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Mission 1: To Gather

Started by Senkusha, Wednesday, February 08, 2023, 06:42

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Rachel sat outside the Dean's office with her feet dangling off the hard plastic chair she had been waiting in for the past half an hour.  Her father was inside his office talking with the Dean and an Officer from the Air Force.  Today had been an ordinary day for her.  She got up, got dressed, and walked to school.  It was only a mile's walk and it was a warm sunny day.  She would much have rather been outside enjoying that sunshine than sitting in this stuffy old brick school.  It was just after lunch time.  She was forced to miss her lunch period because of this meeting, and her belly was grumbling at her.  She dropped her head and closed her eyes while taking one of those long drawn out sighs, clearly stating boredom.

Her patients began to shrink as she waited in anticipation.  It was too bad that she couldn't hear what was being said, for the walls were sound proofed.  This Dean had a reputation for shouting at students that often misbehave.  Finally the door opened, nothing was said other than the Dean stepping outside his office.  "Rachel, you may come in now.", is all he said.

Rachel stood up and straightened out her red short skirt, and tugged at her black tube shirt.  Calmly she walked into the office and shut the door behind her.  Cautiously she took the center seat, that had been clearly left for her to sit in.  The other men in the room were, her father.  He sat on the left side of a gigantic black leather couch.  He had his legs crossed at the thigh, and had a small smile on his face as he saw his daughter take her seat.  The Dean sat in his plush leather executive chair behind his desk with a file folder in front of him.  Rachel presumed that it was her student file.  There was one other man in the room.  He was a highly decorated military man with three stars on his uniform of dark blue.  She guessed that he was a General, since she knew that only Generals wear stars on their uniforms.  He remained standing on the other side of the desk from the couch, with his hands meeting in his center by his pelvis, his hands folded inside each other.

"Rachel, let me first start off by apologizing to you for making you miss your lunch period.  I was told that this would have been a quick meeting, but there arose some... complications.", the Dean said.

Rachel sat up and crossed her legs in the chair, which was facing the Dean.  A slight blush could have been detected on the Dean's face, if anybody had been paying attention to him.

"Could I ask why I had to miss my lunch?", she asked calmly, yet clearly in an irradiated tone.

"That is about to be answered, young lady.", the General declared.  Her father was a bit taken back by his tone of voice.  He then continued.  "I am Lieutenant General McKinzy, and I am the top command for a special research project that the Air Force has under taken.  We pulled you in here so that we may offer you a chance for a position on one of the first research teams, if you meet our criteria.  I noticed in your file that a teacher has recommended to you to visit the local ROTC office here at the school.  What are your intentions?"

"I was planning on going to the office some time this week.", Rachel responded, not sure what this had to do with anything.

"With you're father's consent, I'd like to offer you a chance to be awarded a commission with the Air Force....", he paused,  "without going through that program."

"Why me?", Rachel asked, "But ... I'm only 13.", she finished.

"While it's true that the Air Force doesn't usually accept anybody as young as yourself, we are starting a new program.  Our intention is to get fresh minds in to "the Force" before these young individuals are corrupted by adult society.", he gazed at a point on the wall for a moment while saying this next item.  "We picked you because of your high aptitude for Science and Mathematics", returning his gaze back on to her.

Rachel looked at her father, and he returned her gaze.  "Rachel, dear.  I accepted on your behalf.  It would surely pay for your college, and I know that you'll want to go on to college, right?", he finished sternly.

"Rachel gazed at the wall just past him. "Yes, father, I wouldn't dream of anything else.", she said with sarcasm.

"We have your father's consent, but this has to be your decision.", he handed her a packet of papers stapled in the top left corner.  "Sign on the last page there, with the date, and we can test you to make sure you fit our qualifications."

"What are your qualifications?", Rachel asked.

"You will find out after you are tested.", the General responded.

Rachel stood up and bent down laying the paper on to the desk.  She took the pen and carefully signed her name.  She stood back up and handed the document to the General.

"Very good choice, Rachel.", the General said with a smile.

"So now I should be getting back to class, right?", she asked the Dean, as she turned around towards the door.

"I'm afraid not.  You're going directly to the testing facility with the General here.", the Dean responded.

"But don't I need to pack?  I'll need clothes...and ...", she was cut off by the General.

"Everything you need will be given to you.  You need not worry about such things anymore.  Please come with me, outside to the car out front.", he said.

Both of them stepped outside the Dean's office and they both walked outside.  A few straggling students saw what happened, and quickly started rumors.

The car was actually a limousine with two flags of three stars on the front.  She got in and sat across from the General, she carefully tensed herself, being sure that the pervert wouldn't check her out.  The vehicle slowly moved out of the parking lot and off towards it's destination.

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Sarah Masake was used to being called in to the offices to receive her assignments, but this time it was different. The Cornall had never been late before. She looked around the familiar office to pass the time.

It was a small room, only about six feet by six feet, with a desk directly across form the door. One large window that looked out over the training grounds took up most of one wall. On the other three were pictures and mementos of different places that Cornall Rays had been. In the corner was a filing cabinet with the soldier's files inside. Sarah knew this office well, because for the past four years, this is where she had received her jobs and her platoon's jobs.

The door suddenly burst open with the words "Ten-hut!". Sarah snapped to attention facing the desk. Cornall Rays stepped into view headed for the filing cabinet. He was broad in the shoulders, and was only a few inches taller than Sarah's 5'7". He sported a handsome face with hazel eyes and blond hair, and Sarah thought that if they had meet in her life before the Marines, then they might have ended up dating. Maybe even father than that.

But Rays wasn't alone. Another Cornall stepped into view and went to the side of the desk. Shorter than Rays, he was of a slight build with blue eyes and brownish hair. Judging by the way his pants were pressed, she could guess he was a neat freak.

Cornall Rays pulled out her folder and put it down on the desk opening it up and passing it to the other Cornall. "At ease," Rays said in his slightly deep voice. My feet spread apart and my arms went behind my back, but other than that I stayed jut as rigid as before. The other Cornall spoke.

"My name is Cornall Hugh, Air Force Special Projects Department. I am here to offer you a position in the newest Research Team."

