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More Organizing AHO!

Started by Senkusha, Friday, December 01, 2023, 07:41

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I've added episodes of Cat Girl Nuku Nuku to the site and I'm working on uploading more early 90's anime as well.

I've greatly expanded the selection of anime that we can talk about, and I've decided that if there is a topic created dedicated to a specific anime that I don't yet have a section for, I'll create it's own sacred place.  This will hopefully also contain any accidental leakage of spoilers.

Finally, I've added more role playing boards.  Each system that I own, or will soon own has it's own dedicated board, so we can talk about the inner guts of these systems to our hearts content!

Have fun!


What a great idea! Do you have a way to do spoilers in here? Or just do the code? Members may find it useful. :)


Yes, you can use the [spoiler]blah blah[/spoiler] codes.  It should be the last button (looks like an 'S').