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The Game Master's Apprentice Deck(s)

Started by Senkusha, Thursday, January 04, 2024, 15:03

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I purchased the Game Master's Apprentice Deck, as well as the Sci-fi and Cyberpunk versions as a game aid to help with story/plot generation.  Has anybody had any experience using these decks?  I got both the digital and physical deck versions.

If these turn out to be useful, I may make an extension to be used here on the Site so we can all enjoy the benefits of having something like this.  What do you think?

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Okay, so, I finally got around to looking at these, and they seem pretty flexible!  But I  have a question:


At the top of the card, "Likely Odds", I'm really confused by this.  The instructions say this:


What does this mean?  Like I'm not able to wrap my head around this "Bad, Even, or Good" odds thing.  Like maybe explain why I would use a "bad" or "even" or "good" odd?  Can somebody help interpret this for me?

Favored Class:  Magical Girl


Just a quick update:  I've added code to the site to support this deck within our games:

pack is an optional argument.  The choices are:
  • 0 is the Base, default High Fantasy D&D type setting.
  • 1 is the Science Fiction setting
  • 2 is the Cyberpunk setting

I'll purchase more decks if there is enough interest in running those types of settings.

draw is an optional argument for the number of cards to draw.  The default is 1.

Please note the ampersand (&) between the optional arguments if using them both.  This is the token that separates the optional arguments.

Favored Class:  Magical Girl


Just a quick update.  I finally got around to adding an entry form so you don't have to use the command line arguments anymore!

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