'Great a research team, what kind of a job is that?' She thought to herself.

"Don't underestimate this as a simple mission. It is classified and this project is considered highly dangerous. Your CO, Cornall Rays, has already signed your transfer papers." He lifted up a folder she hadn't even noticed he was carring. "All you have to do is sign here, and we can leave immediately." He pointed to a line on the last page of the packet inside the folder.

'Well, I could use a change of pace. Oh what the h***!' she decided silently. She took the pen Hugh was offering and signed away her future in the Marines. Maybe should could transfer back after this project.

"Excellent! Please follow me." he said and walked out of the room with her file and the packet she just signed. Sarah looked back towards Rays.

"Permission to speak freely sir." she said to him.

"Granted" Cornall Rays replied.

"I'm gonna miss you." she said, a tear coming to her eye. Cornall Rays got up, came around the desk, and hugged her.

"You just take care of yourself." he said.

"Yes sir." she said tearfully. They broke the embrace, saluted eachother, and She followed Cornall Hugh out the door. He was waiting in a jeep outside. Sarah climbed aboard and it drove away from her home for the last four years.

"Who else will I be working with, sir?" she questioned him.

"Anyone who meets our qualifications. I believe that they were considering a girl of 13." he said loudly over the wind howling.

"What?" she exclaimed. 'Crap, I have to work with kids! D*** it!'

The Jeep continued to drive towards wherever they were going.

Why do people die before they truly live?


Rachel eyed the General as the limo continued on towards the base.  She noticed the General looking dead at her.  She tensed up a bit more and looked rather uncomfortable, as she appeared to be cramped into a small room.

"Relax, Rachel.  There is nothing to be afraid of.", McKinzy said, "We'll be there in a few  minutes."

"I'm not afraid of anything besides you.", Rachel responded.

"Me?", the General inquired.

"Yeah.  The way you keep looking at me.", she responded back.

"My apologies, Rachel.-- Ah, here we are.", he quickly changed the subject.  A moment later the car stopped at the front door of the Processing Center.

It was a plain grey concrete building.  There were few windows, and they were the kind that had the criss-crossing wire through them.  Rachel stepped out of the car and straightened her skirt she calmly walked to the front door and it was opened by a guard on the right.  The General stepped out about now, and the two guards snapped to Attention, offering quick, snappy salutes.  The General approached the guards, and returned their salutes, and the guard on the right, once again, opened the door and quickly stepped aside.  He stepped through the door, and took up a position on the left of Rachel.

Rachel took in everything she saw--mostly "inspirational pictures".  Both Rachel and the General reached a front desk.  An officer in blue quickly saluted, and McKinzy returned a snappy salute.  Rachel just stood there watching the exchange of military protocol.

"Major, I would like you to process this young lady here into the system.  She is to be marked as 'Level - A, Class - 1'.  Do you understand?", McKinzy said sternly.

"Yes sir.", the Major responded.  "Ma'am, if you will please follow me.", he said to Rachel, stepping outside of the desk area.  Rachel took a glance back at the General, who was still staring at her, and then whipped her head back fast for effect, and then followed the Major to her next destination.

"Um, Major? -- ", Rachel began, but was cut off by him.

"You may call me Major Johnson.", Johnson replied.

"Okay, Major Johnson?  What does Level A, Class 1 mean?", Rachel inquired.

"You will learn all the classifications if you pass the test.", the Major responded.

"Test?", Rachel blinked.  At that moment a heavy door slid open, with the markings "Top Secret - Classified Research Project"

"Go inside there and take a seat in that chair in the center of the room.  The test will begin shortly.", The Major said, and the door shut in front of him.

The room was completely dark there was no sound, no light.  Nothing.  Rachel could barely hear herself breathing.  The physically relaxed herself, and allowed her head to sink into the plush material of the head rest.  Her arms also sank into the arm rests.

"What a strange test this is.", Rachel commented out loud.  At that point, her ankles and wrists where cuffed by the chair, and her belly was also restrained.  Rachel squirmed a little bit, but quickly realized this must be part of the test, and allowed herself to relax once again.

Rachel heard what sounded like a motor start in the background.  As it wound up in speed, the air started to move around her.  She could feel her hair and her skirt being blown backwards.

"There must be a hurricane fan in front of me.", she thought.  "It's a good thing it's dark in here!", she spouted off.

Suddenly multiple strobe lights kicked off in multiple colors.  Rachel could only see fragments of shapes.  When she looked straight ahead, she could see herself sitting in the chair as if there were a mirror there.  While she gazed at herself, she felt a prick in the back of her neck.  Rachel jerked and squawked in pain as she felt something being drained from her body.  A few moments later the lights came on and the wind came to a stop.  The chair restraints released and Rachel fell forward, collapsing out of the chair.  She laid there sprawled out on the cold metal floor for a bit before attempting to get up.  When she did, the big doors in front of her opened, to reveal the Major once more.

"Your results will be here in a few minutes.  Why don't you make yourself more comfortable?", he suggested, offering her a hand.    Rachel gazed up at him, and then back at the chair.

"No thanks, I think I'll pass.", she said in a weak tone.

A moment later, another officer entered the room, with a blue syringe.

"It's confirmed, sir.  She's in.", he said handing the Major the blue tinted needle.

"Awesome.", he said with a look of glee, then turning back towards Rachel, he offered his hand again, and this time picked her up off the floor.  "Welcome to the Air Force Lieutentant."  Come with me to get your accommodations.  We don't have very many free rooms here, so more than likely, you'll be roomed up with a couple of people.", he said.

A few minutes later and down several floors she and the Major arrived at her room.  There was a bed and a dresser, with a single "inspirational picture" on the wall, titled, Loyalty.  On top of the bed was a pile of clothing items, which were mostly blues, greens, and blacks.  There was a set of camouflage uniform, and there was also a black looking set of clothes that sort of matched what she had on now -- a pleated skirt, and a short sleeve shirt.

"I would recommend that you change.  You'll probably want to wear the black outfit over there.  You won't be needing the other uniforms just yet.", the Major said and turned towards the door.  "You'll see a paper map on the dresser.  After you're changed, come to room B-015, Level 27.  You'll be briefed on proper military etiquette and procedures.", with that, he shut the door.  There was a red light in the room.  She fumbled around for a light switch, and when she found it, she illuminated the room and a blaring white light.

