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Chapter 1: The Search For Truth

Started by Senkusha, Monday, February 06, 2023, 05:27

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Warning:  This is a long post.  My reason is:  1.  It sets the scene, and 2.  It starts the master plot.

"Tashiko, Fuza-sama, has requested your presence.  He would like to meet with you in his office.", a young blond woman said cheerfully, peaking in to Tashiko's office.

"Alright, I'll be right there.", Tashiko responded while typing at his computer.

With a click of a switch, he turned off his terminal display.  He put his suit jacket on and shut his office door behind him.  He walked down the long illuminated hallway until he approched a set of grand doors.  As he was about to knock and announce his entrance, the doors opened, revealing a large open, well lit room.  Sunshine poured into the windows, casting shadows on the various objects in the middle of the room.

"Mr. Fuza, you summoned me, sir?", Tashiko said calmly, as he approched the middle of the room.  Taking the single leather chair on the other side of Fuza's enourmous steel desk, he sat nervoulsy.

"Yes.  Yes I do wish to chat with you.", Fuza paused, shoving a file folder over to Tashiko.  "Before you open that assignment, I want you to know that you are considered one of this company's finest ... negotiators and pilots.  Your record is explemporary."

Tashiko raised an eyebrow, looking right into Fuza's blue eyes.

"And we know that you are extreamly trustworthy." Fuza resumed, "By signing this order, you'll recieve a 20 percent pay increase and your new assignment.  Consider it a....promotion."

"Thank you, sir.  This is very generous.", Tashiko replied calmly.

"Well, it's a matter of high importance, and I know you'll be up for the change of pace."

Tashiko took the pen on the desk and signed his name next to the Confidentiality Agreement.

"Very well, now that this formality has been taken care of, here is your assignment.", Tashiko breathed with anticipation as each second seemed to take an eternity.

"You are to leave immediatly on Personal Ship 391-2E.  Your orders are to go to planet X-3918, blend in, find anything worthy of trade--"

"But isn't X-3918 forbidden?  I'll loose my license!", Tashiko exclaimed.

"Yes, it is restricted.  I want to know why.  You see the reason the Empire restricted this planet, don't you?", Fuza inquired.

"Yes, it says 'Unknown'.  I'm sure they have thier reasons for listing it as Classified."

"As do I.  There is something on that planet that can surely win me the next election.  I want to know what it is, and I wish to boost our profits by trading whatever they have on that quint planet.  I'm sure you'll find something of interest.  You know the standard trading procedures.", Fuza responded.

"Very well, but I should inform my wife that I will be away for a while."

"That has already been taken care of.  A courier has been sent to her.  Now go, and report back to me in one month with your findings.  Use this Secured-Encrypted Transmission Code to inform me secretly.  Also be sure to cloak your destination to get past the Sentury Bouies."

"Yes sir.  Thank you."

Tashiko left Fuza's office and went down to the launch site.  He boarded his already packed ship and plotted the course to X-3918.

"Travel time from Source to X-3918 (Class Restricted) will be 37 hours, and 13 minutes.", a femine computer voice replied from the ceiling.

Tashiko initiated the launch, and entered planet R-20183 has his destination. "Since these two planets are right along the same path, I shouldn't have any trouble landing on planet X-3918.", Tashiko muzed.

37 hours later....

"Entering orbit of planet X-3918.  Establishing Cloak.  Deploying Communication Satelight.", the computer voice echoed. "Begin landing sequence.  Warning:  Unable to scan planet surface.  There is too much Electro-Magnetic interferance.  Automated landing terminated."

"Great.  Time to see how well my manual landings are.", Tashiko sighed.

He took the flight stick and began a 5 degree decent.  He continued for about ten minutes, small lights from the towns below were starting to become visible to his naked eye.

"BEEP BEEP BEEP...BEEP BEEP BEEP...", a triple alert beep sounded.  The sky was illuminated by a brilliant flash of lightning.  His ship began to shake and he lost control of his decent.

"Warning:  Wind Sheer has exceeded 90 MPH.  Angle of decent has been comprimised!  Angle is set too high!  WARNING: impact in 24 seconds. The computer voice overpowered the continus alert beeping.

"Come on..Come on! Pull UP!".  Tashiko yanked on the control stick, planting it into his belly.  Of a sudden the turbulence stoped, and this ship pulled up vertically, did a loop and he continued downward in a spiral.  After a few seconds he was able to level out his decent, but unfortunatly, his landing speed was much too fast and he plowed into the farm-ground, forming a 50 foot crater-trail.

