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Azumanga Daioh (Chapter 2)

Started by EK, Tuesday, February 07, 2023, 07:40

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L looked up at the sky, idly wondering how he got into this mess. He wondered what the rest of the task force were doing at this point. By now, they probably were aware that he was missing--maybe presumed dead like Naomi ((Character from DN)). That certainly wouldn't be good when he got back. He wanted to get away from the sun and cool down, maybe some water. He could already feel the sweat soaking his shirt as it trickled down his back.
He felt light headed, dehydrated from being out in the scorching sun. He remembered now that he hasn't been outside in a while, being the workaholic as Watari often called him.
He yelped when his vision became white once more, leaving the scenery of the chaos his two companions had been creating. He felt cool all the sudden and weightless as if floating--or flying maybe. Ripples went across his back, chilling his burning skin and relaxing him.
Until someone yanked him up. He finally saw the chloroline blue of water as he heard a muffled scream coming from somewhere. Ryuzaki was soon grabbed by the shirt, breaking from the water's surface to meet cold blue eyes of a tall young woman, dragging her to the pool's edge and onto the marble concrete surrounding it.
The woman was about the average height for an asian with unatural cerulean hair, long in the front and cut short in the back. She wore a solid violet one-piece swimsuit, a whistle hanging loosely around her neck. She seemed angered and confused, most likely from his 'sudden' appearance. He knew that his companions were close by.
L looked up to the woman's furious gaze sitting up and looking at his bare feet. "How did you get in there?" he heard the woman's voice demand harshly. He looked up, seeing a group students looking quite startled. They were probably the ones who found him. He saw Skuld and the other man, drenched as well, looking as confused as he was.
The group consisted of five, each wearing the same swimsuit. The shortest one was the most noticable, only looking to be a child, as she struggled to stay afloat while overviewing the situation. Her hair was a light orange, similar to Raito-kun's, tied in pigtails at each side and her bangs parted at the middle, short, showing her chocolate brown eyes. The one next to her seemed more disturbed of the appearance, tall with long brunette hair and bangs thick, just cut enough to show her dark eyes. The third seemed to be enjoying it however, giving a merry laugh and calling him 'pervert.' She was a little shorter than the woman with raven hair cut about to her chin and equally colored eyes. The other looked much like her, but gave a wilder look with tan skin, spikier hair and light brown colors, similar to the taller one. The closest to him seemed curious, but equally as disturbed with dark navy hair, long and flowing with dark sapphire eyes hidden under her long bangs.
This certainly was awkward as he realized how dirty and strange that he appeared near those girls. He tried to come up with something reasonable, but-- this entire experience wasn't exactly 'reasonable.'
Ryuzaki stood on his two feet, but soon bumped into a person behind him. He turned on his heel to apologize until he saw the blank stare she was giving. The girl was small, about the size of the laughing girl with brown hair cut to her shoulder. She had a country look about her with her bangs parted the middle with many free strands of hair falling about, just cut short of her large almond eyes. She tilted her head to the side.
"Could you teach me how to do that?" she asked innocently, her voice laced in a Kansai dialect (country accent), "It be easier to get to class on time if I could teleport wherever I want." He was about to remark until the teacher grabbed his shoulder to were the others stood, muttering incoherently under her breath.
"I need an explanation," she snapped, glaring in more of anger than confusion, "Visitor or not! No one should be swimming in this pool unless you're a student!" She sighed under her breath as she began to search for something, most likely in communication with the principal.
Ryuzaki plopped on one of the lounge chairs, bringing his knees to his chest as he tried to come up with something believable.

((OOC: This is the Azumanga Daioh setting. Look it up on Wiki if you don't know it. They have a good section about it on there.))


Il Palazzo blinked as his eyes came back into focus.

He was on the side of a pool, next to a gaunt man with similar glasses and a large, agape jaw. Across from them was a group of Japanese school girls, whom he assumed to be about 16 years of age on average. Turning to his companion, he addressed him as he addressed all non-ACROSS operatives:

"Hello, faceless member of the teeming masses."

"Hi~." drolled on the man, before turning back to watching the girls in their swimsuits.

Looking over himself, then back at the man, he realized that he was quite out of place and needed to blend in with his surroundings. After all, if the head of ACROSS was captured, no one would be present to command Excel and Hyatt on fighting Kabappu's defense force. Also, it would just not be very good form for the savior of the planet to be subdued by the troglodytes he was trying to save.