Rachel took a more detailed look around the room.  Inside the dresser there was already underwear of various colors, as well as several T-shirts as well as some other feminine items.  On the bed there were the four normal looking uniforms -- one short sleeve blue uniform with navy blue pants, and one long sleeve uniform.  There is also a two sets of Camouflage uniforms.  One with lines through it, one without.  There was also the black uniform that resembled a school uniform.  On the collar of the black shirt there was a single silver bar on each side at a 45-degree angle.  She quickly stripped and swapped underwear to match.  After she put the black uniform on, she spotted a set of black knee high boots, and put those on as well.  The boots made a hard click sound as she took each step.

"That's going to take some getting used to.", she commented outloud.  She went over to the dresser and picked up the map.  Glancing into the mirror, she noticed her hair was a mess, so she combed it out again.  Picking up the map, she went towards the door and looked back into the room.

"Hmm, three other beds.  I wonder who else will be joining me?", she said, as she switched off the light, and shut the door behind her.  Reading the map, she found the briefing from in only 20 minutes, with getting lost only three times.  Luckily for her, she's not bashful about asking for directions.

"Ah, Lt. Rachel McHuen.  Allow me to be the first to welcome you into our rather large family!", a man dressed in all blue boasted loudly.

She took the center front seat and crossed her legs, patiently waiting for whatever was going to be taught.

"The others should be arriving shortly.  Please allow me to fix up your uniform before they get here.  Please stand up.", he suggested.

Rachel reluctantly stood up and let the man....what felt like groping her, fix her uniform.  "I guess I messed up the pleats huh?", Rachel said.

"And the tie as well.  That's okay, by the end of the day, you'll be a master tie-tier, Lieutenant."

Just then, the door opened...

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"Captain Sarah Masake reporting as ordered!" Sarah said as she opened the door. She stopped dead in her tracks as she saw the young girl standing by one of the chairs. She was wearing what seemed to be a uniform of a black shirt and pleated skirt. The girl had lieutenant bars on, but she couldn't be more that 14, if that.

Sarah purposely looked away from the girl as she asked,"Am I in the right room sir?"

The man in the blue uniform smiled at Sarah. "Yes, it is. So you're our transfer from the Marines, eh?"

"Yes sir, I am transfered from the Marines. Please excuse my absence, I Only just got done with my test and I had to rush here. I haven't even met my roommate or seen my room."

"Yes, that's fine. Please take a seat and I'll introduce you to your roommate."

'Please tell me it isn't this little girl.' Sarah thought as she sat down next to the lieutenant.

"This is Lt. Rachel McHuen. She will be on the project with you, and I'm sure you'll get along well."

Sarah turned and smiled at Rachel thinking 'This is gonna suck!'

Sarah turned back to the smiling man. "Why are we here exactly?" she asked him.

Why do people die before they truly live?


The officer in the blue uniform looked at Sarah and said, "I'll start the briefing as soon as the other girl arrives."  He took a glance at his watch, and continued, "It shouldn't be too much longer."

Rachel turned towards Sarah and waved.  "Hi!  I'm glad to make your acquaintance!", as she outstretched her hand.  Receiving nothing in return, she awkwardly tried to continue, "So.... I guess we'll be room-mates?", she paused, "That's going to be a little strange for me... I've never been away from my parents before." 

The officer glanced at Rachel and chuckled slightly.  "It's okay, Rachel, everyone in the Armed Forces has gone though a similar experience.  Go ahead and take your seat again Rachel.

Rachel blushed a bit as she turned and sat back down again.  The officer  returned to the podium and grabbed a small black jewelry box, to which he opened the box, revealing a set of Captain bars, and handed it to Sarah.  "I believe you'll know what to do with these?".  He returned to the podium, and grabbed a booklet, and returned to Rachel.  "Here, you'll want to review this material."

Military Protocols was the title of the booklet.  Rachel opened it and reviewed the table of contents.

"That's a lot of stuff in here.", she said

"Not to worry, Rachel, it's a quick read.", he replied.

Rachel once again opened the booklet and started to read "1. - Officer Basics".

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'I don't care what they may think, I am not going to become her friend.' Sarah thought as the girl said something to her. 'Just ignore her for now. Later, in our room, I'll explain things to her. I just hope the other member is older than her.'

"I believe you'll know what to do with these?" the officer in blue said as he offered her a set of captains bars. Sarah took them and nooded, already take her sargent ensignia off. 'Another promossion is good. Better pay for this job.'

Just to pass the time, Sarah picked up another copy of the booklet. "I remember the first time I read this," she said mostly to herself. 'It was the first time that I had done something my sisters hadn't already done better and before me.' she thought with the cold hatred she always got when she remembed them.

"So," Sarah addressed the officer, "how many people are you expecting to be a part of this project?"
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Why do people die before they truly live?


Rachel continued to study the manual she had been given.  After a few minutes she was finished skimming it and stood up in a tense style, her heels clicked together.

"Sir.  First Lieutenant McHuen requests permission to speak.", Rachel said sharply.

The officer glanced over towards Rachel and responded, "Yes, Rachel, you may speak.  But keep in mind you don't have to be quite so formal...just yet."

"Ah, yessir.", she paused, and glanced over towards Sarah, "I too would like to know how many others you are expecting--", hearing her tummy grumble loudly, she continued. "Also, sir, I would really like some lunch, please."  Embarassed  Rachel took a glance behind her and sat back down again.

"Well, to answer your questions, we are expecting at least one more...possibly two more, but we are certian yet.  As for your request, Rachel, please wait here.", he said and pressed a button on the wall.  A short blip was heard.

"Yes sir?", a masculine voice came through.

"Airman, please do me a favor and scavange up some lunch for Lieutentant McHuen.", the officer spoke.

"Right away, sir.", the voice answered back.

A few minutes later a dinner tray arrived.  The Airman lifted the cover to reveal a veal steak, lima beans, and a pile of corn, with a  slice of bread.

