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Friday, March 01, 2024, 16:05

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I'll admit, I enjoy the flavor of a good coffee.  I probably  haven't yet tasted coffee perfection, but I like the flavor.  I also enjoy the energy boost it gives me in the morning that starts my day.

Also, I do know there is a difference in the strength of the coffee flavor between hot versus cold brewed coffee.  Cold brew is no where near as bitter as hot coffee is.  Beware if you ever try it and add sugar.  It'll be WAY too sweet.

I love my Ninja Hot and Cold coffee maker!
I know for a fact that the owners would personally sink their ship if THEY had to work the floor.

Like I read something on Reddit today.  Most customer service jobs are entry level jobs.  They are paid the lowest, and treated like general crap.  But, customers are a business' lifeblood.  I'm a Customer Service Expert with over 30 years of experience.  I've got the patience, empathy, and dedication to resolve customer complaints, so they keep coming back.  I should be worth my weight in gold!  If it weren't for people like me on the front lines, sure, sales and marketing would generate first-time customers, but after those same customers had issues and problems, they wouldn't be back, and be badmouthing that company for inferior products.  The business would tank and die.

It's really the floor workers that actually care about a company. The owners only care about the money coming in.  I wish we (the human race) could fix this problem.
This is most certainly by design.  I'm curious to know what the WHY is though.  Is it to exterminate a huge percentage of the population?  A financial reset?  Did we as a civilization get too hi-tech?  Are we learning too much for our own good?  Or is it just pure evil, and they don't give a crap about anything?
I've played using a number of different systems.  And one thing that I've noticed is that most character sheets have your STATs block at the top.  But I find that to be counter-intuitive.  Think about it.  Before we enter a game as Players, we have a general idea about the type of character that we want to play.  Like what's the character's role?  What does he/she DO.  Therefore, I think rather than filling out a character sheet in the order most books present (which is usually thinking about the STATs first), wouldn't it make more sense to begin the process thinking about the personality type?  The skills?  And answering the STATs at the end, last.

I would think using this process would also ensure that the various peices that make up the character would fit well together, and that you could identify any conflicts with the character build, allowing the character to maximize the role playing system's nature with minimum effort.  (Yeah, this is also called Min/Maxing, and while I generally frown on it, it is logical to assume that most people will want to do this, even subconsciously.

So, when I go to build my character, I have a general concept.  Now for this example, I'm currently working on a character in a brand new system (to me).  I don't even have a campaign or a setting established yet for the game.  I don't even have any other players lined up either.  But the first thing I know is that I want a funky character.  I really enjoyed playing an Uncouth character while in ShadowRun, so I want to duplicate that attitude in the new system, bu it doesn't have Uncouth.  I also know that I want inner tension with this character, and as much of a limitation that Neoteny caused another character I played, it was really fun with all the trouble that character was able to get into.  Again, this new system doesn't have Neoteny, so I'll have to recreate it using it's mechanics.  But then I'm sure somebody is going to ask, "Why not use create the character using ShadowRun?", and that's a great question.  I love the setting, but I hate the dice pooling mechanic.  I also want to expand upon my general gaming repertoire.

I also decided that since I love the various racial benefits that cat-girls enjoy (Nekojin from Big Eyes Small Mouth), that I'd choose to be a race other than human, but I don't want something totally foriegn to me as a player.  Cat-girls are seen as playful and spunky, and often can get into trouble just because they are Easily Distracted, one of the Defects from BESM.  And you know that my character is going to be more anime-like, instead of more realistic.  So why not play using BESM?  (See my above response to ShadowRun.)

So, I have an uncouth cat-girl anarchist.  I love the setting of sci-fi, and while looking through the book of my new game systems, I discovered there's abilities for Teleportation.  In fact, time-jumping is a thing that I've never really played with, but it sounds fun.  Having this lady being from the future, perhaps she's a member of some Elite Special Forces that regulates history, would give me the ability to play with high technology.  Just imagine how much trouble I could get into mucking around with the (present day) history to save the future?