"Well, so much for a cloaked entrance.", Tashiko thought to himself.

"What was that?", Souta asked one of his aids.

"What...was what?", his aid responded in a confused tone.

"Didn't you see that...?", as he pointed in the distance.

"Sir, it's pitch black out here, I didn't see anything", the aid responded.

"Fine.  I guess I'll go check it out on my own.  I'll be back in a few minutes.", Souta said.

"Very well, sir.", his aid replied.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


[ooc]Warning:  This is a long post. Reason:  It is my character's entrance.

Note:  This post starts right about the time Tashiko deploys his satelight.[/ooc]

Yamafushi's room was quiet and cozy.  A fire roared in the fire place.  The room was filled with books on bookshelves, there was a fluffy bed against one wall, and a dresser against another wall.  A bear-skin rug spawled the middle of the room.  Yamafushi himself, sat in a chair, with his feet up reading a book.  He was interupted by a knock as his door.

"Yes?", he asked.

A beautiful girl entered the room with long straight lavendar hair drapping down to the small of her back.  She wore a light pink cut-off shirt with white lacy trim that showed her belly-button and lower waist.  Yamafushi dropped his eyes further to reveal her black A-frame skirt with pink lace, that just hung slighly above her knees.  Immedieatly following her knees she sported a thick black pair of boots, complete with side dagger.  Yamafushi brought his eyes back up to meet Eka's red eyes.

"Ah, Eka, I'm glad that you could come.", he said with a sly smile on his face.

"You wanted to show me something?", Eka asked eagerly.

"Yes, come in.  Please shut the door.  Have a seat.", he offered his hand towards the bed.

As she sat on the edge of his bed, Eka said, "Someday, I hope to earn enough money to buy a bed like this.  It's soooo comfey!"

Yamafushi closed his book and set it on the table next to his chair.  He put his feet down firmly on the floor, one at a time, and stood up.  He approached Eka and took a seat next to her on the bed.  With his left palm, he rested it on her right thigh, pushing her skirt up until he exposed her bare skin. [attribute]Drain[/attribute]

"What...what are you doing?", Eka asked nerviously.

"Oh, nothing to concern yourself with.", he paused, and then said in a quiet demanding tone, "Please make yourself more comfortable.  Lay back." [attribute]Mind Control[/attribute]

Eka slowly laid back, her legs dangled off the edge of the bed, Yamafushi did not move his palm.

"Yamafushi?  I feel strange.  I feel tired.", Eka asked with a concerned tone.

"Yes, relax, you are tired.", he continued to speak in the same quiet demanding tone.

"This is working better than I could have thought!", Yamafushi thought to himself.

"Something is wrong.", Eka said.

"Nothing is wrong.  Now let me take your shirt off.", he commanded.

"No.", Eka said softly.  She tried to get up.  Yamafushi leapt on top of her pinning her arms down.

"What are you doing?", Eka asked.

"I'm going to show you something.", Yamafushi demanded.  "Take off your shirt!"

"NO!", Eka yelled, as she kneed him in his croch, causing him to go flying acrossed the room, slamming into the bookshelves and causing an anvelanche of books to come raining down on top of him.  [skill]Unarmed Combat[/skill] Eka leapt off the bed and ran out of his room.

"Eka!  Get Back Here NOW!", Yamafushi demanded strongly.

Eka continued running through the hall.  A ball of electricity formed in her extended palm and flew towards the main door. [attribute]Dynamic Sorcery[/attribute] Causing it to burst into flames, and disinigrate before her.  Eka ducked out of the door into a massive hail storm. [attribute]Environmental Control[/attribute] The wind was so strong that tree branches were being torn off of trees.  The rain was coming down so hard that it appeared to be a wall of water.  Eka just ran straight, she kept on running until she entered the forest nearby.  She kept on running, and running.  She took a glance back and ran right into a thick thorn bush. [defect]Clumbsy[/defect] As she pushed through the bush, her clothes were torn and ripped as the thorns pierced into her front and sides.

"Ahh! OH  Owch!", Eka screamed with pain.  Lightning illuminated the area brightly, blinding Eka for a moment.  A second later a loud KaBoom was heard.  Eka not watching her footing tripped over a rock and started tumbling down a steep hill.  Rushing water only helped her tumple down the hill.  She continued to fall until collided into a giant oak tree by the side of a dirt road.  That was the last thing Eka saw as she blacked out.

