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Inuyasha (Chapter 3)

Started by Skuld-chan,

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Just as Il Palazzo pulled the trigger a massive light errupted behind the group of characters, and they were pulled into darkness.  A few moments later the room exploded with a flash of light.  As the light faded, Skuld was no longer crouched behind a mountain of lawn chairs.  Instead she was crouched out in the middle of a grassy field with tall grass.  The sky was cloudy and a cold wind blew from the North.

"Huh?"  she said as she stood upright.

"Hey!  Where'd you come from!", a little boy yelled out from behind a rather large tree.  His red fox tail could be seen on the other side of the trunk.

"Give me your shard or die where you stand." a tall white haired man said, raising his taisaga preparing for battle.

"Huh?", Skuld said in a confused tone.  She looked around, it appeared as though she was being surrounded.

Yup, you guessed it, welcome strange visitors to the world of Inuyasha! joyful
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


Il Palazzo froze for a moment in what seemed to be honest contemplation before raising his rocket launcher again.

"Oh..." commented the leader as he shook his head. "Corrupt school children, homocidal cosplayers... does it really make a difference who I save?"

He aimed at the long haired man and pulled the trigger, launching the highly explosive round with an unflinching aim.


hearing a loud raucous Tsukasa awakens to see he is not in the cayon but in an empt field surrounded by stangers, one of whom has just shot off what appears to be a very large gun...

Fearing for his life, he summons a great monster to protect him (at-will power he has...apparently his only one) and it immediately jumps in front of the projectile, absorbing it, then disappearing.

While the monster does his thing, Tsukasa starts running to get away from everyone, getting only about 50 feet or so away before being violently slammed back into skuld.

"What the heck just happened!"  with that he curls up in a ball (he is very anti-social initially)
Don't tell me to get into shape...I have a shape...It is round!


As Tsukasa comes flying back to the group, he slams into Skuld's back, causing her to go flying, to which she was apruptly stopped by a tree.

"OUCH!   YAAAAHHHHHHHHH--!", she screamed and was quickly silenced, falling to the ground, she laid there on the ground unresponsive for several minutes.
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


L curled his toes on the wet grass, wondering what had just happened. He remembered trying to calm the students down when he had blacked out. Just what is conspiring around here?
He heard the loud gun shot and jumped slightly before turning his attention to his companions. "Il," he advised carefully, "I don't think it's wise to pick fights with natives."


Il blinked, as he watched his shot get absorbed by some amorphorous beast and vanish.

"Am I hallucinating again? Darn it, I knew I should have taken my pills this week..."

Hearing L's suggesting, Il simply replied "The vagrant initiated this conflict, not I. I simply chose to save him from any further confrontations by solving the problem in the quickest and most painless way possible."

Putting away his rocket launcher and tearing off his 'disguise'(which consisted wholly of a baseball cap), he commented "I never start conflicts with lesser beings. I am here with ACROSS to save them after all. You should know better than that, Alejandro."


((Ha ha, SO WAY OFF TOPIC, but I've seen every comic in that sig, Lookout! I own them on my Home Comp, actually. Nice!))

L shrugged his shoulders loosely. The man had some serious issues, but he proved to be quite the intelligent individual. Skuld proved the same thing though he felt a bit out of place with these people.
His eyes fell on the dog man, looking oddly confused. He wore a bright red kimono and the fox boy wore a kimono as well. The fabric looked hand sown, the fur vest on the fox boy looked more natural than the modern fur coats.
...Were they in the past? He looked at the other boy, carrying a staff with him. His clothes looked entirely different from both sides. "Did you happen to get an error on an electronic device?" he questioned him, carefully eyeing him.
His sunburn itched. Must. not. scratch.


Skuld finally opened her eyes and sat up wearily holding her head with her hand. 

"Ohhhh.  My head."  She slowly stood up and stumbled over to L shortly after he asked, "... electronic device?" Her curiousity was perked to hear the new comer's answer.

"Electronic device?", Kagome asked....for she was probably the only one of the group that understood that question.  "You're not from this time, are you?", she asked futher.
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


Well, that just proved his theory. He looked at the girl, dressed in a high school uniform. She was definately from present time. "No," he answered simply, "We're from the present; you are from there as well, I suppose." He walked over to the girl. She only looked to be in her teens, but she was the best choice on someone to talk to. "I guess this is around the 1400's? Not many people wear hand sown kimonos anymore..."


As he sat there curled in a ball he heard someone mention something about an electronic device.  Without lifting his head...

Quietly, "I was playing my video games right before I went to bed, a bright light started shining and I thought this all was a dream, until now.  I wanna go home"
Don't tell me to get into shape...I have a shape...It is round!


ooc: Well, I've had them for a while and I've been wondering what to do with them. Maybe you won't recognize the next batch...

Il Palazzo walked over to the boy and shook his head:

"Well, there's your problem to begin with: videogames are the epitome of corruption! Why, with the morals that they perpetuate, they-"

The armor-clad leader spotted a small plastic device not too far away from the group: it was his miniature game system. He brought it to himself with his telekinesis and began playing it.

