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The Secret Light: A Classified Mission

Started by Skuld-chan, Thursday, February 09, 2023, 16:12

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The room was grey and cold.  It was large enough that any movements  were echoed throughout the waiting area.  Captain Luke McFearson sat  uncomfortably waiting in the typical metal chair used for interrogating  suspects who commit crimes.  The only decoration in the concrete block  room was a single wall clock, it's second had echoing as seconds  patiently waited their turn to become the past.

McFearson was  dressed in his most elaborate uniform of blacks and dark greys.  A  black necktie neatly tucked into a grey vest underneath an black  overcoat.  Various ribbons of merit and achievement were displayed over  his left breast pocket.  Fighter wings and name tag were over his  right.  His shoulders almost stood up with his captains bars, and two  silver eagles decorated his collar.  His pants were ironed more crisply  than usual, a person could probably cut themselves having bumped into  him the wrong way.  His knee high boots, which his pants were tucked  into had the typical mirror shine he was renowned for.

The  solitary door opened and a woman with a gold oak leaf on her collar  stepped through.  As she held the door open with her hands behind her  back, McFearson stood up, she offered a quick and snappy solute.  When  the captain returned the motion, she lowered her hand to behind her  back and said,

"The Admiral will see you know."

"Thank  you Major." McFearson said, as he took one final look at his uniform  and double checked his tie before stiffly walking into the Admirals'  office.

"Luke, sit down, old friend."  Immediatly the military  protocols went out the window and a more casual one took its place.   McFearson sat down in the rather plush chiar as he held up a hand,  dismissing the Admiral's offer of a cigar.

"Sir, you requested my presence."  Luke inquired.

"Yes,  yes, of course, always straight to business with you. ... That's why I  like you so much.", The admiral said taking a locked box outside of his  lower right desk drawer.  He pulled out a key tucked under his shirt  and opened the box, pulling out several file folders of various colors,  each marked with a name in the Admirals' own hand writing.

"Wow, I thought we did away with paper files centuries ago.", the Capitan commented.

"Yes,  we did, but this mission is highly classified ... So classified that I  didn't want these files to be compromised." the Admiral responded as he  took a few steps around his desk and placed the file folders in front  of his subordinate.  McFearson took a moment and thumbed through a few  of the files.

"Just who are these people?"  He said without stopping to look up.

"These  are the officers who will be under your direct command aboard the  Vertrix."  The admiral responded, but he was cut off from continuing.

"Why is there a file of my daughter in here?"  Luke asked, this time looking up to meet the Admiral's brown eyes.

"She  isn't the only child in those records, your XO also has a daughter he  is bringing aboard as well.  These files are provided simply for your  convenience.  The GIA (Galactic Intelligence Agency) has their reasons  for including their personnel files in your briefing."  Admiral Getts  said simply.

"Are you going to tell me why?"  McFearson said dangerously.

"No.   ... Truth is... I don't know.  You'll have to take up an inquiry with  the GIA while en-route if you want to know."  Getts replied with a hint  of laughter.  Anybody who has ever tried to get an answer from the GIA  before, has usually been ignored, and McFearson knew it.

"These are my orders?", McFearson held up a blank sealed envelope.

"Yes, they are."  Getts replied dryly.

Luke opened the envelope and read it's contents:

To:  Capt. Luke McFearson
From: Galactic Stragetic Command
Assign:  A.S.S. Vertrix
Sensitivity:  One-Alpha Classification. (Top Secret)

This  order is to notify you of your immediate transfer to from the A.S.S.  Rectrusive to the A.S.S. Vertrix for a six month trial run of the new  APEX guidance systems.  Your destinations will consist of Star  Formation Omega-Twelve, Solar System Hugu-Nine-Six, and Nemetrous  Nebula around Taousetta-Seven.

The Vertrix has been equipped  with several Titan VIII Fusion Reactive Missiles to be tested at the  above locations.  You are to determine the maximum yield of each weapon  and report back to HQ Base Command.  Due to the sensitivity of this  mission, the Vertrix has been manned with a skeleton crew.  All  personnel files have been included with your orders.

Every  attempt has been made to pre-screen all officers attending this  mission, however, due to the nature of this mission, and the pay load  the Vertrix will be carrying, expect Republic Spies to attempt to gain  access to your cargo.  You have the full authority of the Armada Fleet  Council behind you if you need to take measures into your own hands.