Yamafushi walked outside the Academy into the twisted weather.  He gazed around seeing her foot steps in the mud heading off towards the forest.  [skill]Wilderness Tracking[/skill] He slowly walked following her tracks.  At the bottom of the hill just after the forest entrance the tracks stopped.  Washed away by a raging current flowing parallel to the forest. [defect]Phobia: Water[/defect]

"Eka, I'll find you.  And you'll be mine!", he yelled, as the storm subsided.  The night became clear and crisp with the cool air of midnight

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!

I wonder what lies beyond

A Figure.


"It is the Light that owns me," melodic tuning and a whispering voice. Male.

"And it is the Light that forms you," A multitudinal cacophony and a charmed group. Male and Female.

"It is the Light that guides me," the same as before. Louder.

"Do not stray from it's path," a rising divine voice. Greater.

"Wind that flows; and dyes the land gold."

"A rising breeze, a setting sun; Kodar."

"Give to me the Life and the Death, both sides of our planet and the power to rule and to gather. To form and to dissipate. I am the 47th" He looked up.


A pulsing rythem of swirling light forms and bursts from the ground. Seven figures rise and place one hand on their mark and one towards the figure. A large single symbol bursts out of the wind and stricks the ground, like a pebble into murky water. The figure arched in pain.

"The Light accepts you, and through our word, name you Kalliere, Grand Master Mage."

A star has been born.
Potential to be magnified by what will disappear due to his own hand


It was evening, with the sun starting to set off on the horizon. Due to the abundance of lights, you can't really make out to many stars, but there still there <ooc: i am assuming their base is on the ground on a planet and not a space station>.

    Even though it was kind of muggy, Zero still decided to go outside and get some fresh, albeit, humid air. It was about to be time for him to start getting some means of food ready so he decides to head back to his quarters.

    (thinking)"It's different, i've been use to having a home for a while, wonder if my clan still remembers me..

    When he got to his place he noticed someone waiting for him outside of his door."Hmm, i wonder what is this time." As he got closer he noticed his was a woman who moved up to him to greet him.

    "Welcome back" She said, although detecting a slight level of annoyance, of course, I would be annoyed to if i had to stand outside in this humidity. "You have been requested by Fuza-Sama, he wishes to see you." She said politely.

    "Is that so? When does he want me there?"
    "A half-hour ago.."
    "EHH?? gees, ok, well i guess i'll be going than" Zero blurted out and dashed over to Fuza's office.

Zero arrives shortly after at the door to his office, stopping for a bit to gain his composure first and the knocks and enters without waiting for a response. " I believe you wanted to see me? Sorry that i was late, i wasnt at my quarters when your messenger arrived."

  "As to be expected" Fuza replies with a small grin "It does not matter, i have summoned you here for a task." He states, and then straightens himself up in his chair and interlocks his fingers <think gendou ikari>. "I am sending you to the planet X-3918"

   (thinking)"Planet X-3918 huh, i think i remember it, if i remember right thats supposedly off-limits, oh well, that doesn't concern me" "Right, and what do i do once i get there?"

   "Your mission is to scout out the planet and gather information for me" Fuza replies calmly
   "What kind of Information?" now slightly interested in this new mission
   "Well, to put it bluntly, i need to to learn what kind of resistance there could be on the planet"
   "Why would you need to know that?" Zero asks, raising his eyebrow
   "Lets just say i'm planning on conducting some buisness there and i would rather be prepared for any..complications"
   "Ah, I understand, am i to leave immediately?" Zero says as he salutes.
   "Yes, and, one more thing. I have sent other agents there as well, it might suit your interest to seek them out."
   "Understood" Zero says sharply, and turns to leave.

  (thinking)"Well, i guess i should head over to the launch site now..


Tashiko reached inside the cockpit and activated the external sensors.

"Hmmm, no power generators...pretty small population...and there's no Tritanium anywhere!  Man!  I'm stuck on this rock!  There no sign of any civilized life...and judging my the surroundings, it looks to be some sort of Feutal arrangement.  At least the transmitter still works.", Tashiko breathed with a sigh of relief.

Souta crept over down the hill with caution.  He could see the dim lights of the cockpit and that illuminated the way to his destination.  Approaching a mere fifteen feet away, he boldly said, "What sort of sorcery is that?!  Who are you?  Where are you from!?  How did you get here in the middle of my land?!"

