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Episode 001: Encounter With the Cheer Squad

Started by Senkusha, Thursday, September 07, 2023, 14:04

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Fate looked at herself in the mirror.  Her black uniform was crisp and perfect.  Today was her real day, as an officially graduated Enforcer of the Time and Space Administration Bureau!  Her mom, Admiral Lindy Haralown, Retired, was waiting on the Bridge for her, and Fate knew that she shouldn't keep her waiting.  She gave herself one more look over, and made sure that her hair was perfect.  Then she gave a confident smile. Sure, it was fake as hell -- she didn't get to practice that often, but she knew that the crew of the Arthra would appreciate it when she entered the Bridge.  Fate squared her shoulders, took a deep breath, and walked out of her assigned quarters.

As Fate walked down the corridors toward the Bridge, she had fond memories of her many adventures with Nanoha while they were only Part Time Mages for the Bureau.  She remembered the adventures of the Book of Darkness, that led her to make friends with Hyatte, Signum, and even Vita.  She could almost hear the echos of thier voices as they played through her mind.  Then she stood before the Bridge door.  The door opened.

"Welcome, Enforcer Fate!"  Chrono said cheerfully.  He looked incredibly sharp in his Captain's uniform.  He was now sitting where Lindy sat when Fate first arrived aboard the Arthra nearly nine years earlier.  Fate glanced across the Bridge.  Amy sat at the Comm's officer station, and standing next to her, was Lindy.  The two of them appeared to have been reviewing something just before Fate made her presence known.

"Permission to enter the Bridge, Captain?"  Fate asked.

"Of course.  Please."  Chrono said as he stood and walked towards the door, approaching Fate.  Both Amy and Lindy smiled warmly at Fate.

"Oh Fate!  I hope your journey was well?"  Lindy said.

"Yes.  It was fairly uneventful. It feels nice to be aboard the Arthra again after all this time."  Fate replied.

"It certainly is.  I didn't have much trouble convincing the Captain for this favor.  He is certainly a dear friend."  Lindy said.

"Mom."  Chrono replied dryly, while Amy, Lindy, and Fate all giggled.  Chrono blushed.

Just then the main video screen chirped with a notification.  "Incoming Message."

Amy glanced first at Lindy, then at Chrono, then back at Lindy, who nodded silently.

QuoteMission Priority Number 1:  Proceed to coordinates 39-2d-36-a1-4f-1b (Earth), Outside of the the town of Nekomi, there is a temple named Tarikihongan.  Go there, locate and take into custody any persons capable of dimensional manipulation.  We have reason to believe that a Mister Keiichi Morisato may be involved directly or indirectly with tampering of timeline data."

Mission Priority Number 2:  Effective immediately, Admiral Lindy Harlaown will resume command of the Arthra, due to her extensive experience of command and has demonstrated delicate finesse when dealing with sensitive matters such as this one.

Mission Priority Number 3:  A small team shall be assembled called Tactical Urgency Response Deployment to contain any accidental shifts in Timelime Data.

Mission Priority Number 4:  Enforcer Fate T. Harlaown shall be promoted to Lieutenant, effective immediately and shall lead the TURD.

Mission Priority Number 5:  Captain Chrono Harlaown, shall be assigned to command the logistics of the TURD and will act as liaison between the TURD and the resources of the Arthra.

"Tampering with the Timeline is a very serious offense."  Amy said.

"Indeed, it is."  Lindy said.

Chrono stood next to me and gave a firm smile.  "This is your first command assignment in the field.  Congratulations, Lieutenant."  He turned an looked at Lindy.  "Admiral, the Arthra is yours."

"Yes."  Lindy said softly, almost with a pang of reminisce.  She walked over to the command chair in the center of the Bridge and sat down gracefully.  It almost seemed like the old days.  "Helm.  Set course for Earth, Speed Level five."

"Yes, ma'am!"  a crewman replied loudly, then tapped in the coordinates into the control panel.  The ship turned and moments later the screen front windows showed a flash of light as the Arthra entered Dimensional Subspace.


(Fate, First POV)

The journey from Midchilda to Earth was fairly quick at this speed.  The view screen came to life, showing the planet Earth in all it's majestic beauty.  I looked at the blue and white marble and had a familiar pang of reminisce.  I met Nanoha here all those years ago.  I know that she's not here -- at least, I don't think she is.  Come to think of it, where is Nanoha?  I'll have to determine her location later.  Right now, duty calls.