Rachel cringed at the sight of the veal.  She slowly picked up the fork and began eating the corn and lima beans.

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Sarah was reading the pamphlet half-heartedly when little Rachel stood up at attention and declared, "Sir.  First Lieutenant McHuen requests permission to speak."

The Man in blue glanced over towards Rachel and responded, "Yes, Rachel, you may speak.  But keep in mind you don't have to be quite so formal...just yet."

"Ah, yessir.", Rachel paused, and glanced over towards Sarah, "I too would like to know how many others you are expecting--", Rachel's tummy grumbled loudly. "Also, sir, I would really like some lunch, please."    Rachel took a glance behind her and sat back down again.

"Humph," Sarah exhaled. 'Trying to impress me, are you?' Sarah thought. 'Well, you're wasting your time.' Sarah listened to his answer about the others.

"Well, to answer your questions, we are expecting at least one more...possibly two more, but we are certain yet.  As for your request, Rachel, please wait here." and he walked over to the wall.

At that time Sarah tuned out and continued to read. 'Hurry up and get here, whoever you are.'

Why do people die before they truly live?


Within her cell she wasted her time with menial things to past the time. The only physical outlet she had for escape was death. To her, it seemed like it would never come as she had found that out the hard way. Although as time passed, her mind seemed to slowly slip farther and farther away from reality. Images from past thigns manifested in the room with her and kept her company.

Until one day, the cell door slammed wide open while the white lighting from the metallic corridor filled the entirety of her room. A large mass stood in the center of the doorway, creating a shadowy outline that trailed into the room. Immediately, Sylvia shielded her eyes from the light by swinging her forearm out infront of her face and firmly pressed her face into it.
The large figure took one step into the room as he did so a whoosh of freezing air zoomed past him.

Slowly, Sylvia removed her and looked up at the figure but her eyes were still squinted. The image was a bit blurred but she could see a rough outline. Within a couple of short moments, her eyes adjusted and she could see slightly clearer that the figure was a overly large man. He was dressed in a normal black business suit but the details in his face as well as his facial expressions were undistiguishable due to lighting. Behind him, she could see two much smaller men standing firmly at attention. These two men were dressed the same as the bigger gentlement but she coudl see both of them were wearing sunglasses as well as had a unique looking device covering their nose. Thinking about that device, she looked back at the guy infront of her and he seemed to be wearing it as well.

He spoke out with a loud booming voice that seemed to echo off the steel clashed walls, "Test Subject Codename P447-K5...", the man paused in the middle of his words, to give a quick lookdown of the subject.
He continued on, " In your file, it states that you have been a resident on this block for almost 2 years now. It states clearly for the reminder of your pitiful existence you shall be confined to this room."

Sylvia, slowly got situated and lean herself against the wall while the overly large oaf spoke to her. It seemed to be the same dribble as she has heard before which she was just about to zone him out and let her mind wander when..."

"P447-K5, due to your unique abilities we are willing to give you a option. If you no longer care for this place and would like to be back outdoors and enjoying the benefits of life. Then you might be interested in listening to what I have to say." so he said.

Sylvia gave the him a rather sarcasstic look, her thoughts wondering, " What kind of trap do they think they can pull over my eyes. Do they think, i'm just some mindless sheep who'll do whatever I am told..."

She hissed back at him, " What bullshit are you trying to feed me now!"

He gave a smug look on his face response, " What I am offering is a opporunity for you, a opporunity that's worth dying for."

Almost immediately, she just rolled her eyes at him and about to say something else but she was interrupted.

Quickly, he reached into his pocket and popped out a rather elongated syringe and flashed it infront of her eyes, with a rather large grin on his face, " I guess you don't want this cure that we made for the victims of the HGV."

She froze in her thoughts and wondered if it was the real deal. She glanced past him and stared at the guards, thoughts entered her mind as she plotted. *I could take this big oaf and snatched that syringe, but the two guards probably have some weapon that they are not showing me. Also i dont know what other surprises would be in store for me..."

She responded back to him with a serious tone in her voice," Whats the catch? "

"If order to recieve such a precious gift, which could give you back what you lost...*pauses*

Suddenly, she starts coughing fiercly, and falls down to the ground. She lands firmly on her knees as her head chokes back. Her cough gots worse as driplets of blood disperse on the floor away from everyone.

The center guy was almost outside of the room when Sylvia looked up at em. Her eyes shimmered in the light as a little trail of blood rolled down the corner of her lucious lips. She licked thecorners of her mouth in a very seductive manner. She lept up back to her feet and wiped the rest of hte blood away on her face with the corner of her hand and then brushed her hand against theside of the raggy clothes. "Are you guys afraid of alittle blood, it's not like I have cooties"

He continued " ...We are starting up a new project. This program is designed around the discovery and exploration. We need people with extradoniary talents, and someone with your abilities could prove to be quite an assest." he exhaled a deep breathe and waited for her response.

Slyvia chuckled to herself and started speaking. "I could really care less about what you have to offer, but if you have a cure for this....ailment then you can sign me up"

The larger guy laughed in a very peciluar way in the form of a manichal laughter. "Fine, we'll take you immediately to where you are needed" As he said that, he snappedhis fingers and steped completely out of the room in one step.
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Two similar size guys barged into the room wearing full on haz mat suits. Both of them were welding a rod of four and half length with a Ring shaped harness on the end of it.

Sylvia braced herself but yet left herself defeneseless as resisting would be utter pointless.

The two men fastened the ring like clamp around her boyd, one of them around her neck and the other ring aroundher waiste. Then the two men walked her out of hte room by pulling fiercly on the metallic rod. It was only seconds before she was propelled into the hallway. The floor was hard and cold, it sent shivers up her spine but she could only feel part fo it as she was being tugged at very hard. The two men lead her all the way down the hallway and through several other passages for quite some time. Eventually, the three arrived at a single set door room, there was a text writing on the front of the door that read out, "Scrub Room 2"

Sylvia, " I guess they want me to get cleaned before we leave to wherever crack job place"

They released locks on the pole arms and shovedher inside, that was where she was left for a small duration. inside of the room, look liked a sterile bathroom with only minor convinences such as a sitting bath, half-sized body mirror as well as a few other bathroom commodities. She took a clue and took her time to clean herself up.

