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Sunday, December 10, 2023, 12:14

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If you play role playing games, and own a great many of them, you probably have thought to yourself at some point, "Gee, wouldn't it be swell to work for a publishing company?" or maybe even, "I'm going to take over the planet Earth with my gaming company! MUHAHAHA!".  So, let's examine what types of jobs and roles would be involved to produce and publish a role playing game!

My first thoughts about this were:  Yeah!  This would be great!  I can sit down all day, work from an office (or even my home), creatively brainstorm all day, produce something that's actually really good, and our weekly meetings wouldn't be all about this month's profits projections, it would be more like, "Hey, we need to playtest this!  Four hour mandatory meeting.  Bring your own dice and a pencil!"

I mean, maybe it could be like that, but I don't see myself dressing up in a suit just to sit at a mahogany conference table to roll some silver-clad d20's around.  But, let's just take a peek into the industry.  I know that there's an insane amount of competition right now.  There's the monoliths, like Wizards of the Coast and other well established game publishers that have decades of experience, like Steve Jackson Games, and Iron Crown Enterprises.  However, we also have access to very large communities of people who love to role play, everywhere from Facebook to Reddit, and even here (someday... hey, a girl can dream!).  Let's look at the process of creating a game:

First, we'd need a concept of a game.  I've noticed that most, if not all games fit into a genre -- even games like GURPS, where they claim they are generic, one-size fits all, that in itself can be considered a genre.  Even Big Eyes Small Mouth, fits into the genre of anime.

Once we have the genre we want to make the game for, there's LOTS of examples of other gaming systems to review.  This second step is research.  We're going to queue the population to see what in general they like, and don't like about various mechanic systems.  Obviously, we're going to want to avoid the features that people don't care for.  For this step it would also be beneficial to actually know these other systems, and how to play them.  Actually having played them would be a real benefit here too.

The third step would be to collect what fans like about various mechanics and review them.  We would need to ask, "Is there anything we can do with these mechanics or rules to make them any more efficient?".  (I mean, I don't want to have to read a 200-page tome, just to sit down and play.  We as gamers wanna dive right in and PLAY!

After this collaboration step, we need to organize everything and write it in a concise, but easy to understand format.  We'll want to pass the book around and have it peer reviewed, just to ensure that it is actually easy to read.  We want a fourth-grader to be able to pick up this book and create a game with it.

Finally, we're almost ready for publication.  But we need one more thing first.  We have to advertise, or market the publication!  After all, what good does having five-hundred copies of this masterpiece going to do besides collect dust if nobody knows about it, let alone if anybody's even interested in it?  We're probably going to need a webpage, and we'll need some groups on the above mentioned other platforms (Facebook, Reddit, and probably a Twitter account (Yes, I know it's X.  But really, Elon, it's always going to be Twitter!)

And after we have collected a fan-base, we announce the long awaited release date of the book, and the start of our epic journey as a role playing publishing company!  We might even earn enough to keep the lights on!

So, what do you think?  Did I forget anything?
Chibi Chatterbox / Do you Rent or Own?
Last post by Senkusha -
I'm just curious to know if members have taken the plunge towards home ownership or if they rent.  Which do you feel more comfortable with?  Regardless of your current position, would you rather rent or own?
Chibi Chatterbox / New Member Ranking Names
Last post by Senkusha -
In an attempt to re-brand the site, I'm searching for some good member group names for the ten or eleven posting groups that we have.  

I originally went with military, hence the Anime Brigade, however, I'm thinking that since many anime showcase characters that are in a school, specifically high school, maybe something more academically inspired would be appropriate.  

But, I'm having a mental block.  I don't want to just use the typical Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, etc naming conversion.  I also don't really want to use Japanese words either (although that would fit).  So, what ideas do you have?  I'm thinking of giving a prize to the member who comes up with a creative set of member title rankings, maybe a $15 gift card on
Are you new to GURPS (like me)?  Here is the official free primer issued by Steve Jackson games.  Give the game a preview and see if it's your cup of tea!

If you decide that GURPS is for you, then all you need are the two basic books:  Characters and Campaigns.  Note that there are dozens if not hundreds of additional supplemental books available to fill just about any niche genre of gaming!

Website Updates / Some Aesthetics Updates
Last post by Senkusha -
I've been working to update the site and make it more presentable.  There have been a number of changes:

1.  I changed the right bar to include two post groupings now:  Active Anime postings, and Active Role Playing Game posting.  I'm hoping that this change will achieve some additional member engagement in these areas, as these two areas are the core function of the community.

2.  I've fixed a minor issue with the Activity bar.  The orange color wasn't working.  Today I found the issue and resolved it.  As a reminder, I'm only requiring 30 posts within a 30 day time period (that's one post every day) to achieve a maximum activity score.

3.  I've removed all the other member groupings from the site, besides Mythic Member (reserved for old Ayeka's Bliss members).  Honestly, I do hope some of these members will stumble onto this newer site, however, my hopes are dwindling.

4.  I've tweaked the Default template, to use the Comic Sans MS font, so if you're computer has this font installed, you'll see the more personalized font face.  Sorry, I know Androids (at the very least) do not use this font face.

5.  Messages are now using a Relative Time/Date format.  Meaning the amount of time passed from the time a post was commented on will be easier to see.

6.  As always, I'm adding more anime for your viewing pleasure.  I'm also thinking of adding a photo gallery modification as well.

Have fun!
Anime and Manga Discussions / Re: What was your first Anime?
Last post by Ken -
Quote from: ZandraJoi on Sailor Moon. When it was on Cartoon Network many years ago.
Yeah, but it started as a syndicated show nationwide. WCIU channel 26 carried it.
Guidance Counselors Office (FAQ's) / Re: Discord Server
Last post by Senkusha -
There's like two members on there.  It's not too popular.  But that could be because I have no idea what I'm doing with it.  :nosweat:
Magic Knight Rayearth / Magical Girl or Mecha?
Last post by Senkusha -
Which would you qualify this series as and why?  I originally thought, oh, this is a show about mecha, now I'm not so sure.
Careers and Fieldwork / Re: News: Anime Is Booming. S...
Last post by Senkusha -
I think it's also the fact that many people don't have the financial resources they did prior to the pandemic.
Careers and Fieldwork / Re: Drawing: Do You?
Last post by Senkusha -
I actually started looking into it this morning.  I haven't yet tried it.