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Started by Senkusha, Friday, November 17, 2023, 16:58

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Here is a listing of all the post based member groups and what the minimum number of posts you need to achieve to reach each rank.  Right now, there are only a few benefits for gaining rank, but I will list the criteria for any of the additional privileges that higher ranks give you.

At Level  2 - Lieutenant, you can watch anime here on the site.  Simply go to Anime Discussions, and then under each anime title listed, there will be a board that is named Episode Listing.  I've assembled a few facts about each episode, and you can stream right here on the site!  In the event that you've stumbled upon a Japanese only audio episode, you'll have to download that episode and I recommend watching it using VLC Media Player.  Once there, you can goto Audio up top and select the Audio track for your preferred language (most likely English).