About twenty minutes into her beauty makeover, as she hasn't had the opporunity to do so in a very long time, a small shaped body steped into the room and dropped several items off on a counter next to the body mirror. Very quickly and very quietly, the figure left the room without any commotion. She took that as a clue and finished up cleaning her self. She stepped over to the pile of clothes which awaited her.

"This is unusual outfit, must be a new type of cameoflouge gear or something.." as she spoke to herself. She slipped each piece of the outfit on and realized that it seemed to be a perfect match for her size.

She strutted around infront of the half body mirror and she did several different posses to show it off to herself. Her outfit was designed in several different parts. First, she slipped on the usual looking black panties, what was really unusual to her is the fact there are leather straps connected to the sides of em.  She shrugged it off and continue getting dressed. The base chest piece was a web-designed bustier. While ontop of that she has a black fish net layer. Next she slipped on the matching black pants, combat boots and tipless gloves. Finally she snapped the belt on around her waist.  She almost seemed happy about the eniter outfit. She cracked a smile to herself.. as she did so, something happened. For a brief moment it looked like the color of the outfit seemed to change. She paused herself and looked in the mirror studying herself.

Questioning herself quietly, " Did that just hapepend or was it my eyes??" She paused for a second longer and finally finished up. She felt very refreshed, many of these sensations she had forgotten due to her extended isolation.

There was a loud banging sound on the door, she gave a glance over to it. "I guess it's time for me to jett.."

She exited the bathroom with hestitation in her stride, when she entered the hallway once again, she looked over to find both men were gone. The big burry guy from earlier was standing in, he had a gun holstered on right hip with the safety harness disengaged.

"Well, don't you look spiffy now that you are all clean up. You could almost pass for a normal human if someone didn't know better." He retorted in a sarcastic manner.

She responded in the exact same tone, " Wasn't that the idea now? " She knew well enough that she was walking on thin ice.

The expression the guys' face changed from a playful humor to a more serious outlook, He held his shoulders up as well as his hands were at his side as if he were ready for something. "P447-K5, I am going to escort you to vehicle of transportation, from there you will be transfered to the project team"

She just rolled her eyes and looked away from him.

"Now if you could walk in front of me and do no monkey business. I'd like to get this over with as soon as possible." He finished off.

Right before he could get another word in, she remarked, " you and me both..."

The two walked down the long winding corridor for a few minutes longer until they finally reached a large bay door. The door zipped upward into the ceiling. On the other side of this wall, was the outside world. However, there was something obsctructing that view. Blockign the exit to the fre world was the rear end of a vehicle.

"you'll be riding in this armored car all the way to the destination. This'll ensure that nothing happens on the ride nor do you try to escape..." He said to her in a crisp clear voice.

"geez that takes the fun out of it." she says with a playful smirk rising form the corner of mouth..

"Whatever, just get in the vehicle", he said with a apathetic tone.

Immediately, the doors to the armored car swung wide open, there was a bench on each side and metallic barrier seperating the front cabin from the holding container. Other than that, the chamber was completely empty.

Sylvia paused to think of something witty as a good comeback but she shrugged it off and marched onto the vehicle. She plopped herself down on the bench and gave a playful smile followed by a weak wave trying to provoke an action out of him. she would have no greater joy then to drain the life out of him and then leave him for dead. Just right after she did the wave, the doors closed automatically by themselves. The chamber was completely sealed off from all outside sources, it did have an air intake for ventatliation purposes. Otherwise, this room did not recieve any light or communication from any outside source. Soon, the engine had turned over and she was on her way.
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Sylvia rode in the containment truck for a little over an hour before it finally came to a stop and the doors opened.  The intense bright light forced her to cover her eyes with her forearm once again, all the while, she was being tugged at by the reattached poles again.

An officer in green camouflage pressed a button and spoke into an intercom by the door, "Sir," he paused to look at the clipboard he was holding, "P447-K5 has arrived."

The sound of an older man replied from the speaker, "Go ahead and process her immediately."

"Yes sir!", the uniformed man responded.  He released the button, and motioned to the other guards to have her enter the facility with haste.

Sylvia walked casually through the door, absorbing the last bits of natural light she thought she'd see for a long time again.  Behind her, a large massive, hangar door came to a slow close from the ceiling, and only the dim fluorescent lights lit the way down a lengthy circular tunnel that appeared to go on forever.

"Come on!  Move!", a guard barked at Sylvia while tugging her down to the floor.  Sylvia glared upwards to the guard, and slowly got up off her knees.  She continued to stare at the guard dead into his eyes.  A shiny reddish mirrored reflection of the guard shone in her cat like eyes.

About ten minutes later, she was lead into a room with four beds, and a couple of dressers.  three of the beds already appeared to have been taken, indicated by the lot of clothing items neatly placed in the middle of each bed.

"Oh great.", Sylvia exhaled.  "Roommates."

She walked over to the bed closest to the door.  Upon one of the uniforms that laid neatly folded was the name badge McHuen.  She walked over to another bed, which also had a uniforms neatly stacked on it, one of which was labled, Masake.  She continued onto the other bed against the far corner of the room.  It too had a pile of neatly stacked uniforms, with the one on top displaying Kartesh.

"Well, at least it's in the corner away from those two.", she scuffed.

Upon the dresser, there was a map, as well as a sticky note that read, "After done changing, meet in room B-015, Level 27."  Ignoring the part about changing, Sylvia crumpled up the note and took the map, and exited the room.  Within ten minutes, she entered the briefing room, and casually took a seat in the back.

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Rachel finished her lunch, leaving the veal on the plate.  Just as she did, another woman (Sylvia) entered the room and took a seat in the back.

"Ah, good.  I believe that we can begin now.", he said taking Rachel's tray and handing it to the guard outside the door.

"I am Brigadier General Frank Landry.  I am the Research Project Coordinator and I report directly to the Base Commander of your progress on your upcoming missions."

Rachel cautiously rose her hand into the air.

"Yes, Lieutenant.", Landry prompted.

Rachel stood up, and addressed the General.  "Sir, may I ask why you are not displaying your insignia?", she said as she sat back down.

