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The Secret Light: A Classified Mission

Started by Skuld-chan, Thursday, February 09, 2023, 16:12

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Toast, why do i want toast?. And why do we need a AS pilot and a  genetically bonded walking shadow on this ship? Well if Ive learned  anything from my past Wars, its that the Command is lying, Mine as well  go set up my ammunition spawn-er. "ammunition spawn-er" wonder why he  didn't name is something more appropriate, like the "Collector" or  something, well i guess i could go terrorize the AI, maybe after our  illustrious leader finishes his inauguration speech ill pry some  answers out of him. Kelokov slowly got out of the seat and as  silent as a shadow stole into the ship.

"If i cant kill him, guess ill explore the ship" he says half to himself, half tp the ship

"If you need directions simply ask, sir" the AI chimes in

"SAM  i will kill you, i mean it, im going to find you and rip out your  brain, and then im going to piss in your wiring." he says casualy, yes  dangerously

"as you wish sir, i shall not bother you again" SAM says with a twinge of fright

did SAM just seem afraid? nah AI's don't have emotions, just my imagination

he continues walking around in silence, the quietness of the ship bothering him
Drivin people to insanity since the 16th century


Katelyn was standing there watching everybody chatter amongst  themselves.  She noticed, that like her, the other teenager was just  standing around.  She took the initiative, and walked up to the new  ensign, with raven black hair.

"Hi!"  Katelyn said with a smile, and a wave with her right hand.

"Oh.  Hi."  Cassandra replied with no emotion whatsoever.  "What do you want."

"I'm  like, Katelyn McFearson.  I just totally wanted to like meet ya."  She  paused for an uncomfortable moment.  Cassandra breathed a depressing  sigh.  "Like we're ensigns!  How totally awesome is that?!"  Katelyn  beamed with excitement.

"Yeah.  I guess so.  If you insist."  Cassandra replied dryly.

"So, like what's your name?"  Katelyn asked.

Cassandra sighed, "I'm Cassandrrrra."  She said as she rolled her R with a heavy mix of Russian and German.

"It's so awesome to meet you Cassie!... And, you can like call me Katie....fur short too!"

"Wonderrrful, but I prefer Cassandrrra.", again she rolled her R's.

"Oh,  like okay.  Cassandra it is then.  It's like awesome to totally meet  you.  I think we're going to be like totally good friends for life?!"   Katelyn said with hyperactivity, practically dancing from one foot to  the other.

"Oh that's just great."  Cassandra replied as dryly as before.  "Well, I'll be going now.  I have to go unpack."  She continued.

"Awesome!  So do I!  We could do it together and save like have the time!"  Katelyn replied full of excitement.

"No thanks.  I ... prefer to do my own unpacking....alone.  And you should do the same."  Cassandra replied.

"Oh,  like okay.  I totally understand.  You've like got some totally  priavate things packed.  I get totally get it.  It's like okay.  You  know, I like have those thingies too.  Being a teenager is a total  nightmare, like you know.  As if these other people would understand.   Grownups can be a total betch most of the time."  Katelyn replied,  almost in a whisper.

"Yeah.  Sure."  Cassandra replied.  "Well,  I'll be going now."  She continued, quickly turning on her heel, her  skirt, and black long hair followed flowing in a twirl trailing her  swift about-face.

"She's like totally awesome!"  Katie squeaked  to herself, and turned around herself, now facing the various stations  that were once behind her.  She walked up to an empty one, and started  to familiarize herself with the new computer system, quickly learning  its unique programming interface.
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


wandering through the ship Kelokov found some interesting things, a  freaky toilet thing, a shooting range, the super mess hall of doom, and  him and his daughters adjoining rooms

he stares at the name  plates "COMMANDER SOLOVYEV" and next to his "CASSANDRA SOLOVYEV"  without further delay he went into the lavishly adorned apartment, a  wall TV and a leather couch, a fully stocked fridge and a large open  bar, and the most comfortable looking bed possible. He pulled out his  pistol and slowly walked through the room lifting this and that with  his pistol barrel testing for booby traps and the such, after finding  no traps he went to his boxes and check them as well. Noticing he had  no clothes in the boxes, which pissed him right off, he went into the  closet and found all the uniforms and dress attire he could ever need,  upon fining these he sigh inwardly and promptly slumped on the floor  and fell asleep, with his eyes open.
Drivin people to insanity since the 16th century