"Miss Amy, can you locate this Terikihongan Temple?"  I asked.

She tapped a few keys and it's location appeared on the view screen, along with various tactical information and life sign data.

"It looks peaceful enough."  Miss Amy said.

"Indeed.  Fate, be careful.  --"  Miss Lindy said, but Chrono cut him off.

"During any mission that involves temporal mechanics it is highly advised to keep an open channel of communication active at all times."

"Really, I'll be fine.  I'm ready.  Besides, I just need to find this Morisato person, ask him some questions, and then maybe bring him back here for debriefing.  This should be a piece of cake."  I said and walked over to the teleportation pad.  "I'll probably be back before dinner time."

Miss Amy pressed a button and a white light engulfed me.  A  moment later, I was standing in front of a wooden structure on a neatly mowed green plot of grass.  I took a deep breath and walked towards the structure, up the stairs and walked past a robot looking device.

"Boop boop beep boop."

"Uh, I-- ", I hesitated, then began with a renewed confidence.  "I am Fate T. Harlaown, Enforcer with the Time and Space Administration Bureau.  I am looking for a Mister Keiichi Morisato?"

Just then the door slid opened and a tall woman with brown hair, wearing a plain brown dress stood smiling at me.

"Welcome to the Terikihongan Temple.  I am Belldandy.  How may I help you?"

"I am Enforcer Fate T. Harlaown of the Time and Space Administration Bureau.  I am looking for Mister Keiichi Morisato."

"I see Fate, please, will you come in?  Would you like some tea?  Mister Morisato isn't currently here, however, he will return shortly."

"Um, okay.  Th-thank you."  I stepped inside and walked to the small table square table.  Belldandy took out a cute tea cup and poured steaming hot tea from the kettle that was sitting on the stove-top, then set it in front of me.  It smelled slightly of lavender and deliciously.

"I am honored to make your acquaintance, Miss Harlaown.  You must have a difficult job.  May I ask, is Mister Morisato in any trouble?"  Belldandy asked as she poured herself a cup of tea.

"I don't believe so, he is merely a point of contact I've been given."  I looked at Belldandy, and noticed the blue diamond on her forehead and cheeks.  "You're not native to Earth."

"No, I am not.  Allow me to introduce myself fully to you.  I am Belldandy, Goddess First Class, Second Category, Unlimited License."

I could tell that Belldandy wasn't hiding any information with me.

"I guess it's not too unusual for a Goddess to manifest on Earth?"

"Ordinary, I would not have, however, because Mister Morisato has been granted a wish, my presence is required to remain on Earth, by his side to fulfill his desire."  Belldandy said.  "It has been enforced by the System Force itself."

"May I ask, what was his wish?"  I asked, then rushed to finish my thought.  "I don't mean to be rude, it's just that I need to determine if he manipulated the Timeline."

"But of course.  His wish was simply, I'd like for a goddess like you to stay by my side forever."

"How long ago did he make his wish?"

"Several months ago."

"I don't think that--"  I said but was interrupted because of an explosion down the hall.

"Excuse me, Miss Harlaown."  Belldandy said and stood up and rushed down the hall.  "Are you okay Skuld?"

"I'm fine."  I heard a youthful voice echo down the hallway.

"You really should be more careful, Skuld.  I am glad that you aren't hurt."

"I am careful."  Skuld replied.  Her voice was getting louder, a moment later I saw the young goddess standing in the entryway of the kitchen.  "Who's this?  And how did she get past Banpei?"

"This is Miss Fate Harlaown with the Space and Time Administration Bureau.  Miss Fate, this is my sister, Skuld, Goddess Second Class, Restricted License."

"It's nice to meet you Skuld." I said.

"Space and Time ... Administration Bureau?"  Skuld replied, and eyed me with concern.  "Why are you here?"

"She's waiting for Mister Kiiechi Morisato."  Belldandy answered.

"Uh oh."  Skuld said and blushed.  "Is he in trouble?"  Skuld said while sitting down at the table.

"I don't know.  I need to ask him some questions about this Timeline."  I said.

"Trust me.  He didn't do anything.  He's really not smart enough to mess with Time."  Skuld said smiling.

"I'll determine that."  I replied.

"He's only got eyes for my Big Sis.... but, maybe you could take him away from here?  Then I'll have my Big Sis back."

"Skuld, you know the System Force won't allow Mister Morisato and I to be separated."  Belldandy said.

