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Thursday, March 30, 2023, 19:28

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Welcome to the Anime Brigade!

Thank you for signing up for the Brigade, where you will make friends who share your passion of anime, role playing games, and all kinds of Japanese culture! We (will soon) have a wide selection of various anime to talk about, (currently mostly shoujo style anime, ranging from Martial Arts to Magical Girls, to Harems and many other interesting genres. But we need your help! You're leader, Kokoro, doesn't know every anime out there, but loves to learn about new series and characters, hence why she made this site.

Mission Statement: The Anime Brigade is here to provide an ever-lasting bond between friends around the world in a positive social environment. We strive to also provide members with suggestions of other anime titles that members may have not known about previously and to share our opinions of those titles. We are here to have fun, to immerse ourselves into the wonderful worlds of fiction that we create through our works of fan fiction, or through the worlds we build when we role play, and through the worlds that the original authors have created for us.

This is also a magical place where you can learn about not-so-famous table top role playing games (meaning other than the infamous Dungeons & Dragons. All of the games featured here in the Brigade have some influence of Anime in them, and more are added often. You will however, notice that there is a D&D area listed, and that is because the system is so popular, many Dungeon Masters have created their own worlds, some of which include anime settings. Feel free to create your own games using these rule sets, and discuss the aspects of the systems contained within our library.

Last but not least, there is an area for more creative works to be archived and published. Kokoro has determined that the Brigade shall remain active for a very, very, very long time, and her wish is to preserve many of the great older goodies that have nearly been lost to the Void of the Internet! This is especially true of other anime fandom sites, and is the main reason why the site features a diverse selection of anime.

Some thing we (will) have on the site include in no particular order -- (OKAY, so it's an alphabetized list!):

  • Anime Character's Calendar featuring famous birthdays.
  • Character Sheet Repository
  • Dice Roller
  • Episode Database
  • Fan-Fiction Archive
  • Image Catalog
  • Media Library
  • Real-time Chat

  • Some Really Important Stuff... So, why use this antiquated forum, and not something like Facebook? We're glad you asked! There are many benefits to using a forum, like, having all the conversations preserved in an organized, easy to find way. Role playing, in Kokoro's opinion, has less anxiety on a forum because of the slower pace of the game. You as a player, have time to draft up what you want your character(s) to do and say, with the ability to save posts as drafts before making them publicly readable! As far as we know, there's no dice rollers on Facebook either.

    Ah, yes, but there are other sites such as Roll20 that DO have certain features! While that is true, players still have to agree upon a common time to meet in real-time to play. Playing by Post, eliminates the necessity of scheduling. You post when you can, whether it's five minutes a week, or every other half-hour during the day. You can also be as wordy or brief as you feel comfortable. It's also easier to jump into a game, since the history of what has happened is right there for you to read. A good Game Master or volunteer, will create a summary post every so often, so that new players don't have to read a tomb just to get started in an active game.

    But I've never used a forum before, or role played using a forum before. How do I get started? It's very easy to use a forum. Once you become a member, you'll have access to start a new topics and reply to other posts. Simply click (or tap) on the button, (or User Actions Menu if using a Smart Phone) and type away! Role playing is super easy to. If you've ever written a story, you're halfway there. Think of Playing by Post as a story that's been written by multiple authors. Many games use game mechanics that you would find in many of the systems featured on the Site, however, you don't have to play a game using a system to role play! Just write what's in your heart -- and if you're playing as a cannon character, be sure to try to stay in character as much as possible. Many players have discovered that if you create your own characters or simply twist a character slightly, making them your own, you'll have a lot more fun in the games you play.

    So to recap, if you've stumbled onto this site, then quite possibly the following may be true:

  • You love anime and like talking about it.
  • You love to role play.
  • You want to make friends who have similar interests.
  • You're a very creative person.
  • You're secretly a Magical Girl / Guy, mad scientist, junior-high Mecha pilot, or undercover alien princess / prince here to marry the dorkiest person on the planet to prevent an inter-galactic war... or, you're just a geek / nerd / dork / etc, like the rest of us!

  • Finally, here are some handy links to introduce you to the Site. I guarantee that you won't find censorship here, the site will always remain totally free, and is moderated against spam daily. Remember the golden rule here: Have Fun!

  • Introduction to the Site
  • Meet the Administrator
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • The Laws of Anime
  • I want to join up!

  • I hope that you have a wonderfully fun time here and that we may become great friends!

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