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Started by Senkusha, Sunday, April 28, 2024, 07:13

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I'm going to be pruning the site before May 14, when my website hosting expires.  I'm hoping that I can find a free place to host the site, since I don't have the $130 to renew my [yearly] hosting plan.  And because there is a sufficient lack of activity and participation on the site, I'm going to remove the anime episodes that take up a bulk of the disk space, in an attempt to find a cheaper option (free is my goal).  I'm also going to take this opportunity to prune the message board down and remove ancient posts with no activity and members who have not posted within the last year.

If I can not find a suitable hosting replacement, I will be retaining the domain name ($15) but I'll host on my own computer.  However, the catch with that is that the site will only be active while my computer is on (which is only on my current fluctuating days off.  This is not an ideal situation.  I would do this as an attempt to save the money needed to reapply for web hosting later in the year.  My goal is not to host the site on my own computer, simply because the additional costs that I would incur, and the lack of productive activity on the site doesn't make a sensible choice. (I would have to apply for a Static IP address (usually between $20 and $50 per month, and my monthly electric bill which is already at $150 per month would probably double if not triple.  (We keep as much electrical use to a minimum.)

There is one final option, and that's just to let the site completely die, and that tears a piece of my heart out of me.  I've spent four years attempting to make this site lively, however with such low participation, and most of the participation has nothing to do with either anime or role playing, perhaps this is the best option?  Although, I do like having my own private web space.  I may take this opportunity to totally rebrand the site into something more productive, something I've been thinking about for a while now.

At any rate, my goal of making a safe online space for creativity to thrive that involves anime and role playing seems to have very little interest.  What do you think?


Forums are so hard to keep going. Niches are more so. I wanted HOST to be JUST eco-friendly but I had to decide if I wanted eco or activity. I chose the latter. But then I found out, some people who post ARE into being eco so it worked out lol
What helps to get activity is your name out there. I've joined, want to say, 150+ forums. Some go by the "I join yours, you join mine" mindset. I also participated in Post Exchanges.
What about free sites? Not Proboards lol We have gone downhill & you can't migrate over or even TO. But I thought some other platforms do free hosting.
It is nice having your own forum but if it doesn't work out, what I've told others if they have that itch to keep contributing, is to look for "job openings" where people "hire" mods to help run their forum. Can maybe incorporate some of what you do into another forum so would be less money & less hassle.
Another option is similar & merge with a forum to combine resources. Would be co-owners.
I hope you find a solution :)