Godspeed, and good luck.

Message Authenticated.

"Well,  that's quite an order.", McFearson paused for a moment.  "These  destinations are ... rather far from the core worlds, Admiral."

"Yes.   I imagine they would be.  Those weapons are yet untested.   Theoretically, Fusion Reactive weaponry could tear space if used  incorrectly.  Your Chief Engineer... Lyria, I believe her name is  should be encouraged to read up on the subject." Getts elaborated.

"This  is what you've always wanted, Luke.  Your first command taking out  outside the patrol border, boldly going where nobody really  wants to go, and you've got a fine crew to go along with you. ... Your  daughter.... Katelyn, is it?  She will be well taken care of aboard the  Vertrix.  -- She'll even have her own private quarters, since there's  more than enough room on board."  The Admiral said half jokingly.

"She'll  be glad to hear that.  Thirteen is quite an... uncomfortable age to  deal with....let alone live with."  Luke said as he gave a quiet  chuckle.

"Well you should get going.  You're due to launch off  at sixteen-hundred hours.  I don't think you'll want to be late meeting  your crew."  The Admiral suggested.

"Ah yes, of course."   McFearson said as he started for the door, once reaching it, he  paused.  "Thank you, sir."  He said still looking at the door, his hand  on the handle.

"You're welcome, and good luck, Capitan.

It  took all but half an hour to transport to the massive ship.  Despite it  having transportation technology built in, it's traditional for every  Capitan to want to visually see the ship they are going to be  commanding, and McFearson was no exclusion.

"Sir, I have  arranged for all your crew to meet you on the bridge."  The shuttle  pilot said as he maneuvered the final movements , guiding the shuttle  into the landing dock.

"Very good. Lieutenant."  McFearson replied.

A few minutes later, and the familiar sound of metal locking with metal could be heard echoing around the shuttle.

"Docking  complete.  ... Opening the airlock ... Air pressure normal."  The  Lieutenant said, checking off each item on his post-flight list.

The  door opened and the interoir of the ship was seen for the first time.   Luke took a moment to get over the inital shock.  Instead of dimly lit,  cold grey metal and silver steel, plush carpet, brightly lit wall  lights, and a breath of warm, comfortable air rushed into the shuttle.

"Wow."  Luke muttered under his breath.

He took one step, and the Lieutenant took his arm to stop him.  "Wait sir."  he said calling after him.

"What?"  McFearson inquired.

"You  almost forgot this."  The Lieutenant handed him a tall bottle of  champaign.  "It's her first voyage.  It just wouldn't be right if she  sailed off with out this."

"Oh... yes.  Of course."  Luke said,  continuing to walk down the hall.  "This will be a welcome guest for  the bridge staff upon launching."  he said almost as a whisper as he  turned the first corner to the elevator to the bridge.

The doors  opened and he walked in, very quickly a red wide beam scanned his  optical pattern.  "Welcome aboard, Captain McFearson.  What is your  destination?"  A very robotic, but feminine voice inquired.

"Bridge."   he responded.  Without a hesitation, the doors shut and the elevator  rocketed up towards the bridge.  The doors opened and for the first  time, saw  his brand new bridge, waiting for him.
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


((Not nearly as long I'm afraid. Pardon.))

 She liked to be  prompt, most notably in first meetings. There were plenty of ways to  give a wrong impression solely on poor appearances, and simply arriving  late would not help matters. After all, simply having an army rank can  put people on edge aboard a ship (especially one of this magnitude),  long before she could wholeheartedly explain her experience as a child  with the navy. The major had plans to keep herself silent for the most  part, to the point but with courtesies all the same. She was keenly  aware that her—speech patterns were a little off-putting at first,  spending the first few days of many of her assignments running her  words together in explaining why her words were running together (a  relatively lost cause until she was out on the field). At the very  least, the reluctant additions to her appearance would promote a  serious position of authority.