Lyria eventually notices the captain has paused in front of her. She  looks up for a long moment before saluting from her half hidden crouch.  "Sir..." There's another short pause before the slight clearing of  someone's throat causes her to realize a response is expected. She  blinks and adds "I'm Lyria, sir. I was told to be your engineer." A  little confused about the protocol for announcing oneself to a superior  one has never met before she slowly moves her hand into a salute and  belatedly stands up.


:nosweat: as Yarelle witnessed the two teens interact.

Ok, he thought, were doomed.... I wonder if there are any openings on the Nadesico... wiat that's an anime.

"V this place got a dojo or a work out joint?"

V(Ship's AI): "All combat simulations are held in deck 14 near hangar 3."

"Thanks V, don't let the tank freak you out, just remember the program I set up."

V: "You're not the one who is threatened by physical harm at a drop of a hat, but I'll keep it in file."

"At a girl, well talk more later."

Yarelle could have sworn that his console just blushed at the statement.

Damn, Hyate's right I do flirt with the tech too much, he thought.

Gets up and walks towards the captain.

"Sorry  ta interupt ya sir, but if ya ain't no other other orders or things ya  need from me. I'd like ta take off now. I'll be in the dojo should ya  need me at a moments notice."
If at first you don't succeed, pay someone whou could.

Lord Cyber

Emily tried to take in everyone...everything. But it was just too much at once. The ship layout made no sense to her and it's personnel...on the extreme.

She stepped briskly across the bridge and closed in on the Captain when everyone began milling about.

"Greetings!" Dr. Payne reached forward and grabbed at one of McFearson's pointy shoulder pads; as much to gain his attention as to keep it from accidentally poking her in the forehead. "Captain McFearson, I am Dr. Emily Payne, your military assigned medical officer...however, I have no crew manifest, or any information on the sick bay equipment. Sir, my assignment docket is empty except for the ship's name and my arrival instructions. Just how "secret" is this mission...this ship...I've never seen any design like this in the empire."

Emily shot Cybil an apologetic smile in case she just interrupted a conversation between her and the Captain.

((if I went too far on the empty docket thing, stop me))
It's like a different forum every time I come here...


            She took notes of the crew's mannerisms as they began to file out of the bridge, her dread growing deeper with each interaction. What sort of crew was this? There must've been one thing they all had in common for such a mission, but it increasingly became less obvious as the minutes ticked by. Though it was a bit worrying, it wasn't in her place to meddle in those situations, trying to busy her thoughts on what to do to pass the time. While the combat simulations seemed welcoming, the man that was heading in the direction had only been looking at her weirdly a few moments ago, and Cybil wasn't entirely comfortable with having to deal with that awkward situation.
           Her musings came to a halt at the sound of a late-comer, barely making out the medical officer behind the captain. Already, she seemed completely loss. This can't be good. She formed a thin line at the smile given to her, noting the nervousness behind it with some confusion. Awkwardly, she returned the smile and gestured toward the captain, simply giving permission to take his attention (seemed a rather ridiculous notion, since she didn't have that attention in the first place). "Pardon me, keptin... Eh'd loch tae gang tak' a swatch aroond th' ship. If ye need onie assistance... lit me ken." With that, she took her leave, allowing Emily to speak to the captain and get caught up on things.
           Once out of the room, she began to wander the spaces with idle attention. While it certainly was constructed as the most advanced Cybil had ever stepped foot on, she wasn't much interested in ship design. Knowing enough to get around quickly and get out quickly was enough for her.


