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Anime Collision! / Re: Inuyasha (Chapter 3)
Last post by EK - Today at 08:12
((Ha ha, SO WAY OFF TOPIC, but I've seen every comic in that sig, Lookout! I own them on my Home Comp, actually. Nice!))

L shrugged his shoulders loosely. The man had some serious issues, but he proved to be quite the intelligent individual. Skuld proved the same thing though he felt a bit out of place with these people.
His eyes fell on the dog man, looking oddly confused. He wore a bright red kimono and the fox boy wore a kimono as well. The fabric looked hand sown, the fur vest on the fox boy looked more natural than the modern fur coats.
...Were they in the past? He looked at the other boy, carrying a staff with him. His clothes looked entirely different from both sides. "Did you happen to get an error on an electronic device?" he questioned him, carefully eyeing him.
His sunburn itched. Must. not. scratch.
Anime Collision! / Re: Inuyasha (Chapter 3)
Last post by Lookout - Today at 08:11
Il blinked, as he watched his shot get absorbed by some amorphorous beast and vanish.

"Am I hallucinating again? Darn it, I knew I should have taken my pills this week..."

Hearing L's suggesting, Il simply replied "The vagrant initiated this conflict, not I. I simply chose to save him from any further confrontations by solving the problem in the quickest and most painless way possible."

Putting away his rocket launcher and tearing off his 'disguise'(which consisted wholly of a baseball cap), he commented "I never start conflicts with lesser beings. I am here with ACROSS to save them after all. You should know better than that, Alejandro."
Anime Collision! / Re: Inuyasha (Chapter 3)
Last post by EK - Today at 08:11
L curled his toes on the wet grass, wondering what had just happened. He remembered trying to calm the students down when he had blacked out. Just what is conspiring around here?
He heard the loud gun shot and jumped slightly before turning his attention to his companions. "Il," he advised carefully, "I don't think it's wise to pick fights with natives."
Anime Collision! / Re: Inuyasha (Chapter 3)
Last post by Senkusha - Today at 08:11
As Tsukasa comes flying back to the group, he slams into Skuld's back, causing her to go flying, to which she was apruptly stopped by a tree.

"OUCH!   YAAAAHHHHHHHHH--!", she screamed and was quickly silenced, falling to the ground, she laid there on the ground unresponsive for several minutes.
Anime Collision! / Re: Inuyasha (Chapter 3)
Last post by TechnoDragon - Today at 08:10
hearing a loud raucous Tsukasa awakens to see he is not in the cayon but in an empt field surrounded by stangers, one of whom has just shot off what appears to be a very large gun...

Fearing for his life, he summons a great monster to protect him (at-will power he has...apparently his only one) and it immediately jumps in front of the projectile, absorbing it, then disappearing.

While the monster does his thing, Tsukasa starts running to get away from everyone, getting only about 50 feet or so away before being violently slammed back into skuld.

"What the heck just happened!"  with that he curls up in a ball (he is very anti-social initially)
Anime Collision! / Re: Inuyasha (Chapter 3)
Last post by Lookout - Today at 08:10
Il Palazzo froze for a moment in what seemed to be honest contemplation before raising his rocket launcher again.

"Oh..." commented the leader as he shook his head. "Corrupt school children, homocidal cosplayers... does it really make a difference who I save?"

He aimed at the long haired man and pulled the trigger, launching the highly explosive round with an unflinching aim.
Anime Collision! / Inuyasha (Chapter 3)
Last post by Senkusha - Today at 08:10
Just as Il Palazzo pulled the trigger a massive light errupted behind the group of characters, and they were pulled into darkness.  A few moments later the room exploded with a flash of light.  As the light faded, Skuld was no longer crouched behind a mountain of lawn chairs.  Instead she was crouched out in the middle of a grassy field with tall grass.  The sky was cloudy and a cold wind blew from the North.

"Huh?"  she said as she stood upright.

"Hey!  Where'd you come from!", a little boy yelled out from behind a rather large tree.  His red fox tail could be seen on the other side of the trunk.

"Give me your shard or die where you stand." a tall white haired man said, raising his taisaga preparing for battle.

"Huh?", Skuld said in a confused tone.  She looked around, it appeared as though she was being surrounded.

Yup, you guessed it, welcome strange visitors to the world of Inuyasha! joyful
Anime Collision! / Re: Azumanga Daioh (Chapter 2)
Last post by Lookout - Today at 08:08
ooc:Ya can't change teh scenery until EK passes it off. *huff*And besides, I'm next. Tongue

The group's bathing suits merged into one large inflation tube style suit, with each of their heads poking out of the sides.

"Hey, stop touching me with your leg!"

"That's not my leg."

"If that's not your leg, then what's this long, hard..."

"Hi! That's my arm. You know, you have really soft feet."


"I ended upside down!"

"Ah, so you're they guy that's kicking poor Izumi-kun in the head."


"Yeah, you should really-HEY! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE TOUCHING!"


Il Palazzo watched this entire scene of mania unfazed, actually yawning at one point.

"Behold, the desolation of co-creation!" announced Il. "But fear not, offspring of the masses,"

The 'teacher' pulled out his 'correction tool' and aimed.

"For I shall save you from yourselves. Behold, redemption!"
~OOC  Forgive me everyone I will try to play my character to the best that I can, but I am still new at this!

Tsukasa was playing his favorite online game when his computer crashed and the only thing that came up was "System Error."
How odd, i take such good care of my computer, there must have been a power surge.  It is getting late, so I guess I better go to bed.[/avatar]

As Tsukasa lie there thinking about his game he drifted off to sleep while a bright light started to emanate from his computer screen...soon it was so bright it was blinding him....

When the light faded he was in the middle of a canyon.

[avatar=11,441]Wow, I really have to stop thinking about my game so much, I am even starting to dream about it.  Now I am in the middle of the Ho-Chi desert.  [/avatar]

Just then, he started feeling a massive pull and it slammed him towards a narrow hole in the canyon wall.

[avatar=11,441]What the heck!  I can't move!  the one place in this whole freaking desert and I get stuck against the canyon wall...this wasn't in my game![/avatar]
With that he closed his eyes hoping this was definitely a dream...

I am changing the scenery to a vast wasteland pot-holed with canyons.
Anime Collision! / Re: Azumanga Daioh (Chapter 2)
Last post by Senkusha - Today at 08:03
"Oh no!  I didn't design the EMT-5 to process that many people at once!", Skuld said as she ran and ducted under a pile of lawn chairs.