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Started by Senkusha, Tuesday, January 09, 2024, 08:11

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In the series, we know that Fate Testarossa, Arf, and possibly some other characters possess the ability of Teleportation.  But I think there needs to be a clarification.   The version of Teleportation that these characters have is not site to site, but rather its a Dimensional Teleportation, that allows a character to move from one dimension to another.  I'm not talking about Third Dimension versus Fourth Dimension, but instead different dimensions within the Multiverse.

We also know that Dimensional coordinates are referenced by a sequence of six two-digit characters, where the first digit is a number (between zero and nine) and the second is a letter of the English Alphabet (to date, we know of combinations between A and F) Okay, so listening to the actual quotation in Season 1, Episode 7 at 10 minutes, 40 seconds we have the following string to get to the Garden of Time. 8-76b4419-3312d699-3583a1460-779f3125 (Yes, it took me like eight times to get all that, and the dashes I added for clarity.)  So, at first I was thinking that there may be some sort of grid system being used, however, after hearing Fate's babble, I'm thinking that the Dimensional Sea is just that, a string of babbling numbers.

We know that not every Mage has access to the Dimensional Teleportation spells, possible reasons are that it just takes a huge amount of energy to perform the ritual.   

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However, in the Movie 1st, we see that Arf also has the ability to Dimensional Teleport after she attacks Percia at the Garden of Time after Percia attacked Fate.

Therefore the Space-Time Administration Bureau also uses Interstellar/Inter-dimensional ships to transverse through the Dimensional Sea, and uses technology to transport from their Ships to the surface of planets.

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