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Favorite video game?

Started by Kokoro, Sunday, June 05, 2022, 18:04

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What's your favorite video game to play, and why?  What's awesome about it.  Is there a feature in the game that makes it super fun?

For me, I love the classic X-Wing series of games.  I loved being free of gravity and just being able to kill tie fighters when I'm angry.  Of course, the occasional Star Destroyer was always fun going up against.  (I think I've killed two...)  8)

I also enjoyed Asheron's Call, it's open world, and open leveling up system was liberating.  I could level up a skill or a stat at anytime, so long as I had the XP to increase it.  But I think the community was probably the best part of the game.  So many people were willing to help newbies out, run quests, or just to help them level up.  The role-playing on FrostFell was second to none, in my opinion.  I do miss that game!