Now I have a basic framework about what I want to play.  And so I'd pick out other skills that sound interesting.  Notice that as I'm building this character concept, I'm not accounting for the cost of everything.  I think this is something that intimidates some newer players to role playing is "I have to fit my character concept into a point maximum."  Right now, I'm just working on the character concept and I'll slowly piece together the system mechanics after I've looked through the System book.

After I've completed my character and wrote everything I want down, and I calculate how much this character will cost, then it's time to start working on an Advancement plan, so that I can eventually become the character that I'm creating right now.  Then I'll trim what I can live with and put some things on the back burner to get for a level up.

What's you're process?
GURPS / GURPS Character Sheet (App)
Last post by Senkusha -
GURPS can be a complex system with a multitude of options, and character creation can become tedious if not outright overwhelming.  Luckily, like many other comprehensive systems out there, somebody created an App for Mac, Windows, and Linux so that we can more quickly build our beloved characters!  Check it out and download the most updated version today!

GURPS / My first peek at GURPS
Last post by Senkusha -
Although I've had this system sitting on my shelf for a least a month now, I figured I'd take a look at it.  I've wanted a system that is comprehensive with lots of personality quirks, talents, flaws, etc.,  and I may have found such a system!

The list of Advantages and Disadvantages in enormous!  It rivals ShadowRun's extended books listing of Qualities, and there are many common ones shared between the two systems.  However, GURPS shines here, in that it's not just for a cyberpunk 2050 Earth setting.  GURPS can be played in any genre for any time setting!

One Advantage that jumped out at me was Jumper (page 64)
QuoteYou can travel through time or to parallel worlds (sometimes known as "timelines") merely by willing the "jump." Decide whether you are a time-jumper or a world-jumper. To do both, you must buy Jumper (Time) and Jumper (World) separately, at full cost.

That got me excited for a new character concept, so now I'm eagerly reading, and mentally building my new character, Hikari Shadowblade (probably).   I'm just going to build her, and ignore all the total costs until I'm finished building her.  Then after I see what her "power level" is, I can start working on some more of the cast of the world, and maybe I'll write a fiction to introduce her to the world.  This might take a couple of weeks though, since I've never used GURPS before.  I'm sooooo excited! :w00t:
Shopping & Links / Re: How we can change the worl...
Last post by ZandraJoi -
It's so sad! I can step back however & understand why a smaller business would sell out to a larger one. But the problem is, they lose their clout. If they are natural & organic, the big company doesn't believe in it as a lifestyle but as a means to make a profit.
Buy local but also think of how to make your own products. Castile soap can be used for hair, body, dishes, laundry.
Apple cider vinegar can be like a conditioner but depends on your hair type. I have naturally curly hair & I NEED conditioner otherwise it's a frizz ball.
General Discussion Topics / Leap Year
Last post by ZandraJoi -
What do you think of Leap Year? Do you feel you gain an extra day? Or just an extra day to do drudgery work?
To me it's just another day. I guess I can be pithy & say We can make the most of it lol
Another take, who has a birthday on Leap Year? When do you like to celebrate it?
I don't know of anybody who was born on a Leap Year.
A bit of trivia however for those born this time of year: "In non-leap years, that day is March 1. So for someone born on February 29, the first day they can legally drive, vote, join the Army, buy alcohol or start collecting Social Security is presumably March 1 in non-leap years."
I think most of us knew this in our hearts. The bigwigs are not out to help us; only to hurt us, make us more dependent while padding their pocketbooks. The recession, inflation is a scam. I say that because it is NOT affecting the elite. They still get bonuses. They don't have to sell their livelihood. They get by like nothing is happening.
Many people are starving, out of work, out of homes but still actors, actresses, athletes, Government officials are getting paid the same, even MORE.
We are NOT all in this together.

If the inflation was real, it'd be affecting Every Single Person. But just like the Maui Fires, it's "jumping" over.
General Discussion Topics / Re: Now I KNOW Facebook is sp...
Last post by ZandraJoi -
Everything on the internet is monitored. The bigger companies are just able to monitor us more. It's the price we literally pay to have the world at our fingertips.