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Name This Site!

Started by Senkusha, Thursday, December 21, 2023, 14:49

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Which name do you think resonates best?

The Anime Brigade
The Anime Role Playing Club
The Anime Role Playing Society
The Community for Anime Role Playing Games
Other (Describe Below)


I'm in the process of making some visual changes to our community.  One of these changes is the name.  I feel that the Anime Brigade is too militaristic and I'm wanting to move away from that vibe.  I'm wanting something that is more appealing with a school look, and the overall theme of the Site.  So, I'm thinking about changing the name.  I've added a poll with some of the options I've thought of, but feel free to add your own suggestions.


What about: 

"Kokoro Club". 


What are your goals? Are you going to stick with mainly Anime & Role-playing? I like the word "community" as it gives a warm fuzzy feeling & vibe to people.
So I would say:
Anime Role Playing Community