 Cybil kept herself rigid at her  position on the bridge, idly fumbling with a few buttons on her dress  marine uniform as she periodically eyed the elevator with a brief flash  of anxiety. She tried to simply wave it off as first assignment  jitters, seeing how she had spent the last sixth months back on firm  land. No matter her childhood, having her feet on metal was still  uneasy for a few weeks. There was no great atmosphere that the world  had created (no "breath of fresh air" she supposed was the proper  wording), just the artificial and chilly air to welcome her. She always  prayed there was no real serious incident during this critical period;  her attention was scattered and her hours of sleep plummeted until  there was any real acclamation.

 It would be a good time to  spend it trying to figure out what to do with the mecha in dock. She  didn't know what the assignments officer was thinking in handing such  an ill-reputable machine for a supposed highly classified mission. The  first practice run with it had shown that its reputation was a true  one, nearly killing several onlookers with the faulty targeting system,  and initiating a self-destruct sequence before she quickly forced an  override shut down (she had experience an explosion once of that  magnitude, it was not going to happen again). With a rare uproar  of anger, she stomped back into the assignments office and curtly  demanded for a more suitable mecha.

 "Major, you know I wouldn't  do that to you if I had a choice!" the officer tried to reason, a young  blonde boy just recently getting the job. He scratched his shaggy hair  as he worriedly glanced at his clipboard, nibbling at his bottom lip.  "That's the only one we have left!"

 "When is th' next shipment  'en?! Ah can' gang it thaur wi' thes!" she snapped before taking a deep  breath, calming herself down. It was no sense in making the boy any  more nervous than he already was, sheepishly hiding behind his  clipboard with a grimace. For a moment, there was a heavy silence as  the officer repeatedly looked back at her and the clipboard, growing  more frantic with each cycle. It was then that she realized that she  would be long into the assignment before any new shipments arrived.  "Nevermin' 'en. Ah can deal wi' it until Ah return. Reserve a body fur  me, woods ye?"  As he nervously nodded and began scribbling on his  clipboard once more, she left with a sigh of surrender.

Her  nerves had changed little since then, however. She had a perfectly good  mecha last assignment and well... she was left without an arm. If any  other mess were to happen, Cybil couldn't conceive the damage that  would come from it. She had to admit that since then she was much  warier. The incident was still fresh in her mind, and as the minutes  continued to pass, the nervousness began to take hold, idly rocking  back and forth on the balls of her feet. She tried to ignore the  ringing in her ears, picking up her rocking with a slight whistle. Now  was not the time to drift. Instead, the raven-haired chose to take a  closer look at the surroundings, approving the oddly homey area. She  couldn't recall another ship that had tried to make things comfortable  for the inhabitants (they were in the military; designers supposed that  comfort wasn't a necessary component). She wasn't so easy with the AI  of the ship, but at the very least, she was straightforward and simple. 

She jumped at the sound of the elevator doors opening, snapping  into a salute without even taking a good look at the captain of the  ship. No, she had to keep her focus on not screwing up her first  introduction. "K-K-Keptin, it's... it's guid tae m-meit ye." She inwardly  cringed at her stutter. "Majur Cybil Ellis. Ah-Ah won' be much  t-trooble. Simply... simply haur as a formality... e-e-escort if ye  woods."


As McFearson took the first step off the elevator, an automated whistle  blew, the same feminine robotic voice announced, "Attention, Captain on  the Bridge."

The bridge itself was quite remarkable.  There was  a large view screen showing out from the very front of the ship.   Various tactical sensor data was overlaid on top of the live image  stream.  Next to him on the wall, was a digital map of the ship.   Unlike the design of other ships, the Vertrix's layout was quite  different.  Instead of the bridge being on the very top, or the rear of  the ship, it was in the very center of the ship.  Right next to Main  Engineering, Sick Bay, even a Officers' Mess.  All the crew's quarters  were on the floors below the 'main deck'.  Little white blips displayed  on the map, indicating everybody's life force signature.  Every few  seconds, a green circle grew from the center of the screen, updating  the positions of the white dots.  A quiet beep indicated when the  circle had reached the boarder of the map, and started the cycle over  again.

Along the back wall, were various stations, each with a  plush high backed chair, complete with arm and leg rests that extended  from the base.  Each station was turned ninety degrees from the back  wall, giving three display screens, each with a series of its own  controls and use.  In the front center of the bridge were a set of  three chairs.  The middle one was raised the highest, obviously meant  for the Capitan, the one to its right was slightly lower, meant for the  XO, and finally on the left was lower still, probably meant for a  secondary command officer.  Each position had its own set of  controls  and a virtual heads up display -- like a 3D holographic projection.

