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Started by Senkusha, Thursday, March 14, 2024, 14:35

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After running into complications attempting to register for another forum, I've decided to implement the following list of resources.

1.  For non-urgent issues, things like features that you'd like added to the site, or bugs of a non-critical nature, please post a new topic in this board.  I check our site at least once every day.

2.  If something is somewhat urgent, consider Personal Messaging me.  I will receive an email alert in this instance.

3.  If there is any reason why you can not create a post or send a PM, you may email me at senkusha@animerpgs.com, however, this isn't all that reliable considering the various anti-spam measures that are enforced.  Only use this method as a last resort (or if you're pending to have your account verified/activated).

Thank you and have fun!