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[March Contest] Fate Testarossa

Started by Senkusha, Saturday, March 04, 2023, 13:16

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Fate Testarossa (Harlaown) is the primary antagonist from the series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, and starts out the series as a nine year old girl who, like Nanoha, is collecting the Jewel Seeds, magical artifacts that have the ability to grant simple desires.  While Nanoha is learning to be a mage to help Yuuno collect these dangerous things, Fate is on a mission to collect the Jewel Seeds for her mother, because it is her belief that these things will make her mother happy and healthy again, and that will cause her mother to love her again.  Throughout the (first) season, Nanoha notices a sadness in Fate's eyes, and is curious about why.  Nanoha is relentless and continues to fight Fate, since that is all Fate seems to care about.  By the end of the season, Fate looses to Nanoha, however the two become friends, very close friends.  In later seasons, the two of them become partners (both at work, and in life).  In fact it's revealed in one of the radio dramas that Fate is actually a lesbian.

I'm a fangirl!: ShowHide

I'm a fangirl of Fate because her and I share a lot in common!  First, she's determined as hell!  Even when being pressured by Arf, her familiar, she continues to serve her Mother.  Her devotion to her mother is probably a bit extreme, I mean, she risks her own life in an attempt to save her Mother's life, even after her Mother's true feelings are revealed to her.  Later on in the series, many of the other characters comment on how "kind and gentle" she is.  She's also beautiful/cute and is very smart, seemingly only struggling with Japanese (language) in her studies.  She has Mana Conversion Affinity, and is super fast and agile!  As a bonus, she rocks those pigtails!

Fate feels intuitive to me.  Her personality is very similar to mine, our childhoods are similar,  however, she's more outgoing than I am, albeit, she is shy in new social situations, which is cute!  As a result, I've written many fan-fiction stories using her as the primary protagonist, and I can easily get into her head (writing as first person perspective), which has helped me therapeutically heal some of my own past trauma.  Fate has been my heroine since 2010 when I discovered her, and probably will be for many, many more years to come.  I have yet to find a character so relatable to me.

Fate's First Mall Trip

"Nanoha, I don't understand why this is a big deal."

"It's a big deal because you've never been to a mall before, Fate-chan!  It's an amazing place, with lots of stores -- every kind of store you can imagine all in one place!"  Nanoha smiled at me with her large blue eyes nearly bursting with excitement.

"Don't forget about the food court."  Hayate added.

"But I have been to a mall before.  I --"

"Fate.  Fighting in a mall, and shopping in a mall are totally different things."  Nanoha said.  "That one time three weeks ago doesn't count."

"I guess you're right.", I replied.  "How do I look?"

"You look nice."  Chrono said as he entered the kitchen, walked toward the refrigerator and grabbed an orange juice. "As you always do."

I blushed.

"Awwww!  Chrono!  You're so sweet!"  Miss Amy said, following him into the kitchen and taking the juice out of Chrono's hand.  Chrono looked as though he was going to object, but reluctantly got another juice for himself.  I just blushed more.  "Fate is so lucky to have you as her step-brother.  You're the perfect role model for her."

"Amy--"  Chrono started, but Nanoha cut him off.

"Fate really is lucky to have you, Chrono.  And all of us too."  Nanoha paused, "And today we're going to have a special day!"

"I'm sure you three will."  Chrono replied, taking a sip of his juice.

"You're not coming?"  Nanoha said.

"No, I'm sorry, Nanoha.  I know you wanted all of us to come, but we've got some work that popped up."  Chrono said.

"Maybe we shouldn't go."  I said.  "If there's work that--"

"No no, you three should go.  Have some fun, and relax for a bit."  Miss Amy said.  "This stuff isn't too important, and we'll have it done in short order."

"Okay.  Thank you Miss Amy, Chrono."  Nanoha said.  "We should probably get going, or we'll miss the bus."

"Oh right!"  Hayate said and went to grab her jacket.

"Come on Fate!  This is going to be fun!"  Nanoha said cheerfully.

I followed Nanoha and Hayate to the bus stop after putting on the jacket that Hayate made for me and the three of us walked to the corner bus stop by the city park.  It was a sunny day, but the air was still chilly, being that it's only March.  We sat down on the bench and watched the cars pass us by while we waited for the bus.  It wasn't too long before the bus came and stopped for us.  We each boarded, and took seats in the back.  For a weekend bus, it was pretty empty

"Don't worry, Fate-chan.  It's still early."  Nanoha seemed to know that I was a bit uncomfortable.  How does she do that?

We rode for about ten minutes and arrived at the mall.  The three of us and another younger man stepped onto the curb and we walked into the mall.  Nanoha was right.  Fighting in the mall and shopping in it were two different things.  First, there were lots of people in the massive building.  A bit too many for me.  It was bright and noisy.  There were babies crying and lots of different conversations going on at the same time.  A large group of girls walked in front of us and giggled loudly at something.  There was an old man sitting on a bench near the front door just watching everybody who entered and left the mall.

"Come on, let's go in here."  Hayate was the first to lead us into a clothing store filled with cute outfits and cosplay items.  And of course, she insisted that we all try some of the clothes on.  First she modeled for Nanoha and I, and then Nanoha did.  I didn't really want to, but Hayate shoved some things in my hands and Nanoha dragged me into a changing booth.

"But I don't have money for these things."  I protested.

"That's not the point.  Just put them on, and let's see how you look, Fate-chan!"  Hayate said.

I did what she said, and after a few outfits, this was becoming fun.  Then Nanoha led us into an arcade.  She put a few bills into a machine and filled a bucket with tokens.  Then she divided the bucket three ways.  She challenged Hayate and I to a game of tossing balls into rings.

"Wow!  Fate,  you're really good at this game!  Look at all those tickets!"  Nanoha cheered.

"I guess I am pretty good at it."  I couldn't help but to smile, but then out of the corner of my eye, I saw the man that got off the bus with us, staring at us from outside of the arcade.  Upon making eye contact, he smiled slightly.

I bent down and picked up a ball, turning so that my back was facing the man.  "We're being followed."

Nanoha looked around.  "Why do you say that?"

"There's a man outside the arcade in the mall corridor.  He's probably been watching us the entire time we left the bus."

"I don't see anybody."  Nanoha said.  I glance out of the corner of my eye, and noticed he wasn't there anymore.

"He's still around.  I know it.  He smiled at me."

"Caution."  Raising Heart said, just as a purplish-grey aura filled the room.  Everybody vanished.

"A barrier."  I said.

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That's chapter one!  It's short and I'll end up using this for a much larger story that I'm (now) working on!  The image above was inserted using the Float Left BBC code and the width was set to 250px.  Fate Testarossa and the anime Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha are copyrighted 2004 - 2023 © Masaki Tsuzuki

Favored Class:  Magical Girl