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Game Submissions

Started by Senkusha, Monday, July 25, 2022, 06:46

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Please use the following template to request a new game to be added to the Site.  Also, please add your responses after the :  [/b]  For what each of these terms mean, please see the definitions below.  One final thing, please be sure to read HowTo:  Be a Game Master (GM) for some helpful hints with running your own game(s).  Have fun!

[b]Display Name:  [/b]
[b]Plot Summary:  [/b]
[b]Anime Basis:  [/b]
[b]Game System:  [/b]
[b]Using Dice:  [/b]
[b]Seats Available:  [/b]
[b]Movie Rating:  [/b]
[b]Participation Mode:  [/b]
[b]Participation Commitment:  [/b]

Display Name is the name of your game.
Plot Summary is a brief description of your game.  This is what people will see when they come to your Game Board.
Anime Basis is what anime (if any) is your game going to be based on.  Or is it a cross-over?
Game System is what game system are you going to use, like Anime Action, or Dungeons & Dragons.
Using Dice do you plan on using dice, or using more of a creative approach.  Many games include optional rules for skipping dice rolls.
Seats Available How many players do you want to have in your game?
Movie Rating If Hollywood were in charge of rating your game, what age appropriateness would it be?  G, PG, PG-13, R, X?
Participation Mode Are players able to see and enter the game at anytime? (Open)  Are the players restricted to seeing but invited only to play? (Closed) Or, is this a closed game that happens in a private area? (Restricted) Note the Site Administration Team can view all Game Boards.
Participation Commitment How often are players expected to participate in the game?


QuoteDisplay Name:  Project:  Destiny
Plot Summary:  The people of Earth are awakening with magical abilities, and the Arthra has been ordered to investigate the cause.  But as the crew follows the clues to the source, a terrifying discovery is made that could shake the Time-Space Administration Bureau to it's foundation.  Will the crew be prepared for what awaits them as they discover the uncomfortable truth behind it?
Anime Basis:  Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Game System:  None
Using Dice:  No
Seats Available:  Unlimited
Movie Rating:  PG-13
Participation Mode:  Open
Participation Commitment:  Weekly