characters first!)

Meet Your Team:
  • Fate Testarossa (Magical Girl (Lightning Mage)) from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (Modified Character), Played by Senkusha.
  • Ryoko Habuki (??) from Tenchi Muyo! (Original Character), NPC
  • Skuld (Tech Genius) from Ah My Goddess (Original Character), NPC

Favored Class:  Magical Girl