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Friday, March 01, 2024, 17:04

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Fruits Basket

Started by Senkusha,

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I recently started watching this anime.  I like it.  But... for me, it's a tear-jerker.  I find that watching the scenes of Tohru with her mom, emotionally overwhelm me.  I hope that I'm able to continue watching this series to the end.

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I'm on episode 8 now, still crying at LEAST once during each episode!  The writers of this show did a great job with tugging on the emotional strings of the heart...well, my heart, anyway. :)

Favored Class:  Magical Girl


My spouse had me watch Fruits Basket with them, they love the manga and even watched the original anime that came out in the 00's. It's certainly an anime that make you feel the feels. I quite enjoyed it! Kyo is my favorite character, I love cats and I'm a grumpy guy like him. :V


When this first came out, I thought they misspelled it with the 's' on Fruit. It stars an orphan girl, Tohru Honda, who meets a family possessed by the animals in the Chinese Zodiac. The curse turns them into the animals when they are stressed or embarrassed. It only ran for one season, 26 episodes. I wish it ran longer as it left some unanswered questions. What did you think of this? I think, for the short run, it was a simple, easy-going show for all ages.
While I haven't read the manga all the way, I have watched the series. I'm always curious of how people who read as well as watch mangas compare with the other one. Do you prefer this series in print or on screen?