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Started by Kokoro, Thursday, February 02, 2023, 18:04

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Basic Sponsored Message:
So, I found this old game from the original Ayeka's Bliss website on the WayBackMachine Archive.  So, none of the time/date stamps are correct, however, I have tried to leave the messages, and original author's entries and profile info intact.  I'm hoping that some day, these Mythic Members will stumble onto this site, and maybe join back into the game.  In the meantime, let's breath some life back into this awesome game!

Now for the rules:
1.  This is an open game.  Anybody can come or go as they'd like.  Just remember to be creative and have fun!
2.  Please, write at least one paragraph.  Something shorter doesn't really give the other players much to work with for their contribution.
3.  Original characters are most welcome and are to be used by the players of the game.
4.  Any cannon characters may be used by any player -- just be sure to keep the character in-character.
5.  Although this game started out kinda ecchi, let's try to keep it PG-13 from now on.
6.  This goes without saying, please refrain from god-modding the other Player Character's.  You didn't create them, leave them be.  The only exception to this rule is that if the Game Master needs to write a character out of the story because of the Player going MIA.
7.  Did I mention to have fun?

The Plot:
From what I can gather, the game was originally set in a cross-fiction universe of Star Wars and Tenchi Universe.  That makes sense considering that Ayeka's Bliss was a Tenchi Muyo fan site.  The Anime Brigade, however, is an all-anime-encompassing website, any anime listed in the Anime Boards is acceptable.  If you wish to introduce a setting/plot from an anime not currently listed, by all means ask for it's inclusion on the site and please contribute some topics about it!  Since this game began without a game system in mind, it shall remain as an free-form game, meaning that there shall be no rule-set used.  Think of this game more as a multi-authored fan-fiction.

So as a recap up until this point, we have the following characters trapped on board the Galaxy Police cruiser Yagami running from the Imperial Navy and a band of Space Pirates looking for loot.  An yet-to-be-named enemy is hellbent on over throwing the Jurai Empire using a rather risque 262-hour long video that has jammed all inter-space transmissions.  The crew of the Yagami is heading towards Earth.  Why?  Honestly, I've forgotten!  This game was originally being written in October 2006 thru July 2007.  So let's create some action!

Character Roster:
(In order of appearance)
Kamado Tashika / Kimberly (Played by Senkusha) - Is a 20-something year old X-wing fighter pilot who has a Ranma curse of turning into a prepubescent girl when eating chocolate.  Alcohol reverses the transformation.
(Black Bald Crewman) - Unidentified crewmate of Kamado's.
(Commanding Officer) - Unidentified commander in the Reliance.
(Admiral Yeen) - An Imperial Commander.
Sasami - Second Royal Crowned Princess from Tenchi Universe.
Ayeka - First Royal Crowned Princess from Tenchi Universe.
Ryoko - Space Pirate from Tenchi Universe.
Washu - Scientific Genius from Tenchi Universe.
Kiyone - Galaxy Police Officer from Tenchi Universe.
Mihoshi - Galaxy Police Officer from Tenchi Universe.
Kurdeto Huoania  (Played by Slade) - A rival of Washu.  Has a goal of destroying the Jurain Empire.
Shiori Kinshi (Played by EK) - A captured Imperial Pilot.
Rem (Played by BSEK) - A Galaxy Police Officer.
Jabba the Hut - A gangster from Star Wars.
Kain (Played by draconious380) - A rival Space Pirate who framed Ryoko for his crimes against Jurai.
Basjaw (Played by Ben Weetman) - A captain of a spy Frigate.