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Favorite character(s) and why

Started by Kokoro, Monday, May 16, 2022, 06:02

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For me, in order of discovery:

Ayeka from Tenchi Universe - She's the underdog character, and has red eyes.

Skuld from Ah My Goddess - Tecn genius and a brat.  Also seems to be an underdog type of character.  I related with her because at the time, I was a help desk technician and general geek!

Fate from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.  Lots to say about her.  To start with, her childhood throughout the first season mirrored my upbringing.  The abuse, the depression, and the sheer determination this girl has matches my own (current day).  Let's also mention she's one of the most sexiest, adoribly cute badass pigtailed chracter I've ever met.  And she uses Lighting!!

Konoka from Negima!, her ultra cheery and positivity throughout any situation has been a model to my own mental attititude and enhanced my quality of life!  Law of Attraction, people -- it works!

Kiyone from Tenchi Universe, I grew to like her because of her mature nature, her discipline, and her inner reserve of patience for tolerating Mihoshi.

Sailor Mars - Sailor Moon!  I love her firey personality.  And she looks amazing with her red-colored uniform theme!