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Urd's Sake House v. 2.0

Started by Kokoro, Wednesday, February 15, 2023, 18:24

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This is a continuation of the ever-popular free-form RPG where Mistress Urd tends to your woes with freshly brewed sake and an ear to chew on...

The rules are similar to the first version:

Quote from: Zionia1- Have fun
2- Post what characters you plan to use. They should not all be anime characters...give a little thought and make someone up.
3- Your characters don't need a full profile. Just a name and what they do will work
4- Please refrain from lighting the bar on fire anymore...the insurance company wont compensate for fires anymore
5- You can bring other characters in at any time
6- You can make the plot go anywhere, but try to keep it simple so anyone can just hop on
7- You can play other peoples characters, but please make sure you know how they would act before doing so. (eg, don't borrow Belldandy and have her doing demonic activities without proper explanation)
8- Don't kill anyone off. Have them severely injured and end up in the hospital if you want to remove them from the game. Somewhere later down the line, it may be nice to bring them back for fun 
9- Please do your best to spell things so they are at least understandable...its hard to RP off of someone when you have no idea what they just did or said
Quote from: ZioniaWelcome to Urd's Sake Room, located in the bar of this wonderful lounge of Ayeka's Bliss the Anime Brigade!
Please make yourself at home and enjoy the free beveradges availiable...Then feel free to allow your multiply personalities to be free as we play drinking games, card games, and various other things that we will no doubt think up in a drunken stupor. I am your host, Zionia. Allow me to introduce my other selves.
Quote from: ZioniaThomas: My Bartender self that works behind the bar mixing your drinks...he is very quiet and just likes to mix and serve drinks for you.

Ralph: My Psychologist: He told me to do this so that my other selves would have the room to be free, and it also relieves the stress.

Zariena: The cute little girl in the corner playing a harp, piano, Koto, Shamiesen, shakuhachi, trombone, or what ever instrument she need to for enhancing the environment of the room

Marlene: The dark scary person who keeps an eye on us and stops any fights before they begin.

Urd: The lovely mistress of sake herself. Good luck trying to out drink her, she has been known to go through multiple kegs of sake in one sitting and not have any of the effects later. She is very loud and fun.

Zionia: This is, i go around and chat with everyone...

So please introduce yourselves as you enter and have a great time here at Urd's Sake House.

*note from managemeent: Not responcible for anything you may do while under the influence of fictacious alcoholic beverages. Please dont smash the furniture or start brawls, this is a respectable eting establishment and you will be thrown out on your keester if you do. Thank you and have a nice day.

I have my own personalities that have set up camp here in da House (USH)

Kokoro:  This is me, the lovely lady in pink!  I'll roam around aimlessly looking for something to do...

Sakura:  Thomas's self-appointed apprentice barkeep.  She'll try her best to whip up your special brew and concoctions, but please keep in mind, she's still in training and may royally screw something up.  Please be gentle with her.

Steve:  A guy that got invited that nobody seems to know.  He mingles fairly well with others, but is kinda forgettable.  Some of the regulars think he's really a spy.

(Probably more shall be added later...)


Kokoro walks into the quint little cafe looking shop and sees what appears to be a rustic, medieval looking tavern.  A roaring fire crackles in the back of the bar, a small child is playing a flute softly near the fire, while a serious looking game of cards is being played by a four-some in the middle of the room.  Kokoro walks up to the bar and casually takes a seat.

"Uh, um, h-hi?!"  A skinny, bone white looking girl approaches Kokoro from seemingly out of nowhere.  "My n-name is Sakura.  M-may I h-help you?"

Kokoro gives the lavender haired girl a once over and stares at the wall behind her.  "Rum and coke, please, and make it a double."

"C-coming right up!" 

Sakura vanishes behind the bar, while Kokoro dumps her cheek on her fist and sighs loudly.