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Sunday, December 10, 2023, 12:15

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The Secret Light: A Classified Mission

Started by Skuld-chan,

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walking down the hallways and slinging his AK47 off his shoulder he walks down to the cargo bay to see if there is something not his to destroy, upon entering the bay his ears and facial whiskers twitch, silently he pulles the bolt back on his rifle and crouches. for you see, he has that weird sense that tells you when someone is near from decades of fighting. He sits there and waits for a sound or a peep or even breathing, his whiskers as if having a life of their own twitch in various patterns and directions, like a kind of living radar
Drivin people to insanity since the 16th century


Cassandra meanwhile had entered the Engineering bay.  Quickly and stealthly she removed a rear access panel and attached a circular device to one of the control conduits.  Just as quickly, she replaced the panel and  left engineering.  Noticing that everybody else was still hovering around Sick Bay, she entered the bridge.

Running up to a control terminal, she keyed in several complicated codes, which locked all the doors accessing the bridge.  Taking a seat  in the Capitan's chair she sat down, a foot rest appeared from out of nowhere, as she crossed her straightened legs, slightly elevated. She grinned.
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


The quiete of an abandoned bridge eases the her mind slightly. A slight rusling noise alerts Cassandra. Turning her head to the direction of the noise, it seemed to dart between the consoles on the bridge. It sounded like like cloth rustling against the floor being dragged. The bridge being rather well lit assured Cassandra the what ever it was would not escape her sight even with four separate consoles in front of her leading to the main view screen. The rustling noise came again. She knew what ever it was it was in front of her darting from console to console, she even caught the a flash of blue cloth dissapearing behind a console eight feet form her. She redies her pistol, then a static and garbled message came from cosole form the captain's chair.
"......one....please........out of here........V........K...tlyne..........tampered. ........T.......nko........lp........me"
The cryptic message and sudden flickering of the lights distracted Cassandra long enough for the creature to charge at her. It happend too fast there was a quick rusltling of cloth as it was tossed in the airand a black furball lunged itself at Cassandra's ...upper torso with a cry of, "Miyo!" and began rubbing itself agains her.....

Back in sick bay:
Tenko was busy going over Yarelle's present condition with Violet and Katlyn by his side. She took note of the readings her more sophisticated gear gave about the unconsious thief.
"Brain wave activity is at a minimal....you weren't much of a thinker were you Relle?" she said to him hoping to get any sort of response.
"You're like a friend of his?" Katelyn asked. "Like, can you help him?"
"He's my guinea pig," Tenko said affectionatly as he brushed a lock of stray hair from his eyes, "I'm never giving up on him."
"It seems like I'm always coming to your rescue," Tenko continued with a sigh.
"Wake up.....please. You said that you weren't giving up on me. I'm here now so come back." Violet said as she rested her arms and head on his chest.
Suddenly there was a soft warm glow the emanaed from Violet that surprised Tenko and Katelyne as they watched her hold on to Yarelle. The warm glow slowly bleeds on to Yarelle and slowly engulfs him as well.
"You guys seem share a bond," Tenko asked Katelyne as she noticed her feeling a little left out.
"Like they do. I was like just along for the ride or some junk." she responded with a sad tone.
"Really?" Tenko said gently as she showed her a mirror letting her know the she to shared the soft warm glow that Violet has.
If at first you don't succeed, pay someone whou could.


"AH!  What the---"  Cassandra cried out startled, peering down to see the black furball .... um.... glomping her.

"Get ....off.... of.... me....before.... I.... incinerate ....you."  She said dangerously with her hands cupped, and poised to attack, aimed right at her chest.
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


"Miyooooooo!" the black fur ball yelped as she struggled to remove herself from Cassandra's chest, but in doing so she inadvertently dug her claws in to the fabric of her clothing. The black fur ball continued to struggle to disengage herself from the the angry girl and having run out of options the black fur ball used her last resort. Cassandra saw a pair of eyes glowing as the hairs on the creatures head began to stand on ends.

"Like hell you d...."

Her tirade was cut off by a popping sound and the fur ball was no longer on her chest. Unfortunately neither was the entire top half of her clothing and it was getting quite chilly on the bridge.

Back in sick bay:

Captain McFearson walked up to Violet. She raise her head from Yarelle's chest and looked the captain.

"Violet is it?" he asked.

The little girl nodded.

"Tell me what happened. Why are you really here and what happened to him?" he asked as Katelyn move by his side.

"I really don't know. There's this person always yelling at me and always hurting me. Then it was dark with the same person yelling at me. Shouting that I was an abomination, no feelings or soul and that I should be destroyed. But it hurt, I felt every broken panel and every gun shot fired into me. I wanted to go away to stop the hurting. No body treated me nicely, okaa-san was the only one beside otoo-san that was nice to me. " Violet said as smiled at Katelyn.

The was slight tick on the captain's eye left eye at the mention of Katelyn and the infamous rogue being Violet's parents. Tenko hovered by and eased the captain's worries.

"Why do you call them mom and dad Violet?" Tenko asked.
If at first you don't succeed, pay someone whou could.


"Why you!!!  .... Little...... PERVERT!"  Cassandra shrieked with vengeance, finally letting out a distressed scream."   AHHHHHERRRRG!"  Fireball after fireball erupted from the half naked teenaged girl as she futility shot at the black ... thing leaving little craters scattered all over the locked down bridge.

Katelyn's head turned at the sound of explosions coming from the direction of the bridge. 
"Um like...what's going on"  She said distracted for a moment, and instinctively went to go check it out.
"You create the world in which you live." --Somebody much smarter than me!


Tenko wathched Katelyn leave and turned to Yarelle.
"You know this is your fault right?" she asked the uncosious thief.
Captain McFearson was about follow his daughter, only to be tackled by a remote control easy chair. He was then strapped onto the chair in the reclined position and chair rolled back to Tenko.
"I think she can handle this on her own don't you think?" she asked tossing the remote for the chair into subspace.
Tenko then tapped away on her holo computer hacking into the ship's camera systems. She then brought up a screen large enough for her, Violet and the captain to see that the cameras were following Katelyn.
"Do you mind if I tapp into you eyes Violet, so we could keep an eye on...well let's just say she's more like an older sister to you, ok? I'll fill you in later on the why these two are more like siblings to you rather than parents." Tenko said to Violet while turning to the captain and arching an eyebrow. Somehow the captain got the message.
Violet nodded and plopped down on another easy chair Teko summoned and handed the little avatar a tub of popcorn while she slurpped away on her tub of iced mocha frappachino. Both the captain and Violet were wondering why Tenko is not suffering any brain freezes.

At the enrance to the bridge where Katelyn just arrives to see what looked like a some clothes coming out of nowhere with a loud popping noise by the bridge's double doors.
"Miyo! Miyo!" came from the clothes as it tried to scamper away from the loud noise from the other side of the doors. The bundle of clothign hopped at Katelyn and she instinctively caught it and as the clothing fell off, this was left in Katelyn's hands.

A loud explosion came as the doors to bridge were blown open, followed by a rather pissed off half naked Cassandra complete with flames in the backround. Her eyes and rage focused on the fuzzy black thing Katelyn was holding and her as well.
If at first you don't succeed, pay someone whou could.