Tashiko couldn't keep up with all the questions.  "Drat!  I've been found by the locals...already!", he thought

"Hold on a minute.  One question at a time, please.", Tashiko suggested with caution.  "This, is not sorcery, this is my Personal Transport Vessel.  My name is Tashiko, and I am pleased to meet you....sir?", Tashiko hesitated.

"I am Lord Souta.  Ruler of the nation of Miragu. a ...Personal Transport Vessel?", Souta asked.

"It's a intersteller space craft used to travel to the various places within our Empire.", Tashiko explained.

"Okay, whatever that is.  You are dressed strangly.  You are obviously not a Mage.", Souta pointed out.

"Oh, yes, I guess I do appear oddly to you.  I guess I couldn't have run into somebody better than you.  Since you are a leader after all, perhaps you can help me?", Tashiko quickly changed the subject.

"Perhaps, and perhaps I should throw you in the dungeoun too?", Souta threatened.

"That would not be wise sir.", Tashiko pulled out his laser pistol, and aimed it at a hay roll in the distance. "Do you see that pile of hay over there?"


Tashiko fired.  A right red energy bolt errupted from the barrel and as fast as it left, it reached it's target, igniting the hay into a giant fireball.

"Wow", Souta said with his eyes wide open.  "Yes, perhaps I can help you, if you can me.", Souta suggested.  "Come, come, allow us to talk over tea.", Souta suggested, with his right palm extended towards his mansion.

"Very good.  I just need to ....", Tashiko said as he pushed a button on a remote he held, a moment later, his shuttle changed from a shiny space craft to a muddy large bolder. "--camafage my ship.", he said continuing what he was saying.

"You must tell me all about this ship of yours over tea.", Souta said with delight.  The two men walked back up to Souta's mansion.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!

I wonder what lies beyond

"I... I... I hear the winds... of change..." One hand to holding one earing, one hand clawed over his chest. [attribute]Prophecy (not really an attribute that he holds.... but you know)[/attribute]

"It... is... descending..." power crept into his voice. "What is this energy? What is this being?"

Kalliere was standing on top on a fine pine tree. The mists of Autumm where here and the landscape was covering in an eerie haze that hindered sight and for many normal life. Mist in this land is reminisant of evil. A tatic honed by the beings which fail to fall beyond the gate. But here in this mist, nothing stirred. The trees where glazed with a soft dew, and the trees drooped under the droplets strain. None-the-less, this particular spot was graced by Kalliere's company. As he watched the roads of magic and investigated the borders that noone can quite see.

"Dark winds and the glow of a star, the descending attributes of... what?" He snapped from his gaze... The winds rose and a figure stood, floated astride him[attribute]Flight[/attribute]. Instantly a huge gust of energy flew to this new figure in the form of a heat haze. Kalliere jumped back and summoned a beam of intense fire, one that banishes and binds.[attribute]errr Magic?[/attribute]

He eyes cleared...

Potential to be magnified by what will disappear due to his own hand

Faia ren

Two figures walked through the darkness on an old dirt road, one was male whose body was covered by a cloth and his face covered by his large hat, the sounds on a cane could also be heard as his serpents head cane struck the ground to help him walk. The other was a girl, her hands above her head and a small white puff ball with wings and rabbit ears flying beside her.

"There seems to be something wrong up ahead..." The small puff ball with wings said. The girl looked up at him, soaking wet from the passing rain.

"Oh yeah? Why you say that, Bon Bon??" She asked the puff ball. AS they continued down the road, the man stopped them as they approached a large oak tree and at the base of it was a young girl.

"I think that might be it, Hikari... Am I right, Bon Bon?" he asked and snickered slightly, Bon Bon flufled his fur to try and get some of the water off of him.

"Yeah." he said and flew over to the body and closed his dark blue eyes. "She is still alive..." He said as Hiakri and the male walked over to him and the girl. The man knelt beside the girl and sat up against the tree, placing his cane on the ground.

"Should we take her to the nearest Village?" Haikri asked and the man shook his head.

"It'll be best if we stayed here and waited for her to wake.." he said and sat down along with Hikari and Bon Bon on her head.

"When do you think she'll wake, Die?" Hikari asked, looking up at the male as he removed his hat and shook his black and red hair.

"I don't know... We will just have to wait to find out.." He said and looked at hikari as she Yawned and stretched.

