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Sunday, December 10, 2023, 12:40

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Episode 1: Transformation Sequence Go!

Started by Senkusha,

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"Okay Hikari.  You may sit anywhere you'd like.  We've got the entire lab to ourselves."  Miss Tanaka said cheerfully.  Here I was, her unsuspecting little pawn, and all alone with the crazy physics teacher in her element with all her fancy laboratory tools and gizmos.  Wonderful.

The lab was indeed empty and isolated on the far end of the school.  The afternoon bell had just rung, and already I felt the pang of abandonment from all the other students.  Here I was in detention.  All alone.  And at her mercy.  I chose one of the side lab stations about three rows back.  Not totally in the back, because I don't want to be trapped in here, and I like to have a quick exit if need be.  Especially with her in here.  There is a reason everybody says she's crazy.

"You just make yourself comfortable.  I'll be right back.  I need to get the supplies!"

She said that with just a little too much enthusiasm.  I don't fear much, but this lady is scary.  Miss Tanaka left the room and I took out my notepad and a pencil.  I'm sure she'll want to lecture me on some light-wave forms or some stupid gravitational mathematics formulas.  I started doodling to take my mind off the clock with it's loud second hand ticking in slow motion.


About ten minutes passed by when Miss Tanaka stumbled back into back into the classroom carrying a large pile of stuff, mostly books, notes, and a box full of mechanical looking crap.  I just glanced up, then continued working on my doodle of Mister Tsukimoto, the Headmaster being electrocuted.  Miss Tanaka set everything down on the worktable at the front of the classroom and began setting everything up, then began drawing a flowchart on the whiteboard.  After about fifteen minutes of her drawing diagrams and math formulas on the board, I had nearly completed a four panel comic of The Perils of Mister Tsukimoto.

"Hikari, now pay attention."  Miss Tanka said as she held up a yardstick.

"I don't know if no body told you, but this isn't science class, Miss Tanaka."

"Oh, that doesn't matter." <3  she replied cheerfully.  How come I have a feeling of doom?  "I need a volunteer, Hikari, and you'll do just fine."

"I don't wanna."

"That doesn't matter.  You see, I don't think you're in a position to question my authority.  Now, be a good little girl and come up here."

"I'm a teenager.  My job in life is to question authority, especially if it's coming from crazy ladies, like you."  I said without looking up.  "Besides, I'm not a good girl.  I'm really naughty, hence why I'm in here right now, instead of shoplifting cigarettes or something."

Miss Tanaka must have been in a state of shock, because she didn't say anything else, which I was totally fine with.  In fact, I preferred it that way.  Her super bubbly cheerful voice was enough to get under anybody's skin.  The next thing I know, Miss Tanaka is standing over me, grabbed my earlobe and yanked, dragging me over to the front of the room.

"Now now, you'll have to listen to what I tell you to do if you don't want to get hurt, little Hikari."

"Ow!  What the hell are you doing, you psycho!  Let me--"

"Stand right there and hold these."  Miss Tanaka said as she shoved two rods into my hands.  One was silver, the other looked copper.  "Now, if I calculated the coefficient of Q correctly, then Y becomes nullified by the force of N, and as V increases, R decreases and that means that P becomes exponential. "

"What the hell are you talking about?  That looks like nonsense." I said.

"While I appreciate your input, I feel that you're not qualified to discuss quantum mechanics with me, let alone find any flaws with my beautiful mathematical expressions of the Universe.  So, I would appreciate it if you'd just be a good little girl Hikari and be quiet for a moment."  She reached over towards a large red switch.

"What's this thing do?"  I asked.

"Shhhh."  She reached, and her finger touched the small level.  "The moment of truth."  *click*


The ceiling tiles fell on top of me as I landed against the brick wall next to the black metal filing cabinet.  I coughed and opened my eyes, although I couldn't really focus on anything.  In fact, all I saw was shapes of colors, and my head began to pound with the worst headache I think I've ever had.  Not trusting myself to stand, I brushed the crap off of me and crawled along the floor on my hands and knees towards the teacher's worktable.  I repeatedly blinked my eyes trying to clear my vision.  My whole body tingled and it's annoying because I can't really feel anything.  Every time my skirt brushed against my legs, waves of intense sensation coursed through my entire body.

"Miss Tanaka?"

Silence replied.

Favored Class:  Magical Girl


Hikari crawled across the floor until she reached to where Miss Tanaka was laying on the floor.

"Miss Tanaka?"

There was no answer.  Hikari grabbed her blouse and shook her.  She didn't respond.  Oh God!  Is she dead?!

Favored Class:  Magical Girl


Hikari shook Miss Tanaka violently.  "Oh my god!  Please don't be dead!"

*cough cough*

"YAY!  You're alive!  I'm so glad!"  Hikari said as she threw herself on top of Miss Tanaka

"Ow."  Miss Tanaka said.  "Hikari.  That hurts."

"Oh!  I'm sorry!"  Hikari said and helped Miss Tanaka up.

Miss Tanaka smiled.  "Hikari?  How do you feel?"

"Wha??  I mean, I'm relieved, I'm glad you're not dead -- What the hell is wrong with you?!  You could have killed us?!"

"Normal emotional responses.  Check."  Miss Tanaka said as she picked up a clipboard that was on her desk and stared scribbling down notes.

"Are you going to answer me?!   Stop with your stupid notes!"

