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Forgotten Realms (Archived Games)

The archive of games that have been put on hiatus temporarily because of life-issues.  We will resurrect these games if there's interest when there are more players!

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The Adventures of the Anime Serenity Squad
Roll up your favorite anime character (original or canon) and join forces together to explore the galaxy, solve dilemmas, and save the Earth (yet again) from certain doom using the Big Eyes Small Mouth 4e RPG system with a Shadow Run Mission-based setting!

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Urd's Sake House
Welcome to Urd's Sake Room, located in the bar of this wonderful lounge of the Brigade. Please make yourself at home and enjoy the free beverages available...Then feel free to allow your multiply personalities to be free as we play drinking games, card games, and various other things that we will no doubt think up in a drunken stupor. Note: We are not responsible for anything you may do while under the influence of fictitious alcoholic beverages.

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