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Episodes Are Coming!

Started by Senkusha, Tuesday, September 19, 2023, 20:53

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I recently learned of a way to convert the many files in my personal library to an encoding that web browsers can stream.  Therefore, as a my time permits, a very slow and painstaking process will occur, and I will be adding anime to the site for you to enjoy!

Note that you must be at least of the rank of Ronin (25 posts) to even see the special episode boards that will contain the episodes for any anime that I feature on this site.  I have LOTS of different titles, so I imagine that it will take a couple of months to encode all the videos to the proper format, and to include all the spicy details for each episode.

As a result, I will be once again reorganizing the site to break down a listing of all the anime that I (we) wish to discuss.  Currently, I'm working on Ah My Goddess.  All episodes will be in English, unless otherwise specified.

In other news, I have a new brighter, pastel color themed template being developed.  Be expecting that shortly. ;) 
I also added a method to sort the topics in each board.  Some boards have been sorted by Subject versus Last Post Date, for example, andy boards that contain Episodes, or Characters for Role Playing Games.  I believe that you have the option to customize sort order when you manually click on the heading column.

Remember, to have fun!