"Belldandy, you said that this...wish, was made several months ago?"  I asked.

"Yes, it was.  We have been through a lot since that day."  Belldandy replied cheerfully.

I looked at Skuld and frowned, then back to Belldandy.  "And you two can't be separated?"

"No.  The System Force will not allow it.  Once a wish is approved and finalized, it is permanent."  Belldandy answered.

"Okay.  I'm going to assume that you've tried to separate?"

"Gosh, no.  Not purposely." Belldandy stated and paused.  "However, others have attempted it.  The results have been unfortunate for those other involved."

"The only one who truly wants my little sister and Keiichi apart is this brat."  An older looking woman with long white hair stood at the doorway to the kitchen.  "Hello.  My name is Urd.  The eldest of three."

"Shut up, Urd!"  Skuld nearly shouted as she glared at her eldest sister.  "You're nothing but a trouble-maker."

"I'm not the one blowing stuff up and making a racket, pipsqueak."  Urd said, folding her arms in front of her chest.

"I am not!  Y--You're the one who's always getting in trouble!  That's why you're banished to Earth!"

"I may be banished here to Earth, however, at least I am fully matured, unlike you."

"Take that back!  I'm too mature!"

Urd erupted in laughter.  "You..." she giggled.  "...mature!"

I watched this argument becoming more volatile as the seconds passed.  I felt as though I was watching a game of tennis.

"I'll Skuld-Bomb you!"  Skuld shouted and stood up pulling a black sphere out of her inside shirt pocket.

"Oh, please.  Put your little toy away before you hurt someone, like -- I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name." Urd said as she looked over at me awkwardly.

"I am Fate T. Harlaown.  Enforcer with the Space and Time Administration Bureau."

"Ah, yes..." Urd said and turned back toward Skuld, "put that away before you hurt Fate here."

"Perhaps..."  Belldandy said, "Skuld could assist Miss Harlaown?"

"I really don't--"  I said, but Urd interrupted me.

"Yes!  Of course!  After all, Skuld's got a knack for science-y stuff and helping a mortal like Fate will go a long way toward her next goddess examination."

"Why should I?  I'll just get in her way, for sure."  Skuld objected.

"And it'll be nice and quiet around here while the Brat is away."  Urd said smiling devilishly.

Then I heard in my mind,  Mission Priority Number 3:  A small team shall be assembled called Tactical Urgency Response Deployment to contain any accidental shifts in Timelime Data.

"Actually,I could use some help."  I said.

"There.  It's settled.  Skuld, go pack your backpack."  Urd commanded.

"Wait a minute!"  Skuld objected.

"No, it's settled.  See, Fate here needs your help, Little Smarty Pants, and I'll finally get some quiet around here so I can hear my TV programs without all your banging and blowing crap up, and Belldandy and Keiichi may finally get some nookie."  Urd fantasized gleefully.

"I DON'T THINK SO!"  Skuld shouted.

"Come on.  Let's pack your stuff."  Urd said, standing up.

"Oww!  Urd, let go of my ear!  That hurts!!"  Skuld screamed in pain.  Meanwhile, I felt a sweatdrop form on the back of my head as Urd dragged Skuld down the hallway.

"I really hope you don't mind.  This really will be a good thing for Skuld.  She must do some community service to help mortals at some point, it's required for her to pass her First Class License examination."  Belldandy said.

It'll be fine.  I'm used to dealing with children --"

"Whatever you do please don't treat Skuld as a child.  That's one of her ... sensitive issues."  Belldandy cautioned.

"Thank you.  When do you expect Mister Morisato to return?"  I quickly changed the subject.  Now that I've got my first team member figured out, I'll need to question this Keiichi person.

"He should arrive shortly.  He is attending a meeting at the college, and said it wasn't too important for me to attend."

"Okay."  I took a sip of tea.  "I must admit, this is very good tea."

"Indeed, Thank you!"


A few minutes passed as Belldandy and I had small talk while drinking our tea, and I heard the front door open and close.

"I'm home."  A male's voice echoed quietly.

"Welcome!"  Belldandy said, standing up and walked over to the tea kettle.  She took down another tea cup and gently poured fresh tea into it, setting it down one of the remaining open spots at the table.  She also gracefully refilled my tea cup and finally her own before returning the kettle to the stove.  When Keiichi walked in I quickly analyzed his demeanor.

"Oh, hello."  Keiichi said, somewhat startled that I was present.