"Ah, a very good question, Rachel.  For two reasons, I am not displaying my rank.  The first, is not to intimidate you new recruits, and secondly, I wish to enforce a relaxed protocol period until you all become accustomed to your new life style.", the General rambled on, "I am aware that this is a very life changing experience for you, and there is a lot of information to take in, so that is why....", he continued for another three minutes going on about his personal history in the Air Force.

"... So that is the reason why I've chosen to 'break' you in the Force in this fashion.", he paused for a moment, taking a drink from a glass of water that was resting on the podium. "Now, onto your mission briefing.  If you will all accompany me, please.", Landry instructed.

Sarah was the first one up, followed by Rachel, who calmly took a position behind Sarah, and Sylvia took the rear behind the student girl, Rachel.  The group of four along with two guards taking up the rear, walked towards an elevator.  Landry pressed the up button, and the crew entered.  All six personnel arrived at a tunnel near the surface (level 2), where there was a subway looking thing waiting on a platform for them.  Landry quickly lead the group into the subway car and a new journey began.

Each person took a seat, and Landry advised everybody to buckle in.  The subway car lurched backwards as it began, it quickly gained speed, accelerating to near the speed of sound, and within a few minutes, it had traveled over 200 miles and several hundred feet underground.  Coming to a nice and easy stop, the doors opened, and everybody unbuckled.  Landry once again lead the way to a set of double bulkhead doors with a fingerprint scanner along the side.

"What you are about to see, is considered Classified, Top Secret.  I will not tolerate any insubordination here, and if you tell a single soul about what you are about to see, you can be sure, that you will meet a very quick and absolute death.  From this moment on, you are new people, with new lives.  This is your last opportunity to back out.", Landry announced, holding up his pointer finger.

About fifteen seconds passed, and Landry continued, "So, I presume you have all made your final that case, without further pause...", he trailed off, as he swiped his thumb on the scanner.  At that moment the two criss crossing bulkheads began to open slowly, making the loud grumbling sound of heavy hydraulic motors being activated.

Each person could see a sight beyond belief.  A large clearish looking ring that had to measure at least 100 feet in diameter.  Along the top edge of the ring, were intricate symbols with what appeared to be illuminated with various different colors.  There was another set of different looking symbols along the inside of the ring, that too appeared to have different colors flashing slowly.  There was a lengthy ramp that was inclined by about five degrees that lead up to the large ring.  As soon as the doors had finished opening, Landry took the first step inside the gigantic room.

"Well, come on, we haven't got all day.", he remarked.

Rachel looked at the large ring with awe, her mouth gaping open as if she was about to say something, but no words came out.  She was so intrigued by the ring that she had failed to notice that the General (along with everybody else) had stopped, and ran right into Sarah's back.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry!", Rachel backpeddled quickly, sensing irritation from Sarah.

"Sergent, ", Landry paused while looking at a clipboard, "...please lock on to X-45-102-P."

"Yes sir!", came a reply from above.  An instant later the ring began to move.  The outer ring moved clockwise, while the inner ring moved counter-clockwise.  the colors along the top and bottom, randomly changed colors, and one by one, several symbols illuminated a solid light green color.  On the tenth symbol, a brilliant flash of light exploded from the center of the rang and evaporated into the room.  In it's place stood what looked like a warped lens.  Landry walked up the ramp and stood at the entrance.  Sticking his right arm into the warped lens--which promptly disappeared from eyesight, he said, "It's perfectly safe.  Come on.", he removed his arm, and it was whole again.

The group slowly walked up the ramp, and Rachel stuck her right hand into the clear film, to which a tingling feeling crept up her non-existant arm.  Continuing to immerse herself into the portal, she found herself spiralling through what would appear to be space.  She could see...or rather feel stars fly past her.  A few seconds of this spiraling, and she found herself being tossed out the other side on to the ground like yesterday's newspaper.

"Ow!", Rachel said as she got up and rubbed her behind, and brushing off the leaves off her shirt.  Shortly after Sarah, Landry, and Sylvia all appeared in a similar way--all except for Landry.  He stepped outwards and landed on standing upright.

"It might take you a few times before you'll get used to the landing, but eventually, you'll land okay."  Welcome to the other side of the known galaxy!", Landry said with an upbeat tone.

Rachel took in this new planet she was on.  There was a ring, just like before, and she had noticed that the General had not removed his hand from the gate's Event Horizon.  The sky was blue, there was tall, green grass all around, and a forest very near by.  Birds could be heard chirping in the background, and the calming sound of crickets chirping in the grass off in the distance.  The world appeared to have two Suns, one with a reddish hue, and another over on the horizon with a greenish hue.  There were also three moons in view at various phases.  Over in the distance, there appeared to be a metal structure with a set of closed doors.

"This will be your training camp for the next two weeks.  Get used to living the 'rough life'.  Your assignment is to figure out how to get back to the base.  Everything you need is in that bunker over there.  If you fail to get back to the base within 14 days, we'll have to reevaluate our decision about the lot of you.", Landry said as he stepped through the gate and it appeared to shut off.

" do we do that?", Rachel asked outloud, with a scared tone, looking at the now lifeless ring.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


"D*** it!" Sarah screamed aloud as the gate shut behind Landry. "First you pair me with these two kindergardeners, and now you leave us trapped god knows where with the future of my military carrier hanging in the balance?" Sarah screamed again.

Sarah turned and stormed off towards the bunker. It was a fairly tall metal structure with a set of doors in this side. There were some weapon slits higher up on the thing, as was standard on most bunkers. 'I am going to figure this out as soon as I can so that I can get back. I better figure out some way to explain to them what just happened, or that outburst could screw me over, too.'

Inside the bunker were some crates, weapon lockers, and of course, six individual cots. Also there was a computer, though what use it would be is anyone's guess, and a staircase leading to a catwalk where the weapon slits were.

"Well, this reminds me of home," Sarah said as she started to take an inventory of what was in the crates.

Why do people die before they truly live?


Rachel stormed off after Sarah, yelling, "Hey!  I am NOT a kindergardener!"

She entered the bunker a few moments after Sarah did and spotted the computer terminal.

