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Saturday, September 30, 2023, 09:30

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READ ME: The Who, What, How, Why and Rules

Started by Senkusha, Sunday, June 05, 2022, 19:14

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Welcome to Terabitha Unknown.  As many of us know, the original story the Bridge to Terabithia, featured a girl who invited her boy neighbor to the magical land of Terabithia.  A land of make-believe, magic, and adventure.  This game is no fairy tale!

Terabithia is a magical land, indeed, however here, it is filled with magical girls (and boys) who protect Earths most important treasures:  Magic, from the alien invaders, the Xothgu (pronounced Zog).  The Zog invaded and stole the magical essence from the world's top mages, however, they couldn't manage to hold onto the magical properties for long because of their physical make up.  So now all these magical abilities are scattered across the land as free floating hearts of different colors and sizes.  Each one, grants a unique magical ability from any number of anime cast members from various series -- including yours!

You enter the game as your favorite magical girl/boy, with a gimped or damaged magical ability, for you're own heart has been harvested.  Your mission is to not only find and recollect your own heart, but to also collect as many hearts as you can, gaining those magical abilities for your own use.  The wise ones will attempt to return these hearts to their original owners, Masters, using any lore that you may have on the characters from multiple anime series.  Clues will be dropped along game play to assist you, if you're not familiar with a particular anime (and you could always just watch the mentioned anime to gain intel, and possibly share it with your team mates (that you'll eventually form).

Masters are the original (cannon) anime characters unaltered in any way.  You may battle other magical girls/boys while pursuing the Hearts. In fact, groups may enter battle, to gain specific Hearts to return to the original Masters to gain favor with the elite powerful!  Once you do surrender specific Hearts that belong to a Master, it is entirely possible for that Master to be incorporated into your character for the full strength of the character you've chosen.

One major rule:  Don't trust everyone you meet.  ;)  (Some Masters don't like other Masters....or characters for that matter.)

As far as characters, this is anime, and just about anything is possible.  You or another copy of your character may be a clone, so multiple same characters are acceptable (between multiple members), meaning, only one copy of a character per member.  (not to mention that if you like both Ryoko and Asuka, you can be clones of each anime character from multiple series, but only one clone from each series, assuming a character is already claimed.  For example in the anime Tenchi Universe, a player may not play as Ryoko and Kiyone.  However, a player may totally play Ryoko from Tenchi Universe, and Lina Inverse from Slayers as two different characters.

One piece of advice I shall give to you is when deciding which character(s) to play, choose characters that you know best.  Research them using WikiPedia or FanDom, or even just Google.  Also, we have many anime series in our Library so that you may watch the anime series from where your character originates.  Feel free to discuss your character ideas (in Out of Character Chat), and discuss the anime series in the appropriate Board of the Food and Drinks category.

Character Template:
Click Select, then Copy (using Ctrl-C / Command-C)  On a mobile phone once the text is all selected, tap and hold until the Copy Action Bar pops up and select Copy.

[b]Character Name:  [/b]
[b]Anime Series:  [/b]

[b]Gender:  [/b]
[b]Race:  [/b]
[b]Age:  [/b]
[b]Apparent Age:  [/b]
[b]Height:  [/b]
[b]Body Proportions:  [/b]
[b]Typical Outfit:  [/b]

[b]Organization(s) (Rank):  [/b]
[b]Familiar:  [/b]
[b]Character Goals:  [/b]
[b]Likes:  [/b]
[b]Dislikes:  [/b]
[b]Rivals:  [/b]
[b]Major Plot Points in Anime Series:  [/b]
[b]Closest Friends:  [/b]

[b]Primary Weapon / Magical Device:  [/b]
[b]Magical Activation Phrase:  [/b]
[b]Magical Attack Phrase:  [/b]
[b]Special Abilities / Magic:  [/b]
[b]Catch Phrase:  [/b]

[b]Backstory:  [/b]

Be sure to add your information AFTER the [/b]!

Note:  If you don't know the answer to a question in the Template, you may leave it blank and modify the character information (your post) later.  Be creative, add new fields if you need to.  And I'll add them to this master template.
[b]Your question goes here:  [/b]
Now, click here to Add New Character.  And press Ctrl-V or Command-V to paste, and fill out all your information!  (On a mobile phone, just tap and hold until the Paste action bar appears.)