"Wake me up when she does..." She said and leaned against his shoulder and fell soundly asleep.
No matter how much you hurt me... It's nothing compared to when you broke my heart...


"Oh damn, my legs are falling asleep up again. Stupid small shuttle, even stupider month freak'n long trip" Zero says as he lets out a drawn out sigh, shaking out his leg trying to get the blood flowing again.

"Hmm, i wonder what this place is like. Nobody really knows anything about it since it's been off-limits." He then pulls up the ships computer and accesses the interstellar map database. After looking through it for what seemed like the millionth time this trip he decides that checking again this time won't prove to be get him any more information than the last times.

"Ahhh, When will it end!?"

------------About a Week Later----------------

Zero was, again, in the middle of his favorite pass-time as of late, sleeping.  The computer suddenly let out several beeping noises waking him up from his slumber. "What? Am i finally here?" Zero exclaimed glad to think of the prospect of getting out of the cramped vessle. The computer then announced "Now approaching planet X-3918". He was now within sensor range of the planet and was able to plot a course to wher he wanted to land. "Hmmm, i don't want to land somewhere to close to any possible civilization, but not so far that it would be troublesome to be able to get them once i land..." He thought to himself, pondering his next course of action. He eventually decided to bring himself down behind a small bunching of rocks on the outskirts of a forrest that would hopefully conceal his craft.

All went smoothly as the auto-pilot landed the ship, apparently with no-one noticing. Zero exits the ship with a sigh of relief. "Ahh, finally some fresh air!" He marked this location on his gps and headed out to where he thought was a small village that he saw on his descent


Quote from: Faia Ren"Wake me up when she does..." She said and leaned against his shoulder and fell soundly asleep.
[ooc]About 5 hours afterward...[/ooc]

"Aaoooooooouuuuuu", Eka moaned softly as she began to wake up.  She opened her eyes, and could see that dawn was about to occur.  Birds were chirpping around her.  Her vision was very blurry, and all she could see was shadowy figures near by.  Her body shivered underneath her still wet, cold clothing which stuck closly to her figure.  She rolled over onto her stomach and started to push her self up, but found she was too weak to use her arms.  With an "Ahhmph.", she dropped her head back down to the mud.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!

Faia ren

Bon Bon bounced on Hikari's head to wake her. Die laughed slightly as he placed a hand on The girl's chest to help her out of the mud.

"She's awake!" Hikari said as she woke up and looked at her. "You alright?? You don't look too good!" She said and smiled widely.

"Goodmorning..." Bon bon said as he flew over to her, bowing slightly in the air as much as he could. "I hope you slept well."
No matter how much you hurt me... It's nothing compared to when you broke my heart...


Eka's eyes poped wide open when hearing the unfamilar voice over her.  Her heart pounded when she felt Die's hand touch her chest as he helped her up.  She stood up, but was unbalanced and collapsed back down to the ground.  Bracing herself, she sunk her left hand into the mud and steadied herself.  She stood back up, and then heard a voice above her.  She looked upwards, and almost fell over again. [defect]Clumbsy[/defect]

Softly, she said, "I'm cold.", grasping her midsection between her folded arms.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!

Faia ren

Hikari elbowed Die in the arm and he got out some clothing. "There! You can wear some of mine! that way you won't be soaking wet." She said and handed the girl the clothing. Bon Bon flew near by, keeping an eye on the girl.

"What is your name? My name is Ryan, but you can call me Bon Bon... this lovely young girl is Hikari, and the young man over there is Die." As he spoke each person's name, he pointed to them with his left ear.[attribute]Flight attribute used for BonBon[/attribute]
No matter how much you hurt me... It's nothing compared to when you broke my heart...


[ooc]You'll have to describe to me what Eka's wearning now![/ooc]
Eka took the clothes and stumbled to the other side of the oak tree.  Slowly, she disrobed, and redressed, while she peered around the corner to listen to Ryan.

"Thank you very much, Hikari-san for your genorisity."

After she had finished dressing, she stepped back into plain view.

"Might I ask, where you are going?... And...that I may accompany you?   I have lost my home.", Eka said with eyes filled with hope and doubt.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!

Faia ren

[ooc]same thing as Hikari![/ooc]

Hikari looked at Die and he nodded. "Sure! You can come with us! We aren't really going anywhere right now, but you can join us! The more on our journies the better! Right Die?" She asked and he nodded.

"Well... you look much like Hikari... umm... I don't believe I got yor name..." He said, landing on her head.
No matter how much you hurt me... It's nothing compared to when you broke my heart...