While  McFearson was taking in all of this, he heard one of his new officers  babbling on about something in back of him.  He turned to face her, a  Major, and extended his right hand.

"Very well, Major Ellis.  May I call you Cybil?"
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


She was a little surprised by the man's wonder about the bridge,  spending several minutes ignoring her little bit of rambling to take in  the view. From her relative inexperience, it did seem high-tech, but  nothing overly surprising. After so many years, the settings sort of  melded in for Cybil. A tragic truth that might change with the nature  of the assignments the major seemed to be receiving. One thing that  couldn't be denied though the bridge definitely eased things inside the  ship, its furnishings something that would occasionally allow her  formalities to slip (quick to tell from the meek display she had just  bestowed on the higher-up; she really must do something about it).

  Her wandering mind came to an abrupt halt when the Captain finally  spoke to her, jumping at his voice. Oh geez. "W-Whatever suits ye,  sairrr. Yoo're... Yoo're th' cheil in charge efter aw," she spluttered  out a bit sheepishly as she briskly took the man's hand and shook it.  He was an intimidating man, but he was friendly at least. He could tell  there was quite a bit of experience, and like any others, she hoped to  learn what she could to continue moving through the ranks. The fact  that this mission was so highly classified looked good on the record as  well. More than anything though, it was the real world experience that  comes from the odd variety of assignments, her natural curiosity a  powerful motivator for her reasons in joining the army.

 Still  something had bothered her. "P...Pardon mah frankness, but whit ur we  daein' fur thes assignment exactly?" though she eyed the Champaign  bottle as a good sign as a celebration, it would comfort her to at  least get a run-down of the mission first, "Ah wasnae... given mony  details when they transferred me haur." She wasn't exactly comfortable  with just being told, in the midst of rehab, that as soon as she was  finished, she would step onto a new ship—and that being all the  information allowed. In truth, Cybil had been ready to move onto  something new (no matter how long she was to become accustomed to the  new arm, it still wasn't her old one), but without any idea what she  would be doing was disheartening. After all, she'd fully liked to know  if her presence was a necessity at all times or not. If they weren't,  she was content to spend at least some days in her cabin, catching up  on her reading. She had spent her time in rehab running around town and  buying antique books to keep her sanity. Unfortunately with certain  health issues, she hadn't been able to read most of them.

  Nonetheless, this was a moment to get to know her captain, where she'd  likely spend quite a few months with. "M-Mcfearson, was it? If... If ye  need onie assistance, Ah can dae whit Ah c-c-can. ...Lived most ay mah  life oan board a ship, in aw honesty."

((I meant to mention, if  anyone has trouble understanding Cybil, let me know.  :sweatdrop: The  Scottie accent can be a little difficult.))


"Ah yes."  McFearson said, giving a swift about-face, his heels clicked  together as he took a center position in front of his crew.  It was  just then that he noticed two teenage girls among his crew also.  One  of them, was his daughter, Katelyn.  It was the first time he had ever  seen her in a military uniform.  She looked so grown up standing there  with her hands clasped together in front of her skirt.  There was  another girl, a few officers down, standing next to a Commander.  That  must be Solovyev.  He had been told that he too has a daughter, this  must be her.  She too was wearing a uniform, and her green eyes stared  out in front of her to no place in particular.

Clearing his  throat, he addressed his crew.  "You mission. ... " He began  carefully.  Words rambled through his mind as he collected the most  appropriate ones to say.  He had to be very careful in what he did  mention -- at least, while still in Space Dock.  "is to test the full  functionality of this new state-of-the-art space vessel.  We will be  going into "No Mans' Land" to be frank.  We're gong to the far edges of  the galaxy.  We're going to test all the systems of this ship,  including its advanced weapons  systems.  I will tell you now, that  most likely, we will be out of communications range very soon, as we  leave the Core World Network.  We will be on our own out there.  I  really hope that none of you  have a problem with that."

He paused for a bit, while he raised his index finger in mid air, indicating he had something further to add.