"Hello.  Mister Keiichi Morisato, I presume?"  I said.

"Yes, that's me."  Keiichi blushed a bit.

"Keiichi Morisato, this is Fate Testarossa."  Belldandy said, making a formal introduction.  This is something that I still haven't gotten used to despite all my years of living in Japan on Earth.

"It's nice to meet you Testarossa-san."

"Please, you may call me Fate."

"Okay, Fate it is then.  What brings you to the Terihogan Temple?"  Keiichi asked.

"You did."  I replied.  "We, at the Time and Space Administration Bureau have a report that you may be interfering with Time Line data."

"I, ah, don't really know anything about that.", Keiichi chuckled, "My expertise is in motorcycle engine design, and I'm really only a college student."

"Perhaps somebody at your college may be involved?"  I asked.

"I guess that could be a possibility, but I don't know anybody personally who would be messing with a time line."  Keiichi replied.

"It might be a demon.  Like Mara!"  Skuld interjected from out of nowhere.  She was dressed in what appeared to be hiking pants with lots of pockets and a full sized backpack complete with a tent, sleeping bag and bed roll. She wore a beige safari hat with a wide stiff brim on her head.

"Skuld?  Where are you going dressed like that?"  Keiichi asked with confusion.

"I don't know.  Wherever she's going, but I want to be prepared."  Skuld replied staring at Fate.  "Besides, some of this was her idea."  Skuld pointed at Urd behind her with her thumb.

"That's really not necessary."  I said but Skuld glared at me with menacing anger.  "But... being prepared is always an ideal situation."  I quickly corrected.  "Who is Mara?"  I asked Skuld.

"Mara is a demon, and she's always trying to cause trouble."  Skuld replied.

"Come to think of it,"  Urd said appearing in the kitchen, "it's been pretty quiet around here lately."

"That has to be it!  Mara's definitely involved."  Skuld concluded.

"We don't know that for certain, Skuld.  However, we should most definitely check out the college then."  Belldandy said then took a sip of tea.

"I'm ready to investigate at your earliest convenience, Mister Morisato." I said.

"All right.  But I'm not sure how we're all going to get there.  I've only got one passenger seat -- ", Keiichi said.

"Don't worry about that.  I'll teleport there.  I just need the coordinates."  I replied.

"Um..."  Keiichi said, dumbfounded.  "I... don't know them off hand?"

"It's the Nekomi Technical Institute of Engineering, yes?"  I asked.

"Yeah. That's the name."  Keiichi replied.

"Okay.  Let's get going.  I promised Mo--Miss Lindy that I would be back before dinner tonight."  I said and blushed.

I stood up and pushed in the chair that I was sitting in, then returned to the front door.

"We should probably go outside."  I said, opened the door and walked outside.


"Miss Amy, I need coordinates for Nekomi Technical Institute of Engineering."  I said to nobody.

"Fate, ", I heard Amy's voice, a little square view screen appeared in front of my face.  "I've located the Institute.  Just give the word, and I'll perform a site to site transfer."

"Copy."  I shifted and gazed towards the temple door.  "We'll be moving shortly."  I said as I saw Keiichi open the door and step outside.  Skuld and Belldandy followed him, with Urd shutting the door behind her.  A moment later the others stood in front of me.

"Fate to Arthra.  We're ready."

"Copy, stand by."  Amy's voice said from nowhere.

A moment later, a beam of white light engulfed all of us and the temple disappeared.


The light faded, and what appeared to be a typical Japanese high school stood before us.

"I was expecting something... bigger."  I said.

"Where are we?"  Skuld asked.  "This doesn't look like--"

Just then the school bell rang and mere seconds later, the doors burst open.  We nearly got ran over by the stampede of students racing for  sunshine and freedom.  After a moment of the ground shaking, it dawned on me that quite a few people were missing.

"Miss Amy, please come in."  I said up to invisible air."

No response.  A moment later, the door opened and two young women came running out of the school.  One with purple hair, the other with cyan hair.

"Come back here, you demon!"  The girl with purple hair exclaimed.  "When I get my hands on you--"

"Awww, the poow wittle pwincess got her feewings huwt?"  The Cyan-haired girl said, and levitated up into a nearby tree.

"You get down here, this instant Ryoko!"

"Um, excuse me?"  I finally said.  "Could you tell me wh--"

"Nah, it looks like you're having too much fun playing with the kiddos down there."  Ryoko shouted back and cackled.