Deck 14: Combat and Simulations Room
The doors swishes open  as Yarelle walks in. He took note of the large room with grid lines cover the entire area.
A holodeck....? :blink: How clihe', het hought. :nosweat:
Yarelle: "V set up a dojo program please. Multiple styles and combatants. Adjust gravity to 1.5 time normal."
V: "Dojo program initiated. (Earthstyle dojo materializes and fills with combatants.) Gravity adjustment complete. (Combatants muscle mass increased to that of body builders.) Becareful."
Yarelle: "I'll be fine V. Maximum dificulty."
V: "That is illadvized your maximum capabilities have not been could get hurt."
Yarelle: "Well I gusee we'll find out now, aint we?"
V: "But..."
Yarelle: "I'll be fine. Just monitor my vitals. Any thing goes south, there's a "bandaid" on board, drop'em a line."
V: "Understood sending known medical records to sickbay."
Yarelle: "At a girl. (Eyes begins to glow eerie yellow) Lets see what this overhyped Playstation can do. Execute combat simulation."
If at first you don't succeed, pay someone whou could.


McFearson wondered about, only hearing half of what his crew was saying while they were talking to him.  Instead, he waived them off and let them to begin learning the ship.    That Commander really irritates me. He has no respect for authority.  Perhaps this assignment will change that.

Just then the main view screen flashed "Incoming Mesasge, Priority One."   A few seconds later, the face of Admrial Beckett appeared on the screen.

"Crew of the A.S.S. Vertrix.  I welcome you to your new assignment.  I am proud that each and every one of you will be breaking records, and establishing the new bar of excellence."  He paused for a moment before continuing.

"Thank you Admiral."  McFearson spoke for the entire crew.

"Your mission is one of the most classified in nature.  Now that you are all aboard the ship, you are going to have to learn its new experimental systems while on the go.  You're first destination is the new Star Formation at Omega-12.  This is a fairly remote part of space, and you will be out of communications range.  While there, you are to deploy and test the new Titan-8 Fusion-Reactive Missile.  You will also be testing out several of the small personal fighter space craft and Mecha aboard the ship."

"Thank you, sir, it will be our honor to perform these tests for the Fleet."  Captain McFearson replied full of military authority.

"Very well, I wish you all luck, and you may get underway.   Immediately."  The Admiral replied as the view screen went black.

"Alright, you all heard the Admiral, let's get underway."  McFearson said.  He looked around the room, spotting his daughter still standing around not knowing what to do, her eyes caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.

"Katey, why don't you sit here, and take the controls."  He said, hand outstretched towards the pilots seat, which most likely surprised everyone in the room, including her.

"M--Me?"  She answered pointing to her chest.

"Yes, you.  If you are going to be an Ensign, then you're going to use it."  He said firmly.

Katelyn slowly approached the chair, all of the buttons and lights and switches looked rather intimidating to her at first.  She gracefully sat down, ensuring that her skirt didn't ride up the back of the seat.  The control set moved in closer to her, which frightened her a bit.

"Okay, like now what?"  she questioned.

The captain walked over next to her, reviewed all the controls and pointed at a large green blinking button, right under a throttle lever.  Katelyn looked up unsure at her father,  took a deep breath and pushed the button.  A loud clanking was heard as the space dock released it's docking clamps from the ship.  A message appeared on Katelyn's video screen indicating that the ship was free and could throttle ahead.

"Now gently push that lever away from you, but not too much.  About a third of the way should be enough."  her father instructed.

Katelyn took her hand and grasped the handle of the lever, her palms were sweaty and clammy.  Gently as she was instructed, she pushed the lever away from her, and the ship began to power up and move ever so slowly out of the space dock.  The doors became larger and larger as the massive ship approached them.   Blinking runway lights followed each other towards the door.
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


"Beckett you SON-OF-A-" Kelokov began

"NO! you know there is nothing i can do just do me a favor" the Admiral cutting him off

"what, what could you possible want? you take my command, my ship and brought my daughter on board, what more could you want from me!?!?" he shouted at Beckett while the crew listened to the recording.

"don't kill McFearson. Please?" he sighs

Kelokov smiles his famous no promises grin "no promises old friend."

