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Mental Notes

Started by Senkusha, Sunday, June 16, 2024, 21:26

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So today while I was wasting away at work (instead of in Margaritaville), I got some thinking done.  I want to name the game with something along the lines of Circuit or Circuitry, or something like that, since the game will be set inside of a virtual computer that is being built.

I'm also wanting the core to be build around the individual pawns, the character-army that the player is going to create.  I want the pace of the game to be a slow one.  Many RTS games feature a clock or race that has to be beat.  I'm wanting to create something that's more casual.  The game is going to feature a pause system as well as a Save Game feature.  So that a player can come back to the game whenever he/she has time.  The competition will come into play when players link up in Multiplayer mode.  I'm thinking that the Resources could have limits, however, I haven't truly decided on this yet.