Quote from: SenkushaAfter she had finished dressing, she stepped back into plain view. ....

... Eka now wore a light blue short sleeve shirt that hung down and met with her pants. It conceiled most of her figure.  She had pulled up the dark blue pants up past her hips, and rolled the waist band a couple of times, and still had to cuff the leg bottoms so that she could walk.  She still wore her knee high boots, but they were now covered by her pant legs.

Eka smiled brightly, and blushed.  "Oh, how thoughtless of me!  My name is Eka!", she said as Ryan landed on her tangled mess of lavendar hair.

"Thank you for this, I shall return these to you after my own clothes dry.", she said smiling.  She shiver-spasumed.

"Since you have no destination, maybe we could find my parents?", Eka suggested.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


"Yamafushi?", a quiet voice asked the sleeping body bundled underneath his covers.

"Yama...fushi?", he asked again, this time rocking Yamafushi's body in an attempt to wake him up.

"Huh?   Go away.", he replied in a mumble.

"Yamafushi....Master Mage-sensei requests your presence.", he said.

"Alright.", Yamafushi said wearily as he sat up, rubbing his eyes.  The other boy left his room and shut the door behind him.

(Fifteen minutes later....)

"Master Mage-sensei, you wished to see me?", Yamafushi said, reporting in his office.

"Yes.  Yes I did.  I'll get straight to the point.", he said firmly.  Yamafushi gulped in anticipation.

"You know that Eka is missing, yes?"

"I heard some commotion last night...and a heavy storm, but no I did not notice Eka yet.  I assumed she was still sleeping.  It is fairly early yet, Sensei.", Yamafushi replied.

"Very well.  I think this time, something really tipped Eka off the deep end.  Must be one of her bad dreams again....", he paused, "Has she ever confided in you?  Ever told you of her dreams?"

"No, sir.  I remember fairly recently, that we found her crunched under a table in the dining hall....and there was the time before that she was found wandering the gardens.  But I didn't make anything out of it.  I thought she just sleepwalks.", Yamafushi recalled.

"Hmmmm.  Very well.  Since you're the closest person she has to family here, I would like you to go find her, and bring her safely back here.  She couldn't have gone very far, and she's probably lost in the forest.  When you arrive back here, I should have something to assist with her dreams."

"Very good, Sensei." Yamafushi said turning to face the door.  A sly grin formed on his face.  "Perfect", he thought.

Yamafushi left the room, and went pack to his room to pack a few things he would need.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


[ooc]This post catches these characters up to the current time (of the next morning).[/ooc]
Quote from: Senkusha"You must tell me all about this ship of yours over tea.", Souta said with delight.  The two men walked back up to Souta's mansion.
"Aids!", Souta shouted.  Quickly three aids poped came scrambling from all directions.

"I would like you to prepare a room for our guest, Tashiko-san", Souta commanded.  Without a moments delay the three vanished to perform the task they've been given.

"Come, have some tea.", Souta suggested as he sat down.  Tashiko followed suit and poured himself a cup.  Taking a sip slowly, he began doing his work.

"Souta-sama, I've been sent here by my employer to discover what is significant about this planet.  He also gave me orders to arrange for trade of goods.", Tashiko said.

"Please, just call me Souta, friend.  I think that we will have a very...profitable experiance.", he paused, "That...what was it called again?", Souta hesitated.

"Laser pistol?", Tashiko offered.

"Yes.  That Laser pistol.  I have never before seen such awesome power carried by a non-mage.", Souta inquired.

"Eh, it's nothing truely awesome.  Just the standard run of the mill plain old pistol.  There are some guns that are much more powerful and accurate than this thing.", Tashiko said.  Souta's eyes grew very large at that statement.

"I see.", Souta said.  "I would like to offer trade for a quantity of those guns you have.  Is there something in particular that we can negiotate with?", Souta asked.

"I do have a standard list.", Tashiko mentioned.  "Some of the things are rare elements, such as Gold, Silver, Titanium, Platium, and Uranium."

"Gold and Silver I have heard of, but none of these other things you mention.  Unfortunatly, my land is small, and these resources are hard to find in my soil.", Souta almost pouted.

"We could trade for information.", Tashiko suggested.

"What would you like to know?", Souta asked.

"Tell me about these Mages you spoke of.", Tashiko said.

"What do I have as a guarntee that you won't double-cross me?", Souta inquired.