"well at least try, and log in some time at the range, ive allocated, all the resources you will need for the trip and extra for your habit of blowing things up that don't work" he said looking though a clipboard.

kelokov nods

"oh, and before i forget the new AI, she is a new model not before tested, the brains say she has an advanced learning chip, and may learn to feel, rudimentary emotions, you know love and fear and all that, she is programed to defend the crew first and her second, but i fear that this may change if she grows to emotional, Ive sent you the, Superior Overload codes, not only does it rhyme but it will reset the AI to its original settings, erasing all of its memory. so don't use it unless you have to," he says still not looking at his clip board

"does the captain have these codes?" Kelokov askes folding his arms

"no, your the only one i trust, Beckett out," the screen goes black
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Well, thanks for little us know now, she cynically thought, remaining silent at the admiral's words. If they were here simply doing that then there wasn't any need for her to be here. Nor would be half the crew now that she thought about it. No, a basic crew would have sufficed for a simple shakedown run. Cybil continued on her self-tour of the ship after the announcement, once again spending most of her attention on occupying herself without suspicions. She found a solace in a shooting range, smirking just slightly at the simple set up in front of her: a separate space for each shooter with a set up materializing targets.

She drew her handgun, smirking at the rather mindless activity for the time being. "SAM, sit up advanced shooter procedure." At the, 'yes ma'am' and the appearance of targets, the major began firing with relative ease, letting her mind and focus settle on one topic for the time being. It was much, much easier this way.


Kelokov loaded his AK-47 and grabbed 14 extra loaded clips. taking a small black chip from his secret box and headed to the range. When he was at the very entrance of the range he heard small arms pistol shots. He entered the range and took the last stall. He put in the the black chip at the wall console.

"SAM you great bumbling idiot, you think you can load this program? or is it to complicated for you?" he jested the AI

"it is rudimentry i guess i can, uh sir? it is a complex program, despite its simplicity, are you sure your human reflexes can keep up?" the AI jested back

OH SAM you only know the half of it" He retored

"run 30 targets in 10 seconds, 50 yards" he said loading his rifle

a loud beep is heard and targets start popping up faster than most can keep up with. He aims and starts firing just as fast as they pop up, after 30 targets he hits all of them and reloads his gun.
Drivin people to insanity since the 16th century


The ship moved forward out of the Space Dock.  The stars glittered in the view screen.  An indicator flashed in front of Katelyn once more.


"Yes, Ensign."  replied Captian McFearson.

"We are like totally free and clear to navigate, um... sir."  the new ensign replied, trying to sound as official as she could.

"Very well.  Miss Lyria.  Engage the hyper drive system please."  he ordered.   "Where is that other girl?"  He asked looking around for her.  "Okay.... Katey...set a course for the Omega-12.", he commanded, forgetting for a moment that she knew absolutely nothing about ship operations.

"Um... like how do I do that?"  She looked up and blinked at her daddy.

"Oh, never mind.  I'll show you later."  He responded, as he turned a slight shade of red from embarrassment.

He sat down in his chair, and pulled up the Heads Up Display, with his fingers in the air, he calculated the projected course, and then glanced over to where Lyria was siting, still at her station.

"When ever you are ready, Miss Lyria."
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


She was started by the second set of gun shots, jumping as her last shot went astray, making a clear hole in the wall behind the missed target. Oh... maybe it was a good thing this was just another escort mission. It seemed her battle nature was a little shoddy at the moment. With a grumble, she took one lost shot at the target before moving over to the last stall in curiosity, noting the short interval between the shots. Cybil recognized the man as the fellow combater, but one that seemed rather... frustrated at the moment. She wasn't one for military politics. They seemed to hinder her progress, seeing how it just added another thing for her to worry about moving through the ranks. One of the good reasons why she avoided the navy, already familiar with the brutal politics with her parents.
However, whatever seemed to be unsettling this man was more personal than she would've guessed. She couldn't hide how impressed she was, though it was minimized somewhat knowing the man's rank. An XO had reached there for a reason after all. Opting not to start conversation at the moment (she felt that maybe she might let a gushing moment or two in... not the best thing to do on first meeting), she instead set up the same procedure in the stall next to him, hoping that hearing gunshots next to her would get her re-acclimated to the sound. What good was she if she jumped at the simplest sound? Especially when you might have the most faulty mecha in the whole damn military? That was asking for some unfortunate friendly fire, and that was the last thing she needed to put on her conscience after everything that happened last assignment.