He punched the man out of the gym, through a conveniently placed open window, and equipped the cat hat the Peeping Tom had on his head.

"There. That should be sufficient." remarked the leader as he walked over to the group in his large armor, attempting his best Kansai dialect.

"Whut's all the fuss about?"
[OOC:I invoke the powers of the Weirdness Filter present in Azumanga! If Chiyo's dad can be a Cat, then Il can be a Kansai coach.]


Skuld floated to the top of the water, turning over to face the ceiling lying in a backfloat.  "Ah, that's better.", she said before bumping into another girl of about 10 which startled her.

"Ahhh!", she squealed, hopping out of the water in an instant.  A matter of moments passed and she was surprisingly dry already.  Her clothes were fully restored and she had an slight aura glowing dimly around her figure.  A moment later, she was yanked from her position on the side of the pool to crashing in a pile of lawn chairs beside Ryuzaki.

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Ryuzaki idly waved to Skuld, muttering, "I think we're in trouble." He needed an excuse or something, but really, this was awkward. It really looked like he was some creepy peeping tom when he didn't even take interest in the practice. He stood for justice, but he doubt right now anyone would believe him. L was startled when a white towel was thrown at him as the teacher came back to view, setting the walkie talkie on the lounge chair next to her.
"Dry yourself off," she said simply, seeming a little more tired now. He caught sight of another teacher nearby, grinning cheekily in her direction. She was about the same height with wavy light brown hair and little bangs, showing her bright dark eyes clearly. Maybe that was another teacher. Friends, possibly. He froze when he thought the other teacher was talking to him. He snapped back to her direction, cocking his head to the side.
"I'm sorry, I don't think I caught that," he grumbled, realizing how off he seemed today.
The woman gave a small scowl. "I said what are you doing here?"


Il Palazzo was luckily already close to his fallen interdimensional compatriots, and was spared the large pull into the lawn chairs.

He was stopped however, by the snickering of a woman with brown wavy hair and a mischievous grin.

"Heh, he's gonna get it now."

"Who is?" inquired Il Palazzo.

"That guy Nyamo caught. It's about time we caught the Infamous Pool Stalker; and to think that all this time I thought it was Kimur-HEY! Who the heck are you?!" yelled Yukari-sensei as she turned in a flash.

"I'm the new teacher from Osaka."



"Say something funny."



Ryuzaki saw Il discuss with another teacher and quickly took advantage. "You little trickster!!" he called out in front of the PE instructer, jabbing a finger to Il, "Why did you push us in the water?!" That was perfect. Apparently they were convinced he was a new teacher. "Get over and apologize to this nice woman! Scared her half to death!"


Skuld appreared from among the pile of chairs with a loud clanking noise.  Once she finally freed herself from the bondage of her lawn chair prison she was tapped on the shoulder by one of the other students.

"Huh?", she said as she quickly whipped around to see right into the dark eyes of a girl in her mid teens.

"I hope you plan on cleaning that mess up all by yourself.  Becuase of you, we're probably going to be spending this afternoon in detention cleaning this all up."

(I really need to find this and watch some of it, as I'm sure the characters aren't in character  )

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((Search it up on Youtube. All 26 episodes are uploaded on there. I think you would like it. Oh! This post is in one of the main characters' Point of Views, Tomo, if that's okay.))

She didn't really know what to make of it except for just laughing at her young friend, Chiyo as she screamed in horror at the stranger floating in the pool. Tomo didn't know why everyone was so disturbed. Kimura did it all the time, really. And it's not like the girl was spying on them. She looked more dead than curious to her.
It didn't help the fact that Yomi had ever so *kindly* slammed the girl in the lounge chairs in panic. Tomo got out of the pool, tapping on the girl's shoulder. "I hope you plan on cleaning that mess up all by yourself.  Becuase of you, we're probably going to be spending this afternoon in detention cleaning this all up," she informed, scowling. She already had detention for the baseball incident monday.
"We?" she heard Yomi call out from the pool, "You're the one who's stuck with detention!" Jackpot.
"Oh, come on, Yomi!" she whined playfully, sporting a playful smirk in the direction of her childhood friend. "You aren't going to leave me by myself, are you?" She caught Yomi's normal grumble, knowing full well that the tall teen would by joining her this afternoon. Her smile turned smug before she turned back to the stranger. "Well, yea, Nyamo already is on the verge of killing me, so can you do me a favor? Thanks!" With that, she jumped back in the pool, making sure that the splashes gave a direct hit to her friends.
((Just giving you some help, Senk! I know you haven't watched it before!))


