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Longest running anime/manga series

Started by Kokoro, Monday, November 29, 2021, 13:53

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I there are several anime and manga series that have been out for a really long time, and some are still continuing.  I'd like to see which is the longest running manga/anime series to date!

My vote is to Ah! My Goddess (Oh! My Goddess -- Manga)
This series started (the manga) in 1988 and is still running to date!

While not quite the oldest, I found the web-comic MegaTokyo that's been running since the beginning of the new millennium and is still going today.  What's really cool about this magna is we get to see the author delving into the world of manga, drawing styles and storylines.  I find it truly hilarious!

I would also like to contribute Sailor Moon, with the lastest series Sailor Moon Crystal.  Sailor Moon had its birth in 1995.


I know that Inuyasha had a lot of episodes.
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