"I am staying at your residence, and I have no where to go.  I'm not supposed to report in for one month.  But for now, I will send a message requesting for the shippment of several various models of personal weaponry.  Is that satisfactory?", Tashiko offered.

"Very good.  Very good indeed.", Souta eyes beamed.

The two men stayed up rest of the night discussing Mageology.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!

I wonder what lies beyond

"I didnt realise that you were able to transcend today." Stated Kalliere after a passionate kiss.

"Dusk repoted a minor incedent in the atmosphere, some strange force, she went to investigate, leaving me here with you..." Jacinth said as she stroked Kailliere's hair.

"What about the wall? Did you manage to avert the crossing of Klaire?" Kalliere looked to the south out of the corner of his eye.

"Klaire had never escaped her bindings, she still is contained..." She smiled and pulled Kalliere towards her. Kalliere released his grip on her and moved away, putting his gaze into the wind.

"I detected something earlier... It seems as if in the future we may have to re-form the secondary seven..." He looked directly into Jacinth's eyes, his were blue, reflecting worry.

"I despise your Clairvoyent games Kalliere, especially as you not only pre-saw my rise from Tierce to Noon, and your selection for Grand Master Mage. But you also are very unept, you thought that the Golden sun would form, Orranis would rejoin, Affene would strick Rear's Deep, Rilamal would succemb to a Mythical Beast as of yet known AND that you would come close to death! None of which have happened..." She sighed.

Kalliere smiled at her. In a sudden second and a great rushing wind, [attribute]Weather Control[/attribute]the mists flew apart and the entire land was glazed in the sweet sun. Jacinth looked out across the land, Belisaire, Portefeaux, Rilamal and all the great cities were available in her sight. She could also see the great beam of cascading light that eminated from the seven stones up into the sky. A great burst of light and fire shock the ground. There was a great sunburst over Belisaire.

"Come, duty calls us." Exclaimed Kalliere.
Potential to be magnified by what will disappear due to his own hand


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"So where to next?",asked a boy reclined in a chair. The view of his eyes was blocked by the glare from the prowler's computer terminals. The one he was focusing on however, had a small pink humanoid called AI. Bits ran down 'her' petite frame as she seemed to look away elsewhere, reading data from an unseen source.

"The planet tagged...X-3918. According to the latest scans of the corrupted data, it has what we seek."

"The Black Omen?!"

The Black Omen. It had been almost a year ago that he had heard of it.Supposedly a ship that held immeasurable knowledge and power.It was said to contain technologies far advance from even the lastest technologies.


"Well we'll just have to go and take it then."

"Alex, listen. As experience has shown us, these people might have very little technology-"

"Like the last 5 planets we've been to.All the easier for us to take the Omen!"

"No.If you remember what happened the last time-"

"We got chased off by their military who were equipped with 'tanks' and 'balistas'.",finished the boy as he remembered how they had narrowly escaped yet again. They had been ambushed, being called heretics and enemies of the peace.

"Exactly. Stop cutting me off."


Zero's fist, which was currently under control of AI, hovered over the boy's head.Zero was the first mecha that Alex had built and a dependable travelling companion, despite his lack of intelligence.Of course, he made that up in his large size and great strength.

"Yes mam."

"Thank you. As I was saying, we must take the peaceful approach to discover the location of the Omen.Listen to their legends and myths...acquire supplies LEGALLY...find lodging WITHOUT massive chaos."

"But those 'Yerians' were asking for it! They were mocking my glasses!",retorted the boy as he remembered their gestures and mocking.They had paid dearly for it, in the form of a huge amount of property damage.

"If you had been wearing them at the time or actually paid attention, you would have seen that it was a greeting and they were offering their information freely.",corrected AI, remembering how peaceful and relatively friendly the people from that planet were.

"...No they weren't."

"Yes they were.They gave me supplies."

"Those were explosives."

"They were FRUIT.They were given as a peace offering."


"So no rampant destruction this time."


His argument was cut off quickly as AI raised Zero's fist over the boy's head again.

"YES MAM!",whimpered the boy.


"I swear, when I finally get access to your systems...",muttered the boy.

"What was that?",asked the AI with a deadpan voice.

