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Saturday, September 30, 2023, 09:59

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Monthly Contest: March through June 2023

Started by Senkusha, Saturday, March 04, 2023, 11:03

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Usually a person dedicated to a particular anime has a favorite character.  Maybe it's the what the character looks, or a piece of their personality.  Maybe it's their voice, or perhaps it's because that character is the underdog, or isn't very popular among other fans.  For the month of March, I'd like to read about your favorite character(s) and why.  Furthermore, because this is a friendly, creative place, I'd like to read about a mini adventure that you create for your favorite character.  Just to be clear, this contest will not judge on how in-character you write, however, your piece must have the following:

1.  Each article may only feature one character from any anime.
2.  In the introduction (opening paragraph), please explain the anime (to include the title, the setting, and general plot).
3.  Explain in the second paragraph, describe the character how they look, dress, and their personality.  Also write why you admire or like them.
4.  The final part of this piece, you'll write a little story about your character.  This could be an intro to another story (like a chapter one), or it could be a full complete work.  Do something fun with your favorite character.  Please keep in mind that since people under the age of majority can and do see this site, to keep your fictional works non-hentai.
5.  The minimum will be 1,000 words (although, that's pretty easy).  All submissions should be posted in the Creative Corner board no later than midnight June 30, 2023.
6.  Prefix any entries with [March Contest] in the Subject.
7.  You may submit as many characters as you'd like, please create a new topic for each submission.

(Note, that you may write about the same character somebody else has already written about!!)

Oh, and the prize for this month will be a one-year Mega Fan CrunchyRoll subscription!  I will be posting an example of what the team is looking for.  As Administrator, I'm exempted from participating in this contest.  If there is no winner, this prize will be lost (meaning that if mine is the only submission).

Now, what will make your submission win?  I'm looking for a decent summary of the character.  Introduce me to him, her, or them, and allow me to feel your passion for this character.  I'm also looking for creativity!  The winner's submission will leave me begging for more after I've read your story. ;)