while shooting at the rapidly appearing targets Kelokov looked at the younger girl standing next to him. still firing and scoring hits with ease he looked back at the targets as she went back and tried his exercise.

he stopped the program and went over to watch his young range user.
Drivin people to insanity since the 16th century


She almost lost her cool again once she realized that the commander was now watching her instead, sending all that nervousness down to the ferocity of her trigger finger. This was a moment of gauging, Cybil recognized that. They were one of the few on the ship that truly had experience in combat, so they needed to have that knowledge that they could trust each other with killing the guy sneaking behind their backs. Still, did he really just have to stand right behind her and watch?
Her nerves took hold once more, her next two shots just barely missing their mark. Under her breath, she cursed, hitting the last shot with fierce condemnation. What was going on with her today? She could've easily treated it like any other assessment and came out fine, but his eyes watching just unsettled her.
This was going to be a problem if she didn't get back some control soon. "Main be getting' rusty... Ah hate doctors," she mumbled before reloading, rationalizing a better vocal reason than one she already knew.


he smiled reading her movements, her slight unnoticeable twitches before each shot, the slight smell of sweat. He put his hand on her shoulder before she finished reloading.

"your, ok. better than most." he smiles

"but you twitch, and you put your mental angushes into your shooting. when you aim, put your thoughts into breathing, when ou squeeze the trigger think of the bullet, traveling through the air into your target,. think of nothing else put all your emotions and thoughts to that back of your mind." he loads his pistol

"do you want to see something?" he grins disarmingly
Drivin people to insanity since the 16th century


Deck 14: Combat and Simulations Room afew hours later
Yarell drops the last comabtant to the floor. Breathing heavily from the workout he survays the decimated dojo.
V: "Your vitals are at their limits. Suggest you ceace further activity"
Yarelle: Puff! Weeze! "One more round, I can take it." :cool:
V: "Three broken ribs, a pulled hamstring, and dislocated shoulder say so otherswise."
Yarelle: "You sound worried there v..V....." (Yarelle falls over from exshaustion.)
V: "Medic unit to deck 14 holodeck room. Dr. Payne you're needed in sickbay." (sends current medical stats to her console)
Dream Sequence:
Yarelle and Hayate ran down the hall of the GXP R&D building alarms balring.
Hayate: "What did you do?" :rant2:
Yarelle: "Me? Yer the one who din't tie up the guards, so that when they came to they couldn't trip the alarms" :mad:
Hayate: "I didn't compromise the mission by cellulary bonding to the item we were supose to swipe." :cussing:
Yarelle: "It was an accident and I didn't know the experimental stealth suit's dormant state was a pair of bracers." :omg:
Hayate: "Jerk!" :mad:
Yarelle: "Headcase!" >:(
Hayate: "Otaku!" :mad:
Yarelle: "Nerfhearder!" :omg:
Hayate: "HEY!" :shocked:
Yarelle: "Too far?" :huh:
Nearing the end of the hallway, it came to a dead end. Hayate Tossed a thermogel pack at the wall and blew it wide open. Yarelle was the first to jump out the hole and used his psionics to safely land 28 stories down. A female officer blocked Hayate's way, he then flung her out the hole in the wall with his telekenises, then joined Yarelle. The female officer managed to grab the ledge of bulding, but clung on for dear life. Yarelle and  Hayate were about to make a brake for it, when Yarelle heard the feminine scream and stopped dead in his tracks.
Hayate: "What?" :cussing:
Yarelle: "Girl hangin on ledge about to fall?" :figures:
Hayate: (looks at the hanging officer) Yep." :figures:
Yarelle: She cute?" :figures:
Hayate: (slightly shakes his head) "Pretty looking redhead." :joyful:
Yarelle: "Damn." :figures:
Yarelle quickly used his psionic powers for flight and recused the officer.
Yarelle: "Don't worry I got you." :grin:
Officer: (Noticing the lack of jet pack or rope) You got me? Whose got you?" :blink:
Yarelle: "I love that movie." :laugh:
When they landed the officer fell on her knees, while Yarelle faced a rather angry Hayate. Hayate's eyes began to glow red as he tossed Yarelle a balster.
Yarelle: "What the hell are you doing Hayate. I don't kill." :mad:
Hayate: "The Facility thinks that you're far too clean and its time for you to get your hands dirty."  :cool: (Hayate used his mastery of telekinesis and forced Yarelle to aim the blaster at the officer.)
Yarelle: "Damnit Hayate stoooooop....."  :cussing: (as he tired his best to resist the telekinetic control)
The blaster discharges as Yarelle wakes in a cold sweat in sickbay.
If at first you don't succeed, pay someone whou could.


