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Saturday, September 30, 2023, 09:28

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Goverernment and Military

Started by Senkusha, Thursday, February 09, 2023, 16:11

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I figured I would take this moment to briefly describe how the  government and military works in this setting.  I have decided that the  Galaxy is ruled by an empire, much like in Tenchi Universe, however,  some things have changed a bit.  The current ruling family is still  from the line of Ayeka, to be exact, her daughter (to be named soon) is  ruling the Empire.  The lower offices of government are elected  officails, however, instead of being elected on an individual basis,  entire families are elected, the person speaking election is the one  who does sit in the seat of power.  Electing entire families came about  to reduce the amount of corruption within the government.

The  military ranks are as follows, I have combined ranks from both Naval  and Army branches to give more role selection.  The naval ranks are  used aboard star ships, while the army ranks are mostly used on  colonized planets.  There are times when the Senate may assign an  planetary officer aboard a star ship, and that offercer may or may not  report to the Captain of that ship, but instead, directly to the Senate.

Typically  one enters the military in one of two ways, after college, or during  college.  When a person turns 18 usually, they are given the option to  join the military.  A person that declines at first, goes to college  first for four years, at which point is offered an invitation again, if  they choose to enlist, another four years is spent learning specialized  classes that only military officers need to know.  If a person chooses  to enter while in college, the total time spent is only six years,  instead of the normal 8 years.

People choose to go "shore side"  to earn extra training, and higher pay. Typically, these officers  intend to someday run for election in the Senate.  Though, these  assignments are harder to come by than just sticking aboard a ship.

Army ranks are noted with an asterisk (*)
RankTime required before promotion
Ensign2 years
Lieutenant Second Grade *2 years
Lieutenant First Grade3 years
Major *4 years
Lt. Commander5 years
Commander6 years
Colonel *7 years
Captain8 years
General *9 years
Admiral10 years