"Relax Hikari.  I knew that my experiment wouldn't outright kill anybody.  However, I'll have to investigate why the short circuit occurred."  Miss Tanaka looked me up and down.  "Are you sure you're only feeling relieved?  Nothing else?  Nothing more?"  She stood only inches from my face.  I could smell the sweet nectar of her iris scented perfume.

"Yes.  I'm fine!"  Hikari said and glanced over to the wall that she had been thrown into.  "It's hard to believe that my body caused all that damage -- Wait.  I'm not going to have to pay for that... am I?"

"Oh, goodness no.  That'll be all taken care of by tomorrow.  You'll see, it'll be as good as new!"  Miss Tanaka said cheerfully.

"Who *are* you?"  Hikari said.

"Oh Hikari, you already know the answer to that!"  Miss Tanaka said as she put the clipboard down and began to examine the electronics of her experiment sitting on the table.

"I.. I need to go to the bathroom."  Hikari said.


"Okay. ... I might come back."  Hikari said, as if testing Miss Tanaka.

"Okay.  One way or another, I'll see you shortly."  she replied.


Hikari opened the door and walked down the hallway towards the bathroom.  Nothing looked disturbed out in the hall.  Surely with the force of that explosion, some ceiling tiles would have fallen out here too, right? 

Only just down the hall, the bathroom awaited Hikari's entrance.  Once inside, Hikari used the facilities, and then looked herself over in the mirror, especially over her shoulder as best she could.  There were no scratches, bruises or anything.  It was like nothing happened.

Favored Class:  Magical Girl


Just as Hikari touched the door handle, the lights flickered and shut off.

"Eek!"  she squeaked.

She turned the door knob and pulled on the door, but the door wouldn't budge.

"Hey, what the hell?!"

Hikari put all her strength into pulling on the door, but it wouldn't move.

Favored Class:  Magical Girl


"Hey!  HEY!  Lemme outta here!!!"  Hikari screamed.

Favored Class:  Magical Girl


After a few seconds of pulling and yanking on the door, Hikari put her foot on the wall and pulled with everything she was worth.  The door broke loose as she fell to the cold tile of the bathroom floor.  A moment later the lights flickered back on.

"What the hell!?"  Hikari screamed angrily as she stood up and straightened her skirt.   Then, glaring at the door, she marched out of the bathroom and down the hallway.

Hmm, I feel like a snack...  Hikari turned away from the room where Tanaka was and followed the hallway toward the ancient pay phones and vending kiosks.  She pulled out her debit card and swiped.

$5.00 credit appeared on the screen.  She punched in the code for a Snickers bar.

Please wait.

A moment later the candy bar fell to the bottom of the machine.  Hikari reached inside and grabbed it.  Turning around with a smile of satisfaction on her face, she took a step, only to hear the familar sound of Ka-Thunck from behind her.  She turned her head and glanced toward the machine and saw another Snickers bar laying by the trap door.  Just then another Snickers bar fell to the bottom of the machine with the sound echoing softly in the empty hallway.

Oh!  My lucky day!

Hikari reached in and grabbed the two extra Snickers bars and began skipping down the hallway.

Favored Class:  Magical Girl


Little did Hikari know that as she reached the classroom door another three Snicker's Bars dropped in the vending machine...

She opened the door to find the classroom abandoned and dark.

"Mi-- Miss Tanaka?"

Favored Class:  Magical Girl


Quote from: SenkushaOOC:  I'm trying a new format, and I really don't feel like editing all my previous entries.  Truth be told, I feel more comfortable writing in the first person.

I entered the room and felt around for the light switch, which she found in the ON position.  Of course, Miss Psycho's quantum physics experiment blew up, killing the lights.  I thought about just leaving my things, but I didn't want to be accused of anything related to this mess.  I don't think anybody would believe Miss Psycho anyway.

Knowing the light would disappear as the door shut behind me, I glanced at where I put all my things -- three rows back.  I glanced around and noticed all the debris from the door to the desk.  If I ran quickly, I could get to the desk before the door fully shut.  I could then take my time gathering my notebook and favorite pencil, cram it in my book bag, and then carefully walk back toward the door.  I'll be outta here in less than two minutes!

I pushed the door as far as open as it would go, and then dashed toward the third row.  The door shut quicker than I thought it would and I ended up slamming into the edge of the table.  Pain coursed through my abdomen as I impailed myself on the corner, slightly knocking the wind out of me.  I gasped for air, unable to move for a minute while I slowly panicked from not being able to breathe.  After a moment, the pain dissipated, and I could take small short gasps again.  I focused on grabbing my notepad, but I lost my pencil when I hit the table.  It's probably on the floor somewhere, and I can't see anything right now.  I'll just have to steal a new favorite pencil.

I grabbed my book bag off the floor and shoved the notepad into it, then I fumbled with the zipper, until I was able to close my bag.  Then I carefully picked out my way to the door, by following the edges of the tables.  It took forever to find the damn door handle, being pitch black in here, but once I found the handle, a quick twist, and I could breathe fresh air again, and the light was blinding!

"To hell with this shit!"  I said, my voice echoed down the empty hallway.  I quickly left and noticed as I passed the vending machine that all of the Snicker's bars were down in the retrieval area. The spinner that held the candy bars was still turning, despite not having any product left.

"Score!"  I cheered, and reached in, collected all of the candy bars, and crammed them into my book bag  "I got dinner tonight!"

After I filled my bag, I walked past the main office.  The secretary was still there, her head buried in a computer screen.  The front door was only footsteps away.  Freedom!  I walked out of the school with confidence, as if nothing was wrong.  It was time to cause some real trouble.

Favored Class:  Magical Girl