"This  ship seems almost too comfortable to be true.  I must confess, I too  was taken back from it's plush comforts.  We appear to have a very  advanced Artificial Intelligence Unit on board, which allows us to  cruise with a minimum of crew.  Thus, most of your jobs will probably  be heavily automated.  Nevertheless, I will be reviewing everybody's  fleet records to see where you would fit best as crew members.  We may  need to think quickly, and have the job done right, in the event that  something breaks."

He paused, and this time looked between the two teenage girls.

"You  will all treat these two adolescent girls as officers.  I am giving  them field commissions of Ensign.  Though they may be near the bottom  of the rank structure, but they will be treated as officers  nonetheless, and be given all the privileges as well as all of the  responsibilities of such rank.  We can certainly use all the help we  can get on our mission."

Katelyn grew a broad smile as she had  just been promoted by her father.  For the first time, she felt as  though she could actually impress him.  She won't let him down no  matter what.

While the other girl, just smiled ever so slightly, but still remained very cold-ish.

"Now, I would like to know what everybody's most experienced with, and what are your qualifications."
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


"you're orders sir..." said a private quietly, shaking from what seemed to be fear

as Commander Kelokov slowly lifted his head from his work, the private near pissed himself but kept his composure.

"sir.... uh... its from the Admiral" the private chattered, starting to sweat perfussly

the commander growled and snatched the orders away casualy flipping open the folder

"WWHHHHAATT!?!?!?!" he roared slamming down the folder, buckling the table

at  this the private feignted and landed with a thump on the floor. the  commander seeming not to notice him walked on through into the ajioning  cabin. Where upon reaching his room he began rifling through his things  until he found what he was looking for. After stomping through the ship  causing many a passing under-rank hide, he arrived at the bridge,  shouting at the communication panal.

"Admiral Beckett, NOW!" he screamed at his AI

"The Admiral is not taking calles at this moment Commander" the Female AI respondes

"TO HELL HE ISNT!" he shouts slamming his fist into the comm panal

"Send priority level 1 to the Admiral, tell him its urgent" said he with a sly smile "this should wake him up" he murmmers

"But sir, level one is extreme emergancy only" the AI responded

"DID I SAY TO BACK TALK ME YOU PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR RAM!!!!" he roared punching the screen, putting his fist throgh it

"very well commander...... *BEEP BOOP*... Message sent" the AI says a twinge of sadness in its cold voice

"Urgent message from Commander Solovyev, Level one Urgentcy" The Admirals AI Beeps.

(the  commander hsa a russian accent but its  really quite hard to write it  down so just use your imagination, ill try it later and see what happens

Drivin people to insanity since the 16th century


The view screen opened up with an image of an older man, with short grey hair wearing a red and black uniform with gold trim.

"This is Admiral Beckett.  Aren't you supposed to be aboard the Vertrix by now?  They depart in twenty minutes."
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


" WHAT THE **** IS THIS!?!?!" kelokov screams "john, we have been  friends ever since the 1st space war, why after passing me up for  promotion do you re-assign me?" he asks with a calmed voice
Drivin people to insanity since the 16th century


"Kelokov.  I'm sorry you were ultimately passed up for promotion, but,  the Council thinks this mission would be a good move for you.", the  Admiral paused for a moment. 

"Besides, your daughter, Cassandra is already on board."  He paused further. 

"And if you don't hurry up, you'll miss your ticket to Captain."  He said with a wink. 

"I'm certain that after this mission, you'll have all the qualifications necessary for an easy promotion."
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


"...... as you say Comrade" he says suddenly tired

at the words "daughter" and "on ship" he suddenly woke up

"WWWWHAAAAT!?!??! my DAUGHTER AS WELL!?!?!" he smashes his fist into another wall monitor "WHY!?"
Drivin people to insanity since the 16th century


The admiral flashed a slight smile at seeing the Commander totally loose it.

"Well,  if you get on board, perhaps, you'll find out.  At any rate, I don't  know why she's going with you, only that the Galactic Intelligence  Agency authorized it."

"Beckett out."

The view screen turned black as the admirals image faded away
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


*sigh* -mine as well go pack- he thought. as he walked down the metal  halls he smiles in remembrance. the day he yelled so long and hard at a  private he died of fright. or here, as he passes the mess, the time he  shot the mutineering chef. and here, right here, his daughter first  said, that she loved him. Right here at the firing range entrance.
right after he taught her how to shoot.

