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Friday, March 01, 2024, 15:48

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(Opinion and Discussion: ) BESM Editions, Compare, Contrast, or Ramble.

Started by L_Divi,

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So, for those that have played the BESM games, read the rules for the at least one edition, heard of BESM at all, or just happen to have eyes and a mouth, I wanted to get people's thoughts on the various editions.  (This is purely a "just curious" thing, and YMMV for any thoughts I might assert.) 

(My own thoughts... mostly regards 3rd and 4th: ) 

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I've owned the rules for BESM 2nd, 3rd, and 4th... and played 3rd extensively. 

I remember thinking 3rd felt like it had some significant improvements over 2nd... of note, making Attacks VS Defense opposed rolls rather than separate checks kept combat comparably viable throughout different tiers of characters and kept things moving quicker (as opposed to having two separate opportunities for each attack to fail). 

As for BESM 3rd itself, the game was (and always has been) a bit of a fixer-upper, with a heavy call for GM intervention to patch holes and make sure players kept on the same power level, with the presence of a point-buy system being more of an aid to gauge how strong the characters you were making were rather than something that rigidly prevented creating someone OP (due ot the systems flexibleness).  Also of note, there were some definite points in the rules that I remember thinking were badly designed (at least one thing I remember didn't work at all as written) and needed house-rules to make work.  (But this is fine if one's ok with that kind of a game.  As covered, I've always felt that flexibility and a starting point for games from a wide range of settings and genres were the main points of BESM and while it's not unique in that regard, it certainly serves its purpose, IMHO.) 

But I'm curious as to people's thoughts on 4th.  I remember giving it a glance a while back and getting the vibe it was more of a "'shuffling things around' to justify a new system" rather than focusing on fixing issues that 3rd had, but it's been a LOOONG time since I gave the edition said look and I've yet to really play with it, so... if anyone has their own thoughts on this, I'm kinda curious. 


I've been a fan of BESM since Second Revised Edition back in 2006 when I first discovered it.  I really liked Third Edition's Roll Over mechanic, however, the Target Number system does make it more challenging from a Game Master Perspective.  I haven't actually had a chance to play the Fourth Edition yet, however, I've invested heavily into it, purchasing all the expansion books available to date.  When I actually can gather a group of people together to give this system a try, I'll report back on my findings. :)

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Well, I suppose that's ONE huge advantage of 4E:  Because its release didn't straddle a company going out of business, it actually has support and expansions ;-p. 

I look forwards to your thoughts if and when you get to try it out. 


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Quote from: Senkusha on At the rate I'm making gaming buddies, Hell may freeze over first. :nosweat:
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That's arguably a good setting for a BESM game >.>...


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