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Some Aesthetics Updates

Started by Senkusha, Thursday, December 07, 2023, 11:33

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I've been working to update the site and make it more presentable.  There have been a number of changes:

1.  I changed the right bar to include two post groupings now:  Active Anime postings, and Active Role Playing Game posting.  I'm hoping that this change will achieve some additional member engagement in these areas, as these two areas are the core function of the community.

2.  I've fixed a minor issue with the Activity bar.  The orange color wasn't working.  Today I found the issue and resolved it.  As a reminder, I'm only requiring 30 posts within a 30 day time period (that's one post every day) to achieve a maximum activity score.

3.  I've removed all the other member groupings from the site, besides Mythic Member (reserved for old Ayeka's Bliss members).  Honestly, I do hope some of these members will stumble onto this newer site, however, my hopes are dwindling.

4.  I've tweaked the Default template, to use the Comic Sans MS font, so if you're computer has this font installed, you'll see the more personalized font face.  Sorry, I know Androids (at the very least) do not use this font face.

5.  Messages are now using a Relative Time/Date format.  Meaning the amount of time passed from the time a post was commented on will be easier to see.

6.  As always, I'm adding more anime for your viewing pleasure.  I'm also thinking of adding a photo gallery modification as well.

Have fun!


Great updates! I noticed the Time/Date right away as I tend to look at when a post has been posted & last replied to.