"HEY! SUSIE!" he screamed calling his nick name for the AI

"yes commander?"

"patch me into the ship comms and speaker system"

"as you wish"

A Loud BEEP is heard

"Men!,  Women!, Comrades! i your beloved Commander have been Re-assigned" he  waits as the cheering dies down "Now i know that all of you will miss  me! but do not be sad, but remember all the good times we've had, and  the bad" the ship is silent he continues smiling,"Now i leave you all  in the capable hands of my lieutenant, and dear friend, Tatyana" who he  just happens to pass, she stops and looks at him

"Dos Vedonya,  my dear" he says gently placing a kiss on her cheek, "it has been a  pleasure serving with you," as he continues walking away she is stunned  and blushing

"Now as my last order aboard my ship and as i leave  her faithful crew i have but one last order.... BATTLE STATIONS!!!!!"  he Laughs as he runs the rest of the way to the docking bay, all of the  crew surging past him to get into fighting positions,.

He finds  that all of his things are packed and on board, learning this from a  note left b a private. he wipes his hands on his pants and walks onto a  new ship and into a new adventure, one he can share with his daughter
Drivin people to insanity since the 16th century


with a casual walk, the good commander walks right on into the ship,  passing all the luxurious ship and pretty much ignoring everything,  until he comes upon an elevator. he enters and notices the lack of  buttons, or a console..... "

"uh, how the devil am i supposed to get to the bridge?" he says pondering the elevator

"bridge" says the AI and up he goes up "interesting"

"voice pattern not recognized, please identify or i will vent the elevator" the AI says

"vent me? this should be fun" he says reaching for his pistol


he puts a round into the chamber


he points at the AI box in the corner


"oh very well, i am Commander Kelokov Solovyev" he says gun unwavering

"welcome  aboard Commander" and the elevator doors open to the bridge were his  daughter is sitting and several others are lounging about as well. He  puts a 7.62X25mm round into the AI box as the elevator doors close

"i hate AI" he mumbles as everyone whips their heads and looks at him, a young girl hitting the deck covering her head.

he but looks at her and smiles, finding all this very funny
Drivin people to insanity since the 16th century


McFearson whipped his head over towards the elevator where an explosion  just happened out of  nowhere.  His daughter, Katelyn, meanwhile, dove  under a console, holding her arms over her head in a protective  position.  Cassandra just smiled, and deactivated the holographic  projection of her father she had standing next to her.

"What the hell....?"  McFearson glared over towards his XO standing just outside the smoke filled elevator.
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


he looks over to the new captain

"what? i hate AIs" kelokov just shrugs and continues to the captains seat where he plops down

"you were saying boss man?" he says folding his hands and reclining
Drivin people to insanity since the 16th century


Captain McFearson walks upto where the commander was seated, rather  relaxing, and bends down low, almost whispering into his ear.

"I  was asking for the crew's qualifications and experience.  I don't know  what or how you pulled off being here when you weren't but from now on,  I would appreciate it if you could be here on time.  Had you been here  in the first place, you would have known that.  Oh, and this... is  my chair."

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


he looks into the Captains eyes, death staring at him from behind his  pupils, a broad smile upon his face. causing an odd shiver to run down  McFearson's spine.

"so it is boss guy, so it is, and as for who  i happen to be? im your XO, Commander Kelokov Solovyev. Ive fought in  every major and most minor wars and conflicts for the past 35 years.  guess you could say im a combat specialist, and buyer of old war  technology." "and that beautiful young lady not cowering under that  console is my daughter, so you know" he said with warning dripping from  his voice
Drivin people to insanity since the 16th century


Well, then I'm glad you're aboard.  We might need somebody with  your..... expertise in weapons and personal combat."  He stood back up  straight and took a step back and paused.

"Oh, and that lovely  young lady you refer to is also now an Ensign.  I've given both girls a  field commission...."  he paused for effect, "And, I have the full  authority of the Armada Fleet in my decisions.  I hope we're clear,  yes?"