Lyria looks around and cringes as she realizes attention is focused on her. She mumbles something incoherent and after a slight pause, taps several options on the screen in front of her.

"It's... It's on sir. It looks like we're within safe operating parameters. Unless the data is wrong." Her eyes glaze over slightly as she thoughtfully adds, "In that case we'd probably go kaboom before we knew it." Coming back to herself she realizes she just told her captain his ship could blow up and turns a few interesting colors, mumbling a quick apology.


The stars in front of them turned to a rainbowish stream of colors streaming by as the ship accelerated into light speed.  What they didn't expect, is what happened after the ship had reached optimal speed.  The star field streaming by gradually faded into hues of blues and violets before disappearing all together.

"Um.... Like why can't we see anything on the stupid view screen, Daddy?"  Katelyn asked dumbfounded.

"Honey, please don't call me daddy while on the bridge.  And I really don't know why we can't see anything." .. He paused for a few seconds.  "Computer?"

"Yes, Captian?"  the sweet feminine robotic AI answered.

"What's going on with the view screen?"

"We are now moving much faster than light, about one point three million times the speed of light.  The visual compensation unit has yet to be configured to receive normal visual spectrum data."  The AI answered calmly.

"How fast is .... that?"  The captain inquired.

"We are moving at an approximate velocity of seven point three light years per minute."

The captain did some rough math in his head and thought for a moment longer.

"That----That's IMPOSSIBLE!"  he exclaimed.

"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


(And a bunch of classified stuff happens)
(Yeah, the Internet ate pages 4 through 11 @ 15 posts per page)


eh hee hee, he rumbled in laughter.

"yes, yes i did little one" a quick flash back of the cornors and doors, as his face hits each one

"yes i did" he straightens his hat

"want to go shoot some stuff?" he asks getting up and walking toward the firing range
Drivin people to insanity since the 16th century


"I'll catch up with you later, Father.  I have some things to do first."  Cassandra dryly responded and then walked causally down the hall toward Engineering.
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


"Da" he says waving he off walking down the hall
Drivin people to insanity since the 16th century


Captain McFearson having shaken off the effects of the trank Tenko shot him with was given the Cliff's notes version of Tenko's speech and when he heard Violet saying that she was needed in sick bay and quickly thought of his daughter and excused himself; while making a mental note to speak to both Tenko and Yarelle at the most opportune moment. Tenko told Cybil to come see her at sick bay to discuss her arm as she excuse herself and followed the captain.

The captain and Tenko on a hover segway enters sick bay to see both Violet and Katelyn trying their best to plop Yarelle back on to the bed from his spot on the floor.

"Katelyn, you're up. What happened here?" He asked.

"Um..well see like..." she muttered while blushing beet red.

"Like the thingy on the bed broke and sent Otou-san (Daddy) to the floor right Okaa-san (Mommy)?" Violet said to Katelyn with a huge grin on her face.

Tenko blinked twice and a Cheshire cat grin grew from her face.

"Well things just got interesting here now didn't they," she thought as she spies the large hand print on Yarelle's face.
During this time no one noticed that the balnket that was once covering Yarelle was scuttleling on the floor and out of sick bay with soft, "Miyo!"
If at first you don't succeed, pay someone whou could.