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Thursday, February 29, 2024, 14:20

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Magical Girl's Love Affair

Started by Senkusha,

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Here's an idea I thought of this morning...

In the lore of Sparks of Light RPG There are three classes of Magical Girl:
  • Light
  • Twilight
  • Dark

What would happen if a Light and a Dark Magical Girl met in say The West, and it was like love at first sight?  Or perhaps they begin as rivals, and slowly begin to like each other, ah, the blossoming of love... anyway, to the point of the plot.  The Council of Light strictly forbids association to Dark Magical Girls, but if such an affair were to happen, what would the course of events be?  Would the two try to follow the rules initially?  Would they try to hide their love from the great Council (of course, the Dark Magical Girl, couldn't really care less about what the Council of Light has to say on the matter), would the Light Magical Girl rebel against the Council and possibly become a Twilight Magical Girl?

There are so many possibilities with this theme, that I'd love to explore some of them.  The idea that I have is that these two Magical Girls would be NPC's, and the players would either be a Troupe of Light Magical Girls, trying to prevent the love affair, or to separate the two lovers, or the other option would be to have the Players be independent of the Council of Light, maybe a mix of the three types of Magical Girls, or maybe they're all a Clique of Twilight Magical Girls?

Favored Class:  Magical Girl