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Tuesday, November 28, 2023, 15:52

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Episode 1: The Awakening

Started by Senkusha, Sunday, May 22, 2022, 07:12

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Location:  Seishou Elementary Schoo, Uminari City, Japan
Date/Time:  May 15 at 12:00 (12:00 p.m.) Local Time

The teacher concludes her lecture about the Edo period of Japan as the lunch bell rings.  The class rises, bows, and the class is dismissed for lunch.  Boys and girls mingle around the room, collecting various books and pencils in preparation for the class following the lunch period.

I (Fate) grab my lunch out of the cubby in my desk and stand up.  Nanoha walks up to me smiling with her usual beaming smile along with Arisa and Suzuka.

"Are you ready for lunch, Fate-chan?"  Nanoha says to me.

"Yes, quite."

I stand up and push in my chair.  The four of us walk out of the classroom and continue down the hallway to the stairs access.  We're not really supposed to be up here, I think, as we climb the stairs to the roof, but so long as we're not goofing around too much, most of the teachers don't seem to mind us.  It's one of the few spots were we can talk without being too disturbed.  We sit down on a shaded part of the concrete and I carefully unwrap the lunch that Miss Lindy has prepared for me.

I take a rice ball and bite into it, and then I hear screams down below on the playground.  Dropping my lunch, I run over to the chain-link fence to see a group of kids circled around another boy, while other kids are scattering.  The boy in the middle is hovering in the air about six feet off the ground.  A moment later, Nanoha and the others rush toward the fence.  Nanoha and I give each other a look then both Bardiche and Raising Heart chime quietly and begin blinking (in jewel form as they hand on chains around our necks).

"Nanoha, Fate."  I hear Chrono's voice echoing over both our devices.  "We've detected a minor energy surge near your immediate location.  If you have a chance, could you please check it out?"

"Yes."  I reply.  "We have a visual of one of the students currently hovering over the ground on the playground.  There are too many witnesses right now to investigate directly."

"Understood.  Attempt to make contact and discreetly follow the subject."  Chrono says with tension.

"Yes.  Not a problem."

"Let's hurry and finish our lunches and talk to him."  Nanoha says as she starts to jog back to where our lunches are sitting.

"That's a good idea."  I reply.

We quickly finish our meals and head downstairs to the playground.


Nanoha opens the door and we jog down the hallway toward the playground. By the time we get to the playground, the boy, now standing on the ground has everybody on the playground around him, and everybody is asking him questions at one.  I get a good look at his face.  He's scared. 

"Bardiche, access the school roster database and identify the target."  I whisper.  A quiet ding follows in response.

"Subject identified.  Jack Timte, grade 3-E."  Bardiche replied.

I could hear police sirens in the background approaching.  Teachers were trying their best to break up the assembly without much luck.

"Caution."  Raising Heart said, and a moment later a blast of energy erupted from the Jack.  "Protection."  Raising Heart said as her force-field engaged to protect us.  All of the other students and teachers hit the ground and passed out.

"Jack Timte."  I said.  "Try to relax.  We're not going to hurt you.  We just want to talk."

"St--Stay where you are!"  He nearly cried.  This boy was terrified.

"Nanoha, we have to get him out of here before the police arrive."  I said.

She nodded.  I ran over to him and grabbed a hold of his arm and raced over to the gymnasium as fast as I could, practically dragging him along.  Once inside, and Nanoha, Arisa and Suzuka caught up, I told them my plan.

"I'm going to take him to my apartment.  Miss Lindy should know what to do."

"Okay.  Be careful, Fate-chan." Nanoha replied.

"Bardiche, Teleportation, Take us home."

"Yes sir."


I arrived in the living room. Miss Lindy and Miss Amy were sitting on opposite couches drinking tea when I arrived.

"Fate... what--?"  Miss Lindy said and saw Jack.  "What's going on?"

"Miss Lindy.  I had to get him away from the school.  Everybody is unconscious, except for Nanoha, Arisa and Suzuka.  The police are about to arrive. --"

"Okay, slow down, Fate."  Miss Lindy said calmly and stood up, taking a few steps closer to Jack, who upon realizing he was in a different location, passed out.

"Well, today is going to be an interesting day."  Miss Amy said.

"Contact the Arthra, Amy.  Get everybody down here.  Now."  Miss Lindy said firmly.