"HEY!  Who are you calling a KID?!"  Skuld shouted up at the tree.

"Why, that would be you, squirt."  Ryoko calmly replied.

"Ryoko!"  The purple-haired girl shouted. "I do apologize.  Ryoko is being her normal demon-possessed self this afternoon."

"Demon!?"  Skuld shouted and glared up at the tree.  "I, Skuld, Goddess Second Class, Limited License, demand for you to identify yourself!"

"See, Ryoko, you are a demon!  I knew it.  I just knew it!"  The purple-haired girl giggled softly.

"I am NOT a demon!"  Ryoko shouted and jumped down out of the tree, her energy sword blaring in front of Skuld.

"Um..."  I said, not really sure how to handle this apparently delicate situation.  The Mage Academy didn't prepare me for handling hostile, hell-bent demons.

"Forgive me.  My name is Ayeka Masaki Jurai, First Royal Crowned Princess of the Jurain Empire.  That is obviously Ryoko. A demon."

"Aww come on, your Lowness!  Now is not the time for fancy-shmancy formalities!  You're such a mood-kill."

"Okaaaaay."  I said.  "I am Fate T. Harlaown, Mage and Lieutenant with the Time and Space Administration Bureau.".  I held out my card, as is customary to do in Japan.

"I see.  I'm delighted to meet you!  Finally, somebody with a sense of authority.... but I don't recall of ever hearing of your organization.  Are you a sub-branch of the Galaxy Police perhaps?"  Ayeka said.

"No.  The Time and Space Administration Bureau is not a sub-branch of any other organization."  I replied, somewhat confused.

"Oh, um... very well."  Ayeka replied.

"Hey, Ayeka.  I'll race you home.  First one there gets to marry Tenchi!"  Ryoko taunted, obviously bored with the conversation.

"Now just you wait a moment, Ryoko!  Don't be rude!"  Ayeka said, but Ryoko had already began running away.

"Wait!  Can you tell us how to get to Nekomi Technical Institute?"  I said

"I'm beg your pardon, where?"  Ayeka said.  "I'm afraid I have no idea where you're referring to."

"Miss Amy?  Come in Arhtra!  Anyone!"  I said to the sky.

"Looks like you're cut off from your ship."  Skuld said.

Ayeka simply bowed.  "Excuse me, please."  and chased after Ryoko.  "Come back here you filthy letch!"

"Now what?"  Skuld asked.

"I guess we follow them."  I said, not really knowing what else to do.  "It's bad enough being stranded somewhere, but being stranded alone is worse yet, and at least those two girls seem friendly enough, and have knowledge about this strange dimension we're in."


I watched as Ayeka disappeared over a hill, and was tempted to chase after her, however, my training took over, and I realized that I would have a better tactical advantage from the air, and I wouldn't wind myself chasing after her when all I had to do was glide over the landscape.

"Bardiche, Set up!"  I said.

"Yes sir."  he replied.  A moment later my clothes changed from my uniform to my mage armor, my black cape fluttered in the breeze behind me.

I leapt up into the air and surveyed Ryoko and Ayeka heading off in a Westerly direction.  I glanced back down toward Skuld, only to not find her where she was standing.


"What?"  She said, slightly annoyed.  "I'm right here."  I looked over to my left and say her hovering with immature angel wings.  Her clothes had changed, and she was wearing a pink over coat and pencil skirt now.  In her right hand, she held a skinny hammer with a very long handle.

"Oh, let's go."  I said, and started slowly flying over the two young ladies running after each other.

"What are you going to do when we catch up to them?"  Skuld asked.

"We need to know how to get to Nekomi Technical Institute, and those two women are the best chance we have right now."

"You mean the Princess and the Demon?  I don't trust them."  Skuld replied.

"We don't have much choice right now."

"We could ask somebody else.  There were lots of teenagers that exited the school.  We could find a different person.  Maybe not a demon."

"I doubt that Ryoko is truly a demon.  She's not a threat at any rate.  Bardiche would have warned me of that."

"I think she could be.  And if I could capture her, I could finally prove to Urd that I'm not a trouble-making brat once and for all!" Skuld said with determination.

"We're not going to capture her, however, she may be helpful with getting our target.  I need to know what this Keiichi Morisato knows about the timeline shift."


Skuld and I followed the road where Ayeka and Ryoko had run along.  Not too far ahead, I saw Ayeka chasing after Ryoko, and unfortunately, Ryoko had quite a lead over Ayeka.  I had an idea.  I poured on the speed and zoomed overhead, and touched down gently about 30 meters in front of Ryoko, who was too busy glancing over her shoulder at Ayeka eating her dust.