"As I was saying, videogames only perpetuate bad moral values."

A loud groan was heard and Il Palazzo broke out yelling:"WHAT THE ****, YOU ****** PIECE OF ********! THAT WAS A DIRECT HIT AND YOU KNOW IT, YOU SON OF A *******! I'LL TRACK DOWN YOUR PROGRAMMERS AND ******** THEM WITH A *********** ********* IN THE ***********! THEN I'LL GO ALL HARDCORE AND  *********** ********** WHILE LIGHTING THEIR ********** ************* ON FIRE, BREAKING THEIR ********* OFF!"

Looking calmly down at the shocked Tsukasa, he fixed his ruffled hair and coughed lightly.

"Very bad indeed."

ooc:I defy you to make any sense of what he said.
P.S. I love the hypocrisy.


L jumped when he heard Il's incredible ranting and he spinned around to see him yelling at minature game counsel. "Well, in your logic," he explained, "you would be corrupt too." He hated people like him; it was much like Kira's logic too.


Hearing the vulgur ranting coming from Il Palazzo, she yelled over to him, "Hey!  watch your language!   There's a kid here!"  She pointed over to the fox boy as she walked over to him.

"I can fix that.  It's very ineffecient and not to say, it sounds horrifyingly simple."

The little fox-boy asked, "You're friends with Kagome?"
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


L stared at the fox boy, blinking. Friends? How did the girl even come here in the first place? How did he get here? "No," he replied, stuffing his hands in his messy jean pockets, "This is the first time I've met your friend."


The white haired dog-man lowered his sword saying, "It's clear to me that you're all from the same time as Kagome.  Why aren't you all wearing the same style clothing, I wonder."
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


L stared at the dog boy, quirking an eyebrow. "Well..." he began. He paused for a moment, recalling back to what he was doing before. Right, college freshman-- trailing after suspect. Why not use same cover? "I'm in college if you know what that is."


"And I'm not wearing their meager rags, because they are unbecoming of one of the upper-echelon members of the idealogical organization of ACROSS." commented Il, looking over the rag-tag group.

"You appear to be a group of inebriated vagrants who act as a travelling showmen. Tell me, where is your next preformance? Generally, freakshows draw a large crowd of people: ideal for spreading enlightening ideas to members of days gone by."


Seriously, this guy had to have some type of surperiority complex. "Tell me, are you even from Earth?" he asked mock seriously, wondering how someone who resided in Japan wouldn't be familiar with the history, first of all. "We are obviously not in the current time period, since it seems to be few sanitary conditions."


"performance.......freakshow?  If anybody's a freakshow, I'm pretty sure it's you.  Look at the way you're dressed.  And what's with the funny markings on her face?", he said pointing over towards Skuld.

"Huh?" Skuld said whipping around quickly.  "Funny.... markings...?" she asked in confusion, forgetting her birthmarkings on her cheekbones and forehead.
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


L paused for a moment, looking back over at Skuld. He remembered noticing them before, but he hadn't bothered to ask where it came from. He had suspected before that even his companions came from different realities and as time went on, it only seemed to support his theory. "It's not wise to pick on someone that you don't have an idea of their capabilities," he bit back cooly.


Hearing what L said, Skuld taunted back smoothly, "Those...... are a part of me.", she paused while thinking of something dramatic to say, "I am Skuld, Goddess Second class, Limited license.", pausing shortly again, "I would becareful of what you say about me, you wouldn't want to see me mad.", she grinned evily, raising a single finger in the air to about her eye level.  She hoped that the strangers would believe her bluff that she had power.
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


Quote"Tell me, are you even from Earth?"

"That's confidential." responded a lightly smiling Il Palazzo, with a playful note almost apparent in his voice as if he were daring L to figure it out.

Quote from: EK on 19-Mar-2007 @ 12:13:04
"We are obviously not in the current time period, since it seems to be few sanitary conditions."

"Current time period? Well, if we are not in the present, then we can't possibly be anywhere, now can we? Come come, Ludwig, you've done better."

Quote from: Senkusha on 20-Mar-2007 @ 08:34:01
"Those...... are a part of me. I am Skuld, Goddess Second class, Limited license. I would becareful of what you say about me, you wouldn't want to see me mad."

"Oh my..."
thought Il. "This would be quite an acquisition for ACROSS, if I were to draft her into ACROSS."


L quirked an eyebrow curiously, catching the challenge in Il's voice. Well, this certainly would be interesting. He frowned. "Maybe you misunderstood me," he began, "The current year is in the 1400s now."


"A goddess huh?  Maybe in your imaginiation, kid." the white haired one provoked.  "You don't scare me in the least!", he futher taunted.
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


L gave a bored look in the dog boy's direction. He doesn't stop talking very easily. "Sir," he coldly muttered, "We have no interest in fighting anyone right now, thank you. So, could you please be quiet for a moment?