"Hmm, maybe there's some documents or something stored on the data drive...", she said outloud, walking up to the terminal and powering it up.  A few seconds later a familiar "login screen" appeared.

"Oh, goodie.", she started sarcastically, "Unix.", then brightened up, "It's a good thing that's my specialty!"

Rachel started typing on the keyboard, trying numerous combinations, when all of them failed, she began looking around the room for any clues as to what the password could be.  Finding nothing posters, or notes around the desk, she looked up towards Sarah.

"Captain Masake?", she hesitated slightly, "Do you see anything...odd in those crates...that could indicate what the password could be?

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


It took a couple of moments to recooperate from the abnormal form of travel. As well as her eyes had to take longer than normal to adjust to the brighten environment. Her arms acted like a shield at first, blocking out the light until slowly she let them down.

Muttering to herself, "I definetly need to find a pair of sunglasses.. " She let out a small sigh, "This is going to be a heck of a long day, I can just feel it."

She started walking down the ramp when she immediately stopped in her mid stride. It had fianlly dawned to her that something was very peculiar about this planet. She clutched her stomach as by this point she would feel a bit nausetiated due to her "special condition."

"What the...." she exclaimated in a mild tone.

She twirled her hands back and forth and then pressed a hand to her stomach and yet she was still getting the same result. She glanced upward to see the sky above. She quickly put one of her hands over her eyes to filter out the light from the burning reddish hue colored sun. It had been a very long time since she had a seen a sun and yet she was surprised to feel perfectly fine.

She chuckled aloud, "Nothing can prevent me from feeling the warmth of the sun now."

Sylvia shifted her head back and forth taking in the lay of the land. Everything seemed to be similar to what was on earth execpt she noticed a key detail. In the view of the sky were other things beyond the reddish colored sky. There were other things such as several largely sized moons as well as another fiery sun off on the other side of the world.

She was a bit puzzled to see the formation of the stars in the sky as they were very much so different from earth.

"Three moons and two suns?" she stated to herself, "What kind of world is this place."

She shrugged off the feeling of displacement and looked ahead to see the others making way to a large metallic structure.

Slyvia walked casually through the area onward to the building. She spent her time enjoying the warmth of the sky as well as the cool breeze rolling past her.  She had a very large grin on her face as she headed onwards.

About twenty minutes later she strolled over to the building. She stopped in her tracks and looked at it from the outside. A flashback whizzed through her mind to the time she first entered a building similar to this one in design. More flashbacks followed of the times of experimentation and execution.

Her deamenor changed in a 180 degree manner, her facial expression expressed hatred and hostility. Sylvia's smile was immediately wiped away without hestitation. Her fists dropped to her sides and clenched up into very tight balls of solid mass. The passion of revenge eased it's way into the back of her mind. Her eyes seem to be on blazing fire as she stared down the building. Her mindset continued until a memory flashe dinfront of her eyes. She remember two important thoughts. The first one being the man in charge stated something about returning home. The second and most important thought was of the time she was released from her cell, the man in the suit told her she would have to do what was commanded of her if she wanted to live.

"Sylvia, if you want to live.. you must do what these people tell you to do." she re-instated to herself.

Her anger subsided as she kept trying to hold onto the thought of being cured. To her that was the most important thing that mattered was "The Cure".

Her temper melted away rather casually and she continue to remain composure.

"Thats it girl, just let it go. There will be a time to strike and now is not that time." She gritted her teeth as she spoke aloud.

She continued forward towards the hangar door of the building. Within moments, she entered the infrastructure still with a disgusted look on her face. She leaned against the frame of the door and looked inside briefly.

What she was was two individuals that she landed on the plane with. One of them was looking at a computer terminal while the other was shifting through various items. Her eyes fasten on several details of the structure, such as the catwalk as it gave an aeiral point of view on the whole situation as well as a few other things.

"So...what do we have here." She stated purposely aloud for the others to notice her entrance.
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'Well, I guess I need their help to get out of here.' Sarah admitted to herself. I suppose I should help think up a password.

"So...what do we have here?" stated the other girl, Sylvia or something.

"The lockers against the well have the basic rifles, pistols, shotguns, ect. The last two lockers though have a bazooka and some rockets. Don't get any ideas you two. I am the only one here certified to use them." She said sternly. "Sylvia or whatever your name is, help me search these crates."

Sarah went to the nearest one and opened the top. It contained quite a few rations and some extra pistol ammo. The next crate had ten walkie talkies with headsets right on top. "Hey, here are some walkie talkies in case someone goes out." Sarah declared. Beneath those were what looked to be some electronic pieces.

"Uh, Rachel, I think you might want to look in this crate. There's some electronic parts here," Sarah called to her.

Why do people die before they truly live?


"So this is our new home.." she stated while walking around the inner perimeter of the structure.

She pondered to herself, "So we have little miss bookworm. Now she could turn a few heads if she tried to instead of hiding that face of hers behind those glasses. Maybe, I should get up and close to her, to find out what makes her tick." A slight blush rose on Sylvia's face. Her mind continued to trail on, "And then we have butch here to work with. Looks like, we're going to have to play together if we want to get off this rock. I wonder if anyone would wonder if the old dogwere mysteriously killed by the wildlife. If that were to happen, then I could do what I wanted." She halted in her thoughts. "Hold the phone, if I kill her now, then how would i get obidence out of the little one execpt through fear. Which if that were the case, I think she would try to take the first ride out of here and not even bother to share such knowledge with me. D*mn, I guess I'm going to have to wait before I can start to have my own fun." She had continued.

She came back to attention and heard what the other woman had stated to her. She felt insulted and belittle that this woman freely used a name that carries a lot of meaning to her. She felt that she had to set things straight before they continued any more. Sylvia stood straight up and put her hand on her waist, cocked her head back and pointed a finger with her other hand, over at the older woman. Her voice raised in louder decibels,
"If you want me to listen or even just acknowledge the words coming out of your mouth, then you will recognize me by my last name. As far as you are concerned as this team is concerned, you may call me by last name Kartesh. Anything else and you'll just have to learn the hardway." Her voice seemed to echo off the hollow walls of the ceiling.