"Excuse me..?"  I shouted at Ryoko.  She turned her head frontward and leapt off the ground as she nearly tripped over me.

"Um, excuse me!  I really need to talk to you.  Could you stop for a moment?"  I yelled.

"Nope.  I gotta marry Tenchi!"  Ryoko replied and giggled.  I heard Ayeka's stormy voice boom from behind.

"Oh no you don't, you brute!"

"Please.  Ayeka, you're so far behind, that I'm gonna win easily!  There's no way that you can catch me! Hahahahaha!"

"Please.  Stop!"  I shouted again.

"They're not going to listen to you, Fate."  Skud shouted as she just caught up to the aerial chase.

I zoomed ahead and landed about  50 meters ahead of Ryoko and took aim at the road just in front of Ryoko.

"If you won't voluntarily stop...Bardiche, Plasma Cannon!"

"Yes sir!" He replied.

The familiar yellow orb of energy formed in front of Bardiche and was ready to be launched.

"Set for Stun mode."

"Yes sir!"


The yellow ball of plasma rocketed toward the Cyan-haired girl and slammed into her foot.

"Oh!  That tickled!  You wanna play, huh?"  Ryoko sneered and her Energy Sword formed in her right hand, then teleported from where she was to right behind Fate.  Raising her arms and slamming it down, Fate managed to twist herself around and form a protective Round Shield of yellow energy that stopped Ryoko's assault.

"Please, I just need to know where Nekomi Technical Institute of Engineering is..." I said as I gritted my teeth.

Ryoko lifted her sword and leapt about three meters away.

"I don't know where that is.", she said, and swung at me.  "In fact, I've never heard of it."

I dodged to the left and then back flipped to avoid the energy blade's anger.

"Ryoko!  Stop that this instant!"  Ayeka shouted.  "Azaka!  Kamadake!"

Two large wooden logs appeared from nowhere and surrounded Ayeka.

"It is our sacred duty to protect the Princess from any harm."  Azaka boomed.

"We must serve our Princess."  Kamadake said in a deep, but higher pitched voice.

"Go, and stop Ryoko's attack on that little girl!"  Ayeka commanded.

"Very well."  Azaka replied.

"You see!  I knew you were a demon!"  Skuld said while hovering high.  "You won't even stop to listen to Fate!"

"She attacked ME!"  Ryoko said, and then laughed.  "All kids wanna do today is play games."

"This is not a game!"  I shouted as I dodged yet another swing.  "I need to find Keiichi Morrisato!  It's urgent!"

"Never heard of him.  I only care about my Tenchi.", Ryoko said sweetly.

"He is not YOUR anything, you foul-breathed harlot!",  Ayeka shouted.

"You wanna piece of this too, Your Lowness, cause there's plenty where this came from!", Ryoko said.

Azaka and Kamadake took up a position to the left and right of Ryoko and blasted her with an electrifying force field.

"Oh!  Come on!  No Fair!  You always such a party-pooper.", Ryoko whined.

"There. That's settled."  Ayeka said victoriously as she dusted her hands off.

Skuld landed nearby and observed the two wooden logs that had trapped Ryoko.

"That's really cool!  I wanna know how you work!"  Skuld cheered.  A sweatdrop appeared beside Kamadake.

"Now, let's stop this nonsense and get home.  We've probably keeping Sasami waiting with dinner."  Ayeka said.

"Um, I don't mind to intrude but..." I said.

"Hohohohoho!"  Ayeka laughed.  "Sasami always has extras, and you're in for a treat.  She really is an amazing cook.  And since we're nearly there, you can rest and figure out where this Morrisato person is.

"I am kinda hungry."  Skuld said smiling at the invitation.

"Okay.  That sounds like a plan then.  I won't be much good on an empty stomach.  Lead the way, please, Miss Ayeka." I said.

"Azaka, Kamadake, let's go."  Ayeka said taking charge.  The field around Ryoko vanished and the woman fell to the ground.

I reached out my hand toward Ryoko.

"I didn't mean to attack you, you know."  I said.

"Whatever.  You're too young to be any competition for my Tenchi." Ryoko said after standing.

"Ryoko!" Ayeka chastised.

"What?" Ryoko replied casually.

I had a feeling that tonight was going to be eventful at the very least.