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Sunday, December 10, 2023, 11:44

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Fruits Basket / Re: Holding Hands?
Last post by ZandraJoi -
You make an excellent point so I had to search:

They had examples of other times they were touched & didn't transform. I guess it's the Embrace.
Fruits Basket / Re: Fruits Basket
Last post by ZandraJoi -
When this first came out, I thought they misspelled it with the 's' on Fruit. It stars an orphan girl, Tohru Honda, who meets a family possessed by the animals in the Chinese Zodiac. The curse turns them into the animals when they are stressed or embarrassed. It only ran for one season, 26 episodes. I wish it ran longer as it left some unanswered questions. What did you think of this? I think, for the short run, it was a simple, easy-going show for all ages.
While I haven't read the manga all the way, I have watched the series. I'm always curious of how people who read as well as watch mangas compare with the other one. Do you prefer this series in print or on screen?
Magic Knight Rayearth / Re: Magic Knight Rayearth
Last post by ZandraJoi -
I agree, it is one of the older ones but I actually enjoyed it at the beginning. I felt though they prolonged some of the scenes as well as the fighting scenes & things were not making sense or adding up anymore so I ended up stopping it.
Home Economics / Re: Potato and Brocolli Soup
Last post by ZandraJoi -
We've made something similar as well. I don't like creamy soups so my husband makes sure to not blend them up too much.
Chibi Chatterbox / Re: Tell me about your Avatar
Last post by ZandraJoi -
My avatar is my humpback whale. It's my favorite whale. Love their songs & I even have a CD I listen to. Would love to see one in the wild one of these days.
Guidance Counselors Office (FAQ's) / Re: Discord Server
Last post by ZandraJoi -
How many people do you have on Discord? I never signed up for it as I prefer forums over chatting like that. I have done it on Slack but only for Staff.
Website Updates / Re: Better Descriptions!
Last post by ZandraJoi -
Categorizing can be an easier way to find what people want faster. :)
Careers and Fieldwork / Re: News: Anime Is Booming. S...
Last post by ZandraJoi -
The world has changed since that virus. Things we did, we no longer do. & things we didn't do, we now do. People have redefined priorities. Thinking more on their loves & their needs.
Careers and Fieldwork / Re: Jobs within the Anime Indu...
Last post by ZandraJoi -
A great guideline. I think what helps is to think small & start small & work your way up. Get your name & "projects" out there as reference. The more people see your work, the more apt you would be hired for some jobs.
Careers and Fieldwork / Re: Drawing: Do You?
Last post by TwitchisMental -
Did you end up liking Krita avatar_Senkusha @Senkusha  ?