The wavy haired woman grinned mischievously towards Il as he caught a wicked glare from 'Nyamo'.

"Nice work."

"But, I didn't-"

Spotting a small girl with pig tails, the woman gave a slight wave and walked over, beginning to tease the tiny girl about her lack of growth.


"Yukari-sensei! Stop it~!"


Il Palazzo walked over to 'Nyamo' and began:

"These two were misbehaving, so I only gave the proper punishment."

His mind had accepted the fact that he was the new teacher, and he genuinely believed it.

"Perhaps next time, instead of getting into a huff about it, you should ask someone in charge."


L hid the smile forming, waving over to Il. "Yes, I'm sure the principal would've found a more reasonable punishment than getting me soaked," he advised, acting as if he was annoyed. It worked out well as 'Nyamo' sighed as she made her way over to the wavy-haired one, cursing incoherently.
He then grabbed Il's shoulder, whispering, "I doubt anyone would believe that we just appeared here from some reality vortex."


Palazzo raised an eyebrow and looked over at his 'student'.

"What are you talking about, Fredrick? Come, come, we must finish our studies: now go and find me 3 pounds of lamb blubber and a cherry pie."

A rope lowered from nowhere and Il Palazzo lifted his hand to it threateningly.

"Or will I have to upgrade your punishment?"


L gave a quizzical look. "Lamb blubber?!" he mused, "What would that have to with any form of stud--." He stopped when he noticed the rope that just seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. He was starting to wonder if he might be loosing his sanity. Whatever the chances were, he better not risk it. He shifted his dark eyes to the PE teacher and asked, "Would you happen to know where I could get lamb blubber?"
The woman only stared at him weirdly for a moment before continuing to instruct her class.


"B---But....I'm not a stu -- " Skuld started but was quickly nudged in the small of her back...with force by Ryuzaki.  "Ahh-ow!", she yelped as she turned to glare at him.  He gave her a sharp eye and pulled her in close, giving her a whisper.  She almost paniced breifly remembering the last few hours of torcher, but it quickly subsided as he spoke gently to her in her ear.

"Hey, just play along or I'm sure we'll never get out of this mess.  Got it?"

Skuld backed away not too sure what to make of what he said.  Another young girl about the age of 10 approached her and asked, "You're not a what?" she asked quizzicaly, cocking her head to the left with a smile.

I'm still looking on Youtube.  So far I've found bits and pieces, but every thing I've found so far is in Japanese!   I hope I didn't screw up too bad.

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When he caught sight of Skuld's hesitation, he quickly thought of what was best. "Not a studious person!" he called out hurriedly. It looked like it was the ten-year-old who asked, her eyes bright in its own innocence. "In fact, uh, we have a quiz coming and we were wondering if you did tutoring lessons?"
The girl smiled gently at the mention and senodded. Ryuzaki couldn't believe how easy this was turning out. Hopefully, they won't be put into any other awkward situations. Chiyo smiled a bit, balancing on the balls of her feet. "Sure," she replied, "But, what are your names?"
Ryuzaki nodded as he thought back on what Il had called him. "My name is Fredrick," he introduced. He idly grabbed the ends of his shirt and tiwsted it, dripping the water from the cloth. It looked he would be needing some dry clothes as well.


"....and I am Sku--- .... um...Stacy....Skurado.  I'm 12.", Skuld said while taking a brief bow to her new tudor.

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The small girl gave a friendly, warm smile and bowed, "My name is Chiyo Mihama." Chiyo seemed offly friendly for someone going through a high school at such a young age. She looked of great spirit, one for admiration, much like Skuld herself. "Meet me at the roof at lunch." She paused for a moment before something came to mind. "Oh! Be careful with Yukari-sensei along the way. She doesn't seem to be doing very well this week."


"Okay, the rooftop it is at lunch.  Oh....Which one is .... Yukari-sensei?" Skuld said as she looked at the various adults in the room.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


Stacy's question was soon answered as the teacher in question came and began poking Chiyo on the head teasingly.

"Chi~bi-chan...*poke**poke**poke*So tiny. It's pathetic!"

Yukari-sensei then pushed the small child into the water without mercy, seemingly taking pleasure in hearing the little girl's wailing.

"That's what you get for the snow crab!"

