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Anime 5e Character Quiz

Started by Senkusha, Thursday, July 14, 2022, 14:57

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Below is the Character Quiz (Page 26) from the Anime 5e Core book.  Use this to help build and flesh out your characters!  Some of these question are quite good and thought-provoking

1.  What are your character's central strengths and weaknesses?
2.  What is your character's primary emotional state?
3.  What role does your character fill in the group?
4.  Describe your character's family or tribe.
5.  Who are your character's three most valuable contacts?
6.  What personal values and beliefs does your character hold?
7.  To whom is your character closest and why?
8.  What does your character need the most?
9.  What are your character's life goals?
10. What does your character fear the most?
11. Describe your character's appearance.
12. How does your character define "Heroism"?
13. Describe your character's hobbies, interests, desires and likes.
14. What would your character do if they killed an innocent bystander?
15. For what does your character have little patience and tolerance?
16. Does your character hide any emotions in public?
17. How does your character view death and beyond?
18. What does your character dislike about themselves?
19. Describe your character's bedroom or rest location.
20. Describe a perfect date night or other enjoyable outing.
21. Describe your character's relationship with money.
22. Describe your character's view on authority and the law.
23. Who has impacted your character's life direction the most?
24. How does your character view forgiveness and revenge?
25. What are the origins of your character's special abilities?
26. What is the prime motivation behind your character's actions?
27. In which way does your character focus their personal growth?
28. Describe the accomplishment of which your character s most proud.
29. How does your character think they might die?
30. How would your character describe themselves in a single sentence?

Favored Class:  Magical Girl


I've yet to give Anime 5e much of a look, but I have to say a lot of the stuff on this list seem like pretty great starting points for designing a character in most systems! 


I'm guilty of this as well.  Yet I not only own a hard cover book and the PDF's, I've given a soft cover pocket edition to my girlfriend (and she has yet to really look at it.  (I'm trying to get her involved in role playing too, but that's my secret mission!) :nosweat:   I figure I'll get a chance to really take a good look at the system once I have some people to play it with.

Favored Class:  Magical Girl


Quote from: Senkusha on Tuesday, October 03, 2023, 19:07I figure I'll get a chance to really take a good look at the system once I have some people to play it with.

I know the feeling, honestly.