He turned on his heel and walked back around the command chairs to finish greeting the rest of the officers.
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


your the boss, welp! nap time" as the captain continues he leans back tips his hat over his face and instantly falls asleep
Drivin people to insanity since the 16th century


McFearson glances back to see the commander snoozing fast asleep, still in his chair.  I'll deal with him later..
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


(Stands, removes his helmet and salutes)

"Yarelle Ichijo. I'm a  ... well... a retreval expert. (scraches the back of his head) GXP cut  me a break and said you could use a guy with my expertese. I'm allowed  to keep the experimental stealth suit you see that I procured since it  bonded with me to the cellualr level and as restitution for past crimes  as well helping deal with the "Facility" I'm s'pose ta enlist.

I  did well enough ta make junior officer with security detail sir. Which  I think is joke. You need anything ta do with stealth and black ops,  I'm yer guy.

Also... I use to be the wanted tech thief Zero  Ryoko, so I do appologized with the reputaion that past life might do  in future missions."
If at first you don't succeed, pay someone whou could.


-great a tech wiz, only time i needed one of those was after my last one died- kelo thinks laughing inwardly
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Lyria begins to wonder if it's safe to peek out from under the console  she dived under when she assumed the "crash position" following the  loud noises. She sits up and pokes her head up just far enough to let  her see over the console, holding onto the edge. She blinks a few times  and looks from the captain to his executive officer and back again. And  that's about when she notices the console has succeeded in loading a  partial wiring schematic for the engineering section and gets  distracted.

She stays partially crouched and mumbles to herself  occasionally as she reads, the occasional bleeps and blips of normal  computer access the only other sound drawing attention to her.


Cybil eyed the spectacle with a small wince, feeling the tenseness and  nervousness double as the smoke-filled elevator slowly began to air out  into the room. If something had already exploded before they had even  begun to move, there was going to be mountains of trouble for  the crew. A sigh escaped as she scratched her mass of black hair,  taking a cautionary step back as everyone began to introduce  themselves. From the sound of things, there didn't seem to be much for  her to do for now—until something messes up anyway. After all, she had  said the same thing last mission and well... they seemed much less...  accident-prone then. Maybe it was just terrible timing or something,  but she couldn't her body stiffening as the ringing in her ear  returned. Ugh.

 "Ah.. Ah specialize in armed combat,  specifically mecha," she responded to the question simply before  carefully studying the other crew with mild fascination. She admitted  that it surprised her was the variety of expertise for a shake-down  run, and the distant locations from which they would be testing out the  systems. It seemed a little cautionary. Her mouth formed a thin line,  but kept silent, instead moving to the back wall, a couple of feet from  Lyria's hiding place. She then began to mess with her ear a bit,  rubbing it in hopes of ceasing the noise inside it.


After Yarelle introduced himself, he returned to his station at ops  while taking note of his crew mates. The one who seemed give a vibe  that reminded him of Washu made him disengage his stealth armor. In  flash of light his light flexible armor turned to pair of armored  bracers. In its place was a green headband that complimented his red  bangs, a white long sleeved shirt with a brown vest, jeans and knee  high back boots.

I hope they don't mind the non uniform  atire, he thought, the sudden transfer didn't exactly give me  time to all my gear ready before GXP dumped me here.

The guy  taking nap on the Captain's chair who looked like he could fold him in  half was automaticaly filed in the section "do not mess with" with  special note, "don't mess with his daughter." While the one running the  show reminded him of Comissioner Kataguila, a serious type but can keep  cool under stress. A very respectable person as stated in the ship's  logs.  The "one" not hiding under the console across from him seemed  out of place in a warship. He lets out a sight as he knows where this  is going. He filed her under, "keep safe and most likely away from."  The Amazon mecha pilot who just walked in looked like a wound spring  ready to pop at moments notice, but then again coming from smoking  elevator I'd be on high alert to. He also noted to be careful around  her. Being often the target of mecha pilots during his infamous days as  the tech thief Zero Ryoko has left Yarelle rather twichy around them.

Yarelle  places his hand on the console at his sation. His eyes began to glow an  errie yellow as he phsychicly acsses the ship's logs and began to asses  if any damage was done to elevator and began programing procedures if  repairs are needed. He also suggested a few modifications to AI program  to avoid getting shot at by the XO.

Shouldn't opening credits and theme song supose to start by now, he thought in jokingly as he leaned back on is chair.
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