"Nothing!Let'sgo!",yelped Alex as he ran off to the engine room.

~~~~~~~~2 hours later~~~~~~~~

"Alex, ETA to X-3918 is 10 minutes.",crackled a computerized voice from the ship's P.A."I am going to need for you to stop tinkering with the Nu Fusion Power Generator."

A hand appeared from under the secondary power booster, home to the components that produced the magnetic containment field for the plasma, and gave a thumbs up.


As he rebuilt the machine quickly, AI noted the security buoys the 'Empire' had set in place.With the numerous planets and times they had to deal with the Peace Force, AI noted that these buoys were how they tracked them down.After their last encounter, she had finally cracked their code and was able to securely 'cloak' themselves from the buoys. As she hacked in, she made note of the magnetic interference encompassing the planet.That could prove to be a problem for her to land the ship.Noting where Alex was, she began processing a possibility.

Activating the comm again, she said,
"Alex...we have a slight problem. X-3918 seems to be encompassed in a powerful magnetic field according to files I acquired from the 'Empire'.It is stronger than all of the other magnetic fields we have encountered."

Alex slipped out from underneath the machine.There was a reason she was telling him this.He noted where he was.

"I'll take care of it.",said the boy as he slipped back under.

He would have to sacrifice some of the generator's power, but he could alter the magnetic field so that it would counter the planet's magnetic field. Thankfully his tools were non-ferrous metal, so they wouldn't be magnetised.

"Reroute this.... move this here..."

He slipped out from under the machine and entered the command that would activate his changes.

"Here goes nothing."

He hit the ENTER key, and heard whirring as the machine began moving in different directions than it was used to.Unseen to him, a small protective bubble was encompassing the ship, countering the planet's magnetic field.In the bridge, AI gave what appeared to be a small smile of approval.

"Good job,Alex."

"Are you smiling AI?",asked Lambda 1, another one of the mecha Alex built.

"No.",said the hologram as she became placid and focused on directing the ship.

"Yes you were.",said Lambda 2."Shall I show you the recording?"

AI twitched unnoticably.

"Show that to him and I will tear you both apart line by line."

"YESMAM!",yelped the two mecha as they cowered and quietly archived the footage for later use.

Faia ren

Hikari looked at Die and he nodded, picked in his cane. "Yeah!! That sould fun! Do you know where they might be??" Hikari asked,standing up and helping Die up.

"Sounds like an adventure!" Ryan said and flew up, messing up Eka's hair even more.

"And it'll be nice to travel with another girl! A few years with these guys is enough to drive ya nuts!" She laughed and Die pushed her slightly, smirking.

"Well, where to first??" Ryan asked.
No matter how much you hurt me... It's nothing compared to when you broke my heart...


Eka stood in the middle of the dirt road.  She looked towards the East which had the hues of orange and reds of fresh morning  sunlight.  She turned and gazed to the West which was still very dark.

"I think we should try this way.", Eka said in an uncertian tone, pointing to the East.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


There was a screech as the ship roared overhead.

~~~~~~~Within the hull~~~~~~~

"Deploying langing gear."

"Yeah....about that...",piped up Alex as an error message appeared on the screen.

AI glared at the human.

"What did you do...."

"Well it was such a long ride through space...",said the boy as he poked his fingers together, trying to look innocent."And the landings were really rough...but then I thought about boosting the power..."


"Eh...I didn't exactly...fix the landing gear after I took it apart."

Outside of the hull a scream could be heard:

About a day's journey away from where the group was, the ship crashed. It was, thankfully, in a river. SHallow as it was, half of the ship peeked out from the cold waters below.

Faia ren

Die nodded, still not speaking. He wasn't going to speak for a while, not till he knew Eka more. hikari ran to the middle of the road with eka and gave a huge smile.

"Yeah!! That's where we were going!" She said as Ryan landed on her head. She grabbed him and snuggled against him. "this is going to be great!" She said and hugged Eka.
No matter how much you hurt me... It's nothing compared to when you broke my heart...


Eka blushed a little bit as she recieved Hikari's hug.  The general tempature increased by 25 degrees, making it 75 F already just after the crack of dawn.  After the short embrace, Hikari, Die, and Eka started walked East.

"I think there is a villiage not too far from here.  We can rest there and get supplies.", she said, (hoping that she picked the right direction).

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


Zero plodded along through the forest for a while. After a little bit of looking around he was able to find a small lake [skill]Heightened senses:Sight[/skill]. Deciding to take a little break he kneels down do get a drink of water from the lake. "Well, i hope this water is safe to drink..... Wow! this is pretty fresh water" He says as he goes for another cupping of water.