Il Palazzo inquired with a raised eyebrow "What's wrong with snow crab? It's quite good in a light-"

The leader did not get a chance to finish his sentence, as he was hit over the head with numerous blunt objects by Yukari-sensei.



By the time Nyamo pulled Yukari off, Il Palazzo was a disheveled mess. Thankfully, his armor had taken the brunt of the attack.

However, such insolence would not go unpunished!

He stood up as Yukari was carried off by Nyamo and pulled the rope, opening the trap door that was mysteriously installed in the floor.

However, instead of opening when he pulled, there was a slight delay.(Most likely due to interdimensional lag.)

So instead of getting his intended target, an unfortunate short haired girl walked over the trapdoor before it opened. She seemed to have been distracted by the tallest of the group of girls Stacy and Fredrick were speaking with, so she did not note the large hole in the floor until it was quite too late.

"Sakaki-SAAAAAAAAaaaaaann~..." was the poor girl's wail as she dropped down the mysteriously deep hole.

A faint sploosh was heard, followed by the echoes of a brief exchange:

"Hi~..." drolled one voice.


"Ye~s. I'm glad you're down here~..."

"WHY ME?!?!"


Yukari-sensei quickly turned back around to face Skuld again.  "Hey, why aren't you wearing your school uniform like everybody else?!", she demanded.

Skuld blushed nervously looking down at her attire and then back up at the other girls, unable to answer the question.  "", She hesitated, desperately searching for an answer.


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Fredrick knew this couldn't be good. Damn! She was rather slow on catching on with things. "We're new students," he quickly interrupted, plastering a fake grimace. "Our new uniforms haven't come in yet." He caught sight of the confusion in the most quiet of the group staring, confused, at the mysterious trap door.
"...Should this...even be here?" the girl in question asked curiously as she tried to look for her friend in the darkness of the hole. Her wails of torture could still be heard from down below. He was glad that wasn't him though he supposed torture is different for each person.


"Um.... Yeah.  My uniform hasn't come in yet either.", Skuld quickly said hoping that she wouldn't be caught as an outsider.

"Very well.  You should get along to your next class then, or change into your swimsuit." Yukari-sensei  said stermly walking away to pick on her next victim -- student.

"Yes, sensei.", Skuld simply replied as she looked at the pool water.  'I wonder what would happen if I tried to teleport out of here?' she pondered staring at the clean blue water as it splashed against the pool side.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


Skuld went over to the pool side and helped Chiyo out of the water, while falling in herself with a loud splash.  Both girls got out of the pool and walked over to the pile of lawn chairs in search for a dry towel.  Skuld was just about dry by the time they had reached the chiars.

"You NINKAPOOPS!  Where is she?!", Mara glared at the three rather large looking men with menace.  "I ask you to do one simple task....and all you can say is, ", Mira paused while changing her voice to make fun of her henchmen. "she was knocked out, so we went to lunch." She changed her voice back angrily, "YOU IDOITS!"

"There's no way she could have gotten out of here...there's not blood trail...the door is locked....and there's no window...or water in here for her to teleport out of here with.", one of the thugs reasoned.

"Well, then explain to me where she is!?", Mara glared.

"She's not at the Shrine.  That was the first place I checked.  Keiichi informed me that she was out running an errand.", another thug stated.

"Well, it looks like you three have a new objective to add to your pathetic lives.  Find her.....", she paused giving an evil smile.  "and finish her off.  Oh...and you..." Mara pointed to the third guy, "I know you can do creep.  Make her suffer before she dies.  Make her beg in front of me." MUHAHAHAHAHAHA, she laughed loudly, echoes of her laughter filled the empty concrete room.

"Well?!  What are you waiting for?  Go get her!", she commanded.

'Now it's time to go get another one of those annoying goddesses.' she thought and grinned as she rubbed her hands together

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


L sighed under his breath as he watched Skuld fall in the water in hopes to get Chiyo. For the fifth time today, he wondered why he ended up here. The PE teacher mirrored his actions, looking over to him. "Looks like we have more troubles," she muttered, more to herself than to him, but he had caught it anyway.
He ruffled his unruly hair, giving a small pout before stepping over to where the two sat. "Everything okay?"


"Yeah, I think so.", Skuld said optimistically as she continued to search for a dry towel.

(How long away is lunch?, EK.)

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


((Funny enough, I have no idea. I always put it after PE, which is the current class.))

L's stomach grumbled slightly as he looked around. He remembered that he had left cheesecake on the table when he left. Oh, how he desperately wanted that back.