Then finally, she snapped out one last phrase before the green haired woman could even remark, " You got that? "
"If something is hard, its not worth doing" - Homer Simpson


"Hmmm?", Rachel said as she looked upwards towards Sarah.  She walked down the ramp towards the crates  and peeked inside.  She slowly removed the radios to the side and then lifted out a rather sophisticated circit board.  Rachel glanced over towards Slyvia and quickly ducked her head into the box pulling out more electronical components. Finally, after pulling everything out of the crate, she noticed a crumpled up scrap of paper scribbled in pencil:

to arrive upon a seeking place

Lifting the paper out of the box, she read it out loud, "To arrive upon a seeking place?", she said in a curious tone.

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"Fine, Kartesh. Just get to work. Unless, of course you want to stay here. One less roommate is fine with me."

'This girl doesn't seem very friendly' Sarah thought. Sarah touched her side where she had stored one of the pistols. It was in case something unfriendly surprised them, but now she felt even better that she had it.

"To arrive upon a seeking place?" said the other girl aloud.

"Wouldn't that be something found?" Sarah responded. It made since. When you get where you were looking for something, you've found it. "Could that be the password Lt.?"

Why do people die before they truly live?


Rachel glanced over towards Sarah.  "Yeah.  That could be it.", she paused, "But passwords are usually only single words.", she concluded and walked back over to the terminal.

"Hmmm, lets try this...", she started tapping computer keys...Rachel stated each password she attempted,
"end." Access Denied
"jouney." Access Denied
"arrival?" Access Denied
"trip?" Access Denied
"arrive?!" Access Denied
"fate??!" Access Denied

arg  "OOOHHH!", Rachel screamed in aggrivation, and kicked the table with her left foot.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


She exhalled heavily as she had finally released some pent up hostility. For a while now, she's been building anger over the duration of quite a few years. A small smile creeped upon her face as she watched the youngling sit there in puzzlement. She tilted her head just a slight degree as her grin grew for that brief moment. She had snapped back to attention when she heard the red head shout out in greater annoyance.

"Huh?", she questioned to herself. She took a rather large step to the side, because she was unable to see what Rachel was occupying herself on.

Sylvia strolled closer towards the electronic picture box to which Rachel's eyes seemed fixated on. "So, what are you doing over here?" She stated in a rhetorical sense.

Her eyes trailed off to a originally unforseen detail. She focused her attention to something and saw what it was everyone seemed to be distracted by. "To arrive upon a seeking place" was jotted down on a small scrap of parchment. Then she looked up to the dullened screen, on there it was somthing she was not too familar with.

"Huh, what is that?" she spoke soft enough to keep it silent from the others.
"If something is hard, its not worth doing" - Homer Simpson


"I'm trying to hack into this computer terminal here, so that maybe, I can figure out what we're supposed to be doing here...or maybe even find a way back home.", Rachel barked in an annoyed tone, while still pounding keys in a frustrated matter.

"Damn it!", she paused.   "That didn't work either!!"

Rachel was getting more frustrated by the second.  "I've never ran into a password that's so damned complicated!", she muttered loud enough so that the others could barely hear her.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


Rachel took a deep sigh and stepped away from the terminal. 

"I'm going to take a break from that.  Maybe the password will 'come to me' in a little while.", she said to herself. 

She took a seat on the cold floor in front of one of the crates that had the various electrical components in it. 

"Hmmm, let's see if I can put this thing back together?  I'm sure it has a useful purpose.", she said in a rhetorical way.

Carefully, she took each item out of the box, and studied it closely.  She pushed her rounded gold glasses up close to her face with her index finger and set a rather large looking squareish item on the floor, and then inserted a long rod looking thing into the middle of the flat square.  As she did it made a loud "click" or "snapping" sound.  A drop of panic fell on to her face as she heard the noise and very carefully handled the object, making sure that she didn't break it....

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


Sarah watched as Rachel began putting that thing together. Maybe it would be useful. Sarah returned to openning the crates. The next one had more rations and ammo. The one after that was stuck in so strong that Sarah couldn't get it open.

"Hey Kartesh, get over here and help me with this one." Sarah called out.

Why do people die before they truly live?


Her mind continued to trail off, "password?" Her eyes lit up as she had finally understood what was going on.
"She needs a special word to get access to the secrets hidden within that terminal."

Sylvia stared at the darkened screen for a few moments as she continued to let her mind ponder. The passphrase rolled off the back of her tongue, "To arrive upon a seek place...", she said while she was speaking to herself using a quiet soft tone in her voice. "Wouldn't that be something along the lines of immigration?"

She just gave a shrug to it and her head drop forward as she sighed out.

"....Kartesh...", that word echoed in the drums of her ear and her mind returned to reality. She snapped her head over to where the voice called her. A general feeling of distress plagued her conscious as she realized who called her but it passed away with ease.

She stared at the soldier for a brief moment wondering what she wanted. Then seeing what she was doing already, she realized very quickly what it was.

She expelled out in a rather annoyed nasal tone, "..Fine.."

She marched the short distance in a rather quickened manner. Sylvia stood next to the crate that Sarah seemed to be pre-occupied with. She placed her hands firmly around the lid of the container. Next, what she did was give a gave tug at the crate's lid. Nothing happened which was a small surprise to her. She gave a shortened growl at the container. She re-situated her position and gave herself more able room to use her feat of strength. She gripped her hands on the side of the metallic crate harden enough to where the metal was about to bend.

A droplet of sweat rolled down the side of her face, as well as her breathing hardened. In the last ditch effort, she had yanked so hard with all of her might on the crates lid. The top of the crate moved only half a inch as it did the metal squealed aloud. The sound of metal grinding against metal echooed off the walls of the room. Just a second later, the container's lid popped right off the box. Since she used so much excessive force, it had knocked her off balance and sent her flying backward onto the floor. The lid flew out of her hand and landed behind her a few feet as it did so. It made several loud noises, the first one was the loud boom as it landed, followed by the screching of metal again.

Sylvia sat on the floor regaining her composure for a few minutes. Her breathing slowed back to normal as she laid there.
"If something is hard, its not worth doing" - Homer Simpson