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Do you enjoy all things anime and role playing?  Come on in and take a seat!  Create a character, and let's have some fun! (PS:  Bring your friends, please!!!!)

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Thursday, February 29, 2024, 14:06

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Started by Zionia,

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This is a freelance RPG. The rules are very short and simple. 
1- Have fun
2- Post what characters you plan to use. They should not all be anime characters...give a little thought and make someone up.
3- Your characters don't need a full profile. Just a name and what they do will work
4- Please refrain from lighting the bar on fire anymore...the insurance company wont compensate for fires anymore
5- You can bring other characters in at any time
6- You can make the plot go anywhere, but try to keep it simple so anyone can just hop on
7- You can play other peoples characters, but please make sure you know how they would act before doing so. (eg, don't borrow Belldandy and have her doing demonic activities without proper explanation)
8- Don't kill anyone off. Have them severely injured and end up in the hospital if you want to remove them from the game. Somewhere later down the line, it may be nice to bring them back for fun 
9- Please do your best to spell things so they are at least understandable...its hard to RP off of someone when you have no idea what they just did or said

that pretty much does it..have fun, get drunk, be merry, and follow dem rules and we will all get along fine...hopefully 

"We are not responsible for anything you may do under the influence of fictitious alcoholic beverages"