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Ranma 1/2 (Chapter 4)

Started by Lookout, Tuesday, February 07, 2023, 08:18

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"What?" inquired Inuyasha as he twitched slightly.

"Yes, quite. Jorge makes a very good point. Now please stop clouding the world around you with your senseless drivels of hoboism whilst we have an intelligent discussion." added Il as he turned to L.

"So what brought you to the conclusion of the current era, other than their clothing?"

The dog boy twitched and lifted his blade in rage.


There was a bright flash of light and the world, once again changed around our temporarily blinded heroes to that of another high school. This one, however, was quite different from the last school the group had been to...


Very different.

ooc:Swapping one Rumiko for another! Welcome to the Anything-Can-Be-A-Martial-Art World of Ranma 1/2! Just add water for fun!


Skuld heard over to her left, "RANMA SAOTOME, PREPARE TO DIE!!!".  She turned towards the yelling voice to see a young boy with a yellow bandana charging at full speed right towards her.  He had a red umbrella pointed outwards leading the charge.  She looked over to her right to see another young boy, dressed in a red Chinese outfit, taking an "onguard" stance.  She turned back to her left to see the other boy continuing to get closer.  She was confused and didn't know what to do, frozen with panic as the two boys came closer...

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


L was left in a temporary dazed state as the man raised his sword high into the sun before the whit light once again blinded. Point black, he hated when this happened. What kind of traveling game were they in, exactly?
He immediately snapped back as he saw the boy charge forward towards another, Skuld straight in the middle. He charged forward, grabbing Skuld out of the way as the two continued to fight. "Careful," he advised, letting go of the girl.


"Thank you.", Skuld said gratefully, then turned back to hear the two boys start brawling.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


Urd: Now where could that little pipsqueak have gotten herself lost at?

*Urd was flying above the city trying to find Skuld. She had missed dinner and Belldandy was worried about her*

Urd: She better not have gorged herself on ice cream again...*she laughed picturing her sisiter the size of a hippo from eating too much ice cream*

Mara: Aha! There is Urd now! I will make her pay for making me her lacky when she way the Lord of Terror...

*She pulled out a boom box, a megaphone, and a tape that said "Anka" on the front side and put the tape in the machine, aiming the megaphone from the speaker, right at Urd*

Mara: I will finally get rid of these goddesses once and for all! *she pushes the play button on the boom box and screams as rock and roll suddenly blares forth and she cant help but to dance* NO!!! It cant be! It said Anka on it!!!

*Hearing the sudden blast of Rock n Roll, Urd turns and nearly falls off her broom seeing Mara Dancing in the street drawling a crowd. She hops down and walks up to Mara*

Urd: Whats this? A dancing monkey? I see you are still failing at your little tricks Mara babe.

Mara: I will get you Urd! as...this tape...ends!!!

Urd: Yea Mara, im sure you will. Oh, you wouldnt happen to have sen my little pipsqueak of a sister around anywhere have you?

Mara: *grinning* Maybe i have, and then again, maybe i havent.

*Urd turns the volume up on the boom box causing Mara to rock out even more*

Mara: Make it stop!

Urd: Where is Skuld?

Mara: I dont know, she disappeared...

Urd: Disappeared? How?

Mara: I dont know! My lackys were supposed to take care of her...and i came back and she was gone and they didnt know turn this off!

Urd: Take care of her? Mara, Mara...i think you need a little taste of your own medicine *Urd begins to summon lightning when suddenly the music changes to Anka and Urd passes out almost immediately*

Mara: What the..? It worked? It actually worked? Now i just need to get her back and take care of her! Ha! Look whos on top now Urd.

*Mara takes Urd back to her place and ties her up in a room made entirely of rubber while continuing to play the anka music so Urd stays asleep. After she is there, and restrained, Mara decides to go get a bite to eat before having her fun. She leaves the tape player running and heads out to the local shop for lunch. After she is gone, the tape ends and Urd wakes up hearing a loud roaring Whoosh and seeing a large black disk seem to come from the boom box and engulf her. She was still half asleep from the anka, but this woke her up. She felt herself moving and suddenly there was light. it blinded her but she could feel herself still tied to the chair but fallen on her face into hot sand. She managed to roll to one side and she heard some shouting nearby.*

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Seeing Urd plop on the scene Skuld ran over to her elder sister.  "Urd?", she said in a surpised tone.  Half glad to see somebody she knows, and half wishing it was her other sister, Belledandy.

Meanwhile the two teenage boys continued their futile battle in what looks like some sort of martial arts.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


L watched the two boys scrabble with each other in a sort of odd play on martial arts. It was quite strange to see their style. Eh? It had certainly been a while since he bothered to look over different styles. He had learned his own, but most of the time, he didn't really need to put it into use.
It startled him to see Skuld recognize another. He had just caught sight of the woman, himself. He walked over. "Hello," he greeted, "Do you two know each other?"


"Yeah.  This is my older sister, Urd.", Skuld said plainly.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


L quirked an eyebrow at the monotone in her voice. Not a very good relationship, perhaps? "Well, it is quite unfortunate that you are stuck in the current problems," he mused with a small pout, "but it must comforting to finally see someone you know."


"Well if she doesn't, I do!" quipped a small wrinkled raisin of a man from Urd's bosom. "Oh my pretties, don't worry, Papa's here."

"Now now," corrected Il as he picked the little old man off. "That isn't proper."

"What what are you doing, you insolent youngster? Don't you know who I am?!"

Il pulled out his rocket launcher and stuck the small man inside it, aiming for the horizon.

"The question is, do I care?"


Il pulled the trigger, launching what he thought to be the small old man. In reality, it only launched the large firecracker the little old man had placed as a substitute for himself as he clung to Urd's bosom once more.

"Sweet babies..."

Il twitched slightly and coughed his lungs clear of the smoke from the explosion, then turned to grab the small old man. His attempt, however, was to no avail as his head was promptly used as a springboard by the red shirted martial artist.

"Nyah! Is that all you've got P-chan?" taunted the boy.

Il Palazzo quickly raised his head in annoyance and prepared to speak a reproach... before his head was used as a spring board by the second boy.

"Who are you calling P-chan, Ranma?!"

Il Palazzo lifted himself from the ground, saying "Such insolence! Such aggression! This simply must be remedied!"

He prepared to use his telekinesis to crush each of the boys' respective skulls, but was stopped by a coconut bomb.

"What the-"


A japanese man wearing a Hawaiian shirt and large sunglasses bounced off the fallen leader's body with a pair of shears in hand.

"Oi oi, youse kidsa be needin' da trimin'! Prepare youself Ranma Saotome!"

Il Palazzo lifted his head, but to no avail as he was promptly trampled by the massive student body who were watching the massive battle with the same attitude as a basketball game. A dark haired girl with a bobcut was taking bets while a blue haired girl was telling her to do something about the entire situation. A boy in a singed kendo uniform was attempting to cut into the battle, but a stray coconut bomb sent him into unconsciousness. Judging by the state of his clothes, it had obviously not been the first time.

One of the boys stood on the Il's armor to get a better view of the battle while his companion stood on Il's head.

"So, Hiroshi, how do you think this is going to end up?"

"I don't really know Daisuke. I'm waiting for the Akane meltdown."

"Ah, true true. And the other fiancee's?"

"I already put in a bet for a Flying Bicycle Intervention."

"Nice. Shampoo's always been pretty reliable against the others."

A boy jumped out of the crowd and pulled out what seemed to be a large spatula from its holster.

"Ryoga, stop picking on Ranma-honey!" yelled the boy as he began chasing the line of chaos.


"Skuld? Where have you been? youv'e had Belldandy worried sick about you...and where the heck did Mara go? She will pay for playing Anka!  Evil"

*Urd got up from the ground and tossed the chair she was tied to aside and plucked the man on her bossom up by an ear*

"And who, are you? And just what do you think you are doing there?"

*Urd had yet to notice they were in some other dimension as of yet*

OOC: when can i change the location of the setting?

"We are not responsible for anything you may do under the influence of fictitious alcoholic beverages"


((OOC: Ask Lookout, he'll tell you.))

L sighed, "I apologize, we've run into some difficulties..." He paused. The woman seemed quite comfortable despite that she was in an enitrely unfamiliar area. "We've been trying to go to our respective realities for some time now." He paused as he saw the torment Il was currently suffering. He wasn't enitirely sure what to do as he saw the resentful expression on the other man's face. "Uh..."


Mara?  Where is that....that....that demon!  She's going to pay for what she did to me!", Skuld started rambling on to nobody in particular, and then stopped and blushed, looking stunned and then down to the ground in embarrassment.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


*Finally looks around and notices that she is not in Japan anymore.*    ehhehe...Skuld..where are we? And what is he talking about all these dimensions for? Did another one of your toys screw up and trap everyone here again? I told you not to mess around with those things anymore. Just think of what Belldandy will say when she gets here.  *Turns to look at L and leans forward a bit*  "Like what you see? You seem quite interested."[

"We are not responsible for anything you may do under the influence of fictitious alcoholic beverages"


"Um, excuse me?" he mumbled as he looked over at the woman with vague confusion. Was she hitting on him? He tilted his head to the side, looking at the woman's face. Tanned with dark eyes, framed by silky white hair. She was good looking, but was it a good time?


"...toy?  My invensions always work perfectly!", Skuld said modestly.  "Mara did this, and I have no clue where we are."[

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


Perfectly? So what was it exactly that happened with the Skuld Basher 3000 that we had to evacuate the shrine for a week all about then?

*Looks back at L*

You aren't half bad looking yourself there Wink

"We are not responsible for anything you may do under the influence of fictitious alcoholic beverages"


"Yo, head up!" yelled the boy with the red shirt, nearly landing on a sidestepping L.

The boy in the yellow shirt threw a massive amount bandannas at faster boy, missing with everyone.

This, however, was only the case with Ranma.

Our unfortunate band of heroes unfortunately had the massive wave of steel-like cloth headed towards them. The first bandanna cut off a small portion of Urd's hair, and about 60 more were only seconds away from the group.


The spatula wielding 'boy' landed next to Tsukasa and shook his head.

"Geez, now he's gonna get everyone else involved, the big directionless lummox."

Looking down at the cowering boy, he patted his head gently and cooed in a surprisingly soft voice "There there, sugar: it's all gonna be ok. Ran-chan usually finishes this type of thing off before anyone gets majorly involved."

A coconut bomb landed at Skuld's feet.



*feeling the few threads of her hair cut Urd suddenly decided to take a real look around and see what was happening*

Who dares cut the beautiful hair of Mistress Urd?!? You will suffer for this!

*Urd Raised her left hand straight above her as clouds suddenly forming densely above her and sparks shot off her wrist*

"We are not responsible for anything you may do under the influence of fictitious alcoholic beverages"


Okay, he was either going crazy or his previous theory was right.
He was still wondering if he wanted the later. After the intial shock of the woman, somehow, hearing his personal comments, he cautiously stepped back as the steel wool came flying past. They were going to kill somebody. He jumped, however, when he sparks nearby. He looked over at the woman and saw the enraged expression forming. "Calm down!" he urged towards her, frowning.


Skuld looked up at Urd with anger.  My Skuld Basher 3000 was a work of art!  It wasn't until YOU bumped into it , causing it to mix the internal chemical chambers unexpectanly and ---"

Skuld turned towards the other boy who had just called her a kid.

"KID!?  Just who are you calling a kid!"  Suddenly, she smells the smoke rising from her feet where the bomb laid, just about ready to explode.  Spotting a nearby pond of water she leaps into it causing a cannon-ball of water to errupt and splash on the two boys who were fighting.  Moments later the bomb exploded, and Skuld was ripped out of the water and sprung towards L, Ii, and Urd.  "AHHHahahHAAHAHAHAhahaaahahaHAAHAHAHAHAHA" she screamed uncontrollably.

"Oh.", she pouted softly.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


*one of the balls of steel wool zoomed directly above her hand and triggered the lightning to zap Urd leaving her looking like she had rolled around in the fireplace ashes with smoke rising from her. She twitched a few times and fell over* arg

"We are not responsible for anything you may do under the influence of fictitious alcoholic beverages"


Yep, these companions just proved it for him.
He knelt down, idly wondering how someone could survive that. "Hey, you alright?" he asked, briefly checking her pulse out of habit. Gods were surely playing with him now.


Skuld sat up just in time to see the lightning bolt strike Urd.  Unable to control herself, she burst out into laughter pointing her finger straight at Urd as she rolled around on the ground, flailing her legs about.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


arg "That...hurt..."

*Urd glares at her younger sister and sends a small spark at her that makes her hair poof out in all directions and starts giggling*

"So, whats your name, handsom?"

"We are not responsible for anything